shot on iphone Stories July 26

iPhone cameras have evolved so much that it’s not unusual to see directors using them to shoot music videos and even independent films. This time, none other than well-known film director Steven Spielberg chose an iPhone to shoot a music video in a partnership with singer and songwriter Marcus Mumford.

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shot on iphone Stories April 13

Today Apple announced the winners of its iPhone Macro Challenge. While some photos were produced by professionals, others were just taken by daily iPhone users that saw an opportunity to try the macro photography function of the latest iPhone 13 Pro.

In an interview with photographer Tyler Stalman, Apple’s VP of iPhone Marketing, Kaiann Drance, talks about the context and the evolution of mobile photography. Not only that, but Stalman was also able to speak to some of the winners of the iPhone Macro Challenge.

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Back in January, Apple announced an iPhone Macro Challenge as its latest ‘Shot on iPhone‘ competition. iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max users were asked to share their best photos taken in macro (close-up) mode, and the company has today announced the winners.

Nature themes dominate, with flower and other plant photos accounting for six of the ten winning shots…

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shot on iphone Stories February 17

Apple is once again highlighting the iPhone 13’s camera features with its traditional “Shot on iPhone” campaign. This time, the company has shared on YouTube the short film “Life is But a Dream” made by South Korean director Park Chan-wook – which of course was shot entirely on iPhone 13 Pro.

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shot on iphone Stories January 31

Apple Chinese New Year celebration on homepage and new Shot on iPhone video

An Apple Chinese New Year celebration features cartoon tigers dropping as you scroll down the Chinese homepage, in recognition of the year of the tiger…

shot on iphone Stories November 19, 2021

Go behind the scenes of Apple’s creative ‘A Dozen Eggs’ iPhone 13 Pro video

Apple shared its latest Shot on iPhone 13 video yesterday, made by Michel Gondry called “A Dozen Eggs.” Now Apple has released a behind-the-scenes look at how Gondry created the unique film.

shot on iphone Stories November 18, 2021

Apple continues to highlight the iPhone 13’s camera improvements, and this time the company has shared a fun video called “A Dozen Eggs” that shows the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera in action. Of course, as the name suggests, the video is all about eggs.

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shot on iphone Stories October 10, 2021

As Apple keeps expanding the availability of the iPhone 13 worldwide, the company is also heavily promoting all the new features of its brand new phones. On Instagram, Apple commissioned a few shots with the Ultra Wide lens of the new iPhone 13 lineup.

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shot on iphone Stories July 28, 2021

As part of its Today at Apple sessions, Apple has been offering content to help users get the most out of the iPhone camera. This time, the company has shared on its YouTube channel a new video showing how you can take and edit great photos in Night Mode using the iPhone and the iOS Photos app.

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shot on iphone Stories July 26, 2021

Apple highlights iPhone 12 film techniques to get forced perspective, DIY crane shot, more [Video]

Apple has shared a new short video demonstrating several easy ways to get creative with iPhone 12 to achieve cinematic shots. The latest Shot on iPhone campaign video highlights the use of the ultra-wide lens, slo-mo, and objects you probably have around your house to replicate cinematic shots that usually require more hardware.

shot on iphone Stories May 6, 2021

Apple’s “Experiments” videos using the iPhone have produced some really neat results over the last few years and now the latest in the series is out with a spring theme: “Full Boom.” Check out the fascinating footage the iPhone 12 was able to capture in the new video below.

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shot on iphone Stories February 17, 2021

‘Time’ cover shot on iPhone as Marcus Rashford honored for child hunger campaign

A Time magazine cover shot on iPhone features footballer Marcus Rashford as one of the 100 most influential people. Rashford is honored for his advocacy work on homelessness and child hunger.

He became a household name in the UK beyond footballing circles when he took the British government to task on child hunger in the first months of the coronavirus crisis…

shot on iphone Stories February 12, 2021

Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max by Nathan Underwood. Floral arrangements by Kiana Underwood.

Valentine’s Day day is this Sunday and ahead of the flowery, festive love holiday, Apple has shared a detailed post on “How to capture stunning floral photos with iPhone 12 Pro models.” And the write up from a professional floral photographer has tips that can be useful for a variety of subjects beyond flowers too.

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shot on iphone Stories February 1, 2021

Apple has a number of initiatives for Black History Month this year. One of the creative projects is the latest Shot on iPhone campaign as the company gave 30 Black photographers the iPhone 12 Pro to capture their “Hometowns” and highlight their local culture.

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shot on iphone Stories January 19, 2021

In a somewhat random press release this morning, Apple has emphasized some of the features of the iPhone 12 camera systems, and shared some “shot on iPhone 12” photos. These range from portraits to pie.

The photos are, as you’d expect, beautiful examples of what can be created with the phone given a creative eye and a little know-how …

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shot on iphone Stories August 5, 2020

Apple today shared a new short film that was entirely shot on the iPhone. However, unlike other clips that the company has already promoted, this one was recorded vertically.

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shot on iphone Stories April 29, 2020

iPhone rig used to shoot ‘Parks and Rec’ reunion episode for COVID-19 relief

We’re seeing a variety of entertainers and performers get creative with filming and streaming like Conan O’Brian shooting on an iPhone from home. In a more complex production, the cast of Parks and Recreation has come together (from home) for a reunion episode for COVID-19 aid that will air Thursday, April 30th and it was all shot on an iPhone rig.

shot on iphone Stories March 10, 2020

The latest installment in Apple’s ongoing Shot on iPhone ad campaign is a daring one, a five-hour journey through the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro in 4K, Apple says the 5 hour 19 minute 28 second video was recorded on one battery charge. The journey covers more than 45 galleries and not only features the art on exhibition, but Apple set up several live performances along the way. Watch the video after the break …

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shot on iphone Stories March 3, 2020

Apple today announced the Shot on iPhone winning photos for the contest it started in January. This year, applicants had to show off their skills using iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro Max, submitting their best Night mode shots.

A panel of judges selected six winners this year. The photographers and their compositions will be featured in an online gallery, on Apple’s Instagram page, and be part of a global billboard ad campaign.

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shot on iphone Stories February 22, 2020

Apple’s latest Shot on iPhone video highlights the iPhone 11 Pro’s Ultra Wide lens

Apple continues to showcase the iPhone 11 Pro camera through its Shot on iPhone series of videos. In a new video today, Apple showcases the Ultra Wide camera capabilities of the device.

shot on iphone Stories January 27, 2020

A new Shot on iPhone snowboarding video provides spectacular footage of four top competitors on untouched powder in British Columbia, Canada.

It’s filmed at Baldface Lodge, which sits at an elevation of 6,700 feet in the Selkirk Mountains. Visitors are carried to the tops of the ridges by snowcat or helicopter…

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shot on iphone Stories October 23, 2019

Selena Gomez fans have been waiting four years for a new album after Revival, and the singer-songwriter has now released the first song for it — with the music video shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro. Back in 2015, when Revival was released, she was one of the most-played artists on Beats 1.

The new song is called Lose You to Love Me, and a clip from it is featured by Apple…

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shot on iphone Stories October 2, 2019

A new short film shot on iPhone 11 Pro gives perhaps the best insight yet into what a professional filmmaker can do with nothing more than an iPhone.

There’s no shortage of films and ads proclaiming they were ‘shot on iPhone,’ but most have cheated by using cinematography lenses and stabilization kit costing many times the price of the phone.

We now have a more realistic test thanks to filmmaker Rian Johnson – whose work includes Star Wars: The Last Jedi – creating a short film shot using only the iPhone 11 Pro, handheld, with just its built-in lenses…

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shot on iphone Stories July 30, 2019

Shot on iPhone campaign captures 16 artists on tour including Florence + the Machine, FKA Twigs, more

Apple has launched its latest Shot on iPhone campaign that features 16 artists on tour. The behind the scenes look at some of today’s most popular artists includes new YouTube videos and billboard ads of Florence + the Machine, FKA Twigs, Kacey Musgraves, Skrillex, Travis Scott, Kamasi Washington, and more.

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