iPhone 13 Pro Stories February 17

Apple is once again highlighting the iPhone 13’s camera features with its traditional “Shot on iPhone” campaign. This time, the company has shared on YouTube the short film “Life is But a Dream” made by South Korean director Park Chan-wook – which of course was shot entirely on iPhone 13 Pro.

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iPhone 13 Pro Stories January 24

Seeing a pink screen on your iPhone 13? Here’s how to fix it

Since the launch of the iPhone 13, some users have been dealing with a pink iPhone 13 screen bug that is often accompanied by slow performance, apps freezing/not working properly, and unexpected shutdowns. Let’s look at what you can do to fix the pink iPhone 13 screen bug.

iPhone 13 Pro Stories December 26, 2021

Apple this year is really endorsing the idea that having an iPhone 13 Pro is having “Hollywood in your pocket.” Now the company is promoting the video capabilities of its flagship smartphone with three new short clips shared on YouTube and other media.

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iPhone 13 Pro Stories December 20, 2021

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max cameras come with a new Macro mode that’s quite impressive. However, it originally shipped with a design that automatically kicked in, with no option to manually control it. Now with iOS 15.2, there’s an easy way to control the feature. Read on for how to enable the Macro toggle on iPhone 13 Pro and also make your preference the default.

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iPhone 13 Pro Stories December 17, 2021

MKBHD is back again this year with another blind smartphone camera test. Putting the latest smartphones from all the major brands to the test, this year’s contenders include the iPhone 13 Pro, Pixel 6 Pro, and more.

In just the second round, the $1,000 iPhone 13 Pro was beaten by Google’s $399 Pixel 5a.

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iPhone 13 Pro Stories November 19, 2021

Go behind the scenes of Apple’s creative ‘A Dozen Eggs’ iPhone 13 Pro video

Apple shared its latest Shot on iPhone 13 video yesterday, made by Michel Gondry called “A Dozen Eggs.” Now Apple has released a behind-the-scenes look at how Gondry created the unique film.

iPhone 13 Pro Stories November 18, 2021

Apple continues to highlight the iPhone 13’s camera improvements, and this time the company has shared a fun video called “A Dozen Eggs” that shows the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera in action. Of course, as the name suggests, the video is all about eggs.

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iPhone 13 Pro Stories November 12, 2021

One of the clunky aspects of the new camera system with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max was the Macro mode originally kicked in automatically with no option to disable or manually trigger the feature. After first seeing a disable Auto Macro option with iOS 15.1, now Apple has included a toggle option inside the Camera app with iOS 15.2 beta 2.

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iPhone 13 Pro Stories October 8, 2021

Top image by PhoneBuff

One of the useful improvements across the entire iPhone 13 lineup is battery life. But while Apple’s estimates focus on how much video playback each device offers, that’s not a great real-world indicator of the battery life you’ll get. After an iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21 battery test, PhoneBuff is back with an iPhone 13 vs 13 Pro battery showdown.

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iPhone 13 Pro Stories October 6, 2021

Every year we look forward to the new flagship iPhone. We expect it to bring something new to the table that revolutionizes the smartphone industry. But like it or not, iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max are here to do something different. This year’s updates are far from revolutionary, and many users believe that the iPhone 13 Pro is what the 12 Pro should have been. But with everything Apple’s brought to the table this year, I think these are easily the best overall flagship smartphones you can buy right now.

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Apple’s just-released iOS 15.1 developer beta 3 features native support for ProRes video capture in the default Camera app. The feature comes a couple of days after Filmic Pro launched ProRes capture support in its popular third-party video app…

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iPhone 13 Pro Stories October 5, 2021

Image by PhoneBuff

Apple says the iPhone 13 lineup includes better battery life than ever with the longest life coming with the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Max. Now the latter has been put to the test against Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and not only beat it but also proved to be the longest-lasting smartphone tested by PhoneBuff.

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iPhone 13 Pro Stories October 4, 2021

Today Filmic Pro version 6.17 is being released with full support for ProRes video for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, making it the first iOS app available with support for capturing ProRes. ProRes video, which is hardware-accelerated by the A15 Bionic chip, is one of the headlining features for the higher-end pro variants of the recently released iPhone 13.

Before Apple releases its upcoming iOS update with support for ProRes in the default Camera app, Filmic Pro’s developers have independently added ProRes support to compatible iPhone 13 Pro devices. Filmic Pro supports four ProRes variants. Included in the update is support for ProRes Proxy, ProRes LT, ProRes 422, and ProRes 422 HQ. Each flavor of ProRes features a higher bitrate, allowing users to make the trade-off between quality and storage space.

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iPhone 13 Pro Stories September 29, 2021

One of the new features of the iPhone 13 Pro is the addition of a new Macro mode for capturing very close-up photos and videos with the camera. While most users have been using the new mode to capture details of nature, Doctor Tommy Korn has discovered that the iPhone 13 Pro’s Macro camera can also be useful for eye treatment.

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iPhone 13 Pro Stories September 28, 2021

Over the years, my iPhone upgrade ritual has developed a few patterns. My routine involves talking myself out of pre-ordering, driving to whatever far-away retail store has launch day inventory, and ending up in New Orleans to try out the new camera system.

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