iPhone 15 Stories November 28

Apple’s iPhone 14 has spent two months on the market, so naturally, we’re racking up on rumors about next year’s iPhone 15. The latest detail describes how the next-generation of iPhone cameras will improve photography performance.

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iPhone 15 Stories November 21

A leaker with a decent track record has reported that the iPhone 15 design will feature a titanium casing, and may have a rounded back, rather than the squared edge of the current models.

This might give next year’s iPhone lineup a similar profile to the iPhone 5C, where the front of the casing was square but the rear was rounded …

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iPhone 15 Stories November 20

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro lineups are barely a month old, but the rumor mill is already abuzz with what to expect from the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro next year. As of right now, next year’s iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro are shaping up to be significant upgrades: USB-C, the Dynamic Island for everyone, and much more…

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iPhone 15 Stories November 16

One of the headlining changes of next year’s iPhone 15 lineup is expected to be the switching from Lightning to USB-C. Alongside that change, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is now reporting that this will lead to a significant boost in wired transfer speeds for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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Following the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra, some are suggesting that next year’s iPhone lineup might see an iPhone 15 Ultra instead of a Pro Max.

The theory is that Apple will increase the differentiation between the Pro and Ultra model iPhones, with the twin aims of pushing up the price of the top-of-the-range model and persuading Pro buyers to switch to the Ultra …

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iPhone 15 Stories November 8

All signs point to Apple finally making the jump to USB-C with next year’s iPhone 15. The change is due in large part to new regulation in the European Union, but with the Lightning port celebrating its 10th birthday, it was time for a change regardless.

But while the iPhone 15 switching to USB-C will be celebrated, it’s going to be a messy transition … and Apple doesn’t seem to care.

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iPhone 15 Stories October 30

Next year’s iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are rumored to feature a number of different camera updates, due in part to Apple’s apparent goal of further differentiating these models from the non-Pro models. A new report from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today, however, says that one of those rumored camera updates may not come to fruition after all…

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iPhone 15 Stories October 27

Apple could be planning to replace the clickable volume and power buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max next year with solid-state buttons. Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared this detail, comparing it to when the iPhone 7 replaced the clickable Home button with a solid-state Home button.

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iPhone 15 Stories October 25

iPhone 14 Pro demand was much higher than Apple expected, according to Trendforce data. It says that the company’s orders to suppliers had initially been for 50% of iPhone 14 models to be one of the two Pro models, but this has now been boosted to 60% – and may go as high as 65%.

This appears to have been balanced out by much lower demand for the iPhone 14 Plus, says the company, before going on to talk about the differentiators we can expect for the iPhone 15 Pro over the base models …

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iPhone 15 Stories October 24

Update: Although there was never any doubt, the Council of Ministers today ratified the earlier vote, which is the final step required to become law. It now simply needs to be signed and published to take effect.

We reported back in June that USB-C iPhones would become mandatory from 2024 for all models sold in Europe, as the European Union reached an agreement on a common charging port for all smartphones.

We said then that although a full vote of the European Parliament was required, it was certain to pass – and the EU has today confirmed that this did indeed happen …

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iPhone 15 Stories October 12

A new report claims to reveal more about Apple’s medium-term plans to expand and “deepen” iPhone production in India as it works to reduce its reliance on China.

It follows and supports yesterday’s suggestion that enough iPhones for the entire US market could be made outside China within three to five years

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iPhone 15 Stories October 10

An iPhone 15 USB-C port, in place of a Lightning one, is “essentially a lock,” says Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter.

It has been widely speculated that Apple will choose the iPhone 15 to make the switch, a year ahead of it becoming mandatory for all smartphones sold within the European Union, but Gurman’s statement is the strongest we’ve seen to date …

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iPhone 15 Stories September 28

Apple’s A17 chip is of course expected to be used in iPhone 15 Pro models. It’s reported that the chip will use TSMC’s new 3nm process, which we’re expecting to be used first in M2 Macs later this year.

Given the increased sophistication of the fabrication process, TSMC has reportedly told Apple it plans to increase the price it charges, but Apple is said to have “rejected” the new planned pricing …

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iPhone 15 Stories September 26

Apple just started selling the new Apple Watch Ultra. A few months ago, the company introduced the M1 Ultra processor. Is it time for Apple to bring this branding to the iPhone, with next year’s iPhone 15 Ultra replacing the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

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iPhone 15 Stories September 21

iPhone production in India will increase to around 25% of total global output by 2025, according to a new analyst report. The report suggests a similar percentage of other Apple products will be made outside China by the same year.

We’ve seen a number of signs recently that India is growing increasingly important to Apple as a second key manufacturing hub, as the company continues efforts to reduce its dependence on China …

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iPhone 15 Stories September 18

One of the biggest visual differentiators between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro is the Dynamic Island. While the iPhone 14 models retain the classic notch cutout, the iPhone 14 Pro models have adopted a new interactive Dynamic Island replacement.

Now, reliable analyst Ross Young says that he expects Dynamic Island will come to all iPhone 15 models next year, but two other features will remain exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro…

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iPhone 15 Stories September 14

iPhone 15 Pro models will again be the only ones to get Apple’s latest chip next year, according to a new report today.

This would mirror the approach the company used for the iPhone 14, with the Pro models getting a new A16 chip while the standard and Plus models have last year’s A15 chip …

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iPhone 15 Stories September 1

The USB Promoter group announced USB4 Version 2.0 spec, a major update that will enable up to 80 GBps of data performance over USB-C. This news comes at a time Apple has been rumored to switch to this technology with the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

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iPhone 15 Stories July 13

Apple hasn’t even announced iPhone 14 yet, but we’re already hearing rumors about the 2023 iPhone models. Right now, the number-one feature mentioned by rumors is a periscope lens for better optical zoom. While analysts first believed that this technology would be exclusive to the 2023 Pro models, Ming-Chi Kuo now claims that only the larger iPhone 15 Pro Max will get the new lens.

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iPhone 15 Stories July 7

It’s been rumored for a while that Apple will eventually drop its beloved Lightning port on the iPhone and move to USB-C. Multiple Apple devices have already made the switch to USB-C but the iPhone has fallen behind. As time goes on, it’s seemingly more and more likely that we will end up with a USB-C iPhone. However, is that something consumers want?

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iPhone 15 Stories June 30

See the update at the bottom of the piece.

The iPhone 15 was expected to be the first lineup to use an in-house Apple 5G chip instead of the Qualcomm ones used in current models. A recent report suggested that this won’t be the case because Apple has hit problems with the design, but a new analysis suggests that this is only half-right.

Which is to say, there is a problem with the Cupertino company’s attempt to dump Qualcomm in favor of an Apple modem chip, but it’s a legal one, not a technical one …

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iPhone 15 Stories June 20

As Apple readies its mixed reality headset, the AR Glass could be coming late in 2024. According to a note by Haitong Intl Tech Research analyst Jeff Pu seen by 9to5Mac, this device has now entered the design development stage.

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iPhone 15 Stories June 8

The European Union has officially agreed to make USB-C the common charging port across devices by fall 2024. According to BBC, the UK government is not “currently considering” following the EU’s demands for a common charging cable. Either way, a USB-C iPhone could still be in the works.

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iPhone 15 Stories June 7

The pressure on Apple to create USB-C iPhones in place of Lightning ones ramped up another notch today, as the European Union reach agreement on making the charging port mandatory from 2024.

Recent reports do indicate that Apple is prepared for this, with the iPhone 15 expected to make the switch from Lightning to USB-C – though the company does have a second option …

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