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December 1

Apple is opening a new store in Berlin on December 2. The Rosenthaler Strasse retail store is Apple’s second in the city, joining its Kurfürstendamm location.

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November 22

eVscope 2 review: The next step for the smartphone-connected telescope

Unistellar announced its eVscope 2 back in September. The electronic telescope just needs to be connected to your phone, and then you can start admiring deep-sky objects invisible to the naked eye. It is an intriguing piece of tech, that’s for sure, but does it live up to its eye-watering $4,199 price tag (plus $59 shipping)?

November 15

Review: DockCase’s new high-speed USB-C smart hub for MacBook, now on Kickstarter

DockCase, best known for its combination MacBook hubs and cases, recently launched its latest USB-C smart hub on Kickstarter. The project has already surpassed its goal more than six times over, but you have until November 26 to support the project and get the smart hub for its early-bird price.

November 12

Snoopy to fly around the Moon on NASA Artemis mission, ‘Snoopy in Space’ season 2 premiering on Apple TV+

Snoopy has a long history with space, and that continues with the Apple TV+ show Snoopy in Space, which sees Snoopy and gang travel the universe. Off-screen, Astronaut Snoopy is about to make a very real journey around the Moon, as a zero-gravity indicator on NASA’s Artemis I mission.

November 3

The best space themed wallpapers to show off your new MacBook Pro’s XDR display

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro‘s are now out and in the hands of consumers. And what better way to make your new laptop your own than finding a wallpaper. We have a collection of space and rocket launch images that will serve as a perfect MacBook Pro wallpaper to show of its new XDR display!

October 27

PSA: Changing your iPhone voicemail won’t help if you are stranded without signal

A misguided tip spreading around social media urged people lost with no phone signal to change their voicemail to reach assistance. While well-meaning, this is not what you should be doing if you find yourself in need of help.

October 20

5G surveillance: US military funds research into radar-like use

The US Air Force and the US Department of Defense recently funded research into the possible use of 5G as radar-like surveillance equipment.

October 19

The Verge reports that Facebook plans to change the company name to better reflect the companies focus on “the metaverse.”

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September 29

Storage devices are getting smaller and higher-capacity each year, and nothing demonstrates that more than Kingston’s DataTraveler Max line of USB-C flash drives. The drives are available in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities, with impressively fast speeds to match, rated at 1,000MB/s read speeds and 900MB/s write speeds. These drives certainly have what it takes on paper, but what about in the real world?

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September 14

eVscope 2: Unistellar’s new smart telescope for iPhone and Android

The name of ‘Unistellar’ spread across the web when they launched their eVscope on Kickstarter in 2017. They released their second product the eVscope Equinox earlier this year, and now, they have announced the successor to their original telescope, the eVscope 2.

September 13

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak creating new space company ‘Privateer’

In a brief tweet yesterday, Steve Wozniak announced he is co-founding a new private space company.

September 2

How SpaceX Starlink could resolve rising government-controlled internet shutdowns

A recent Jigsaw report raised concerns over the growing number of government-engineered internet outages across the world. With over 850 government-engineered internet outages in the past decade, citizens of affected nations are desperate for a solution. SpaceX Starlink and similar satellite internet services could potentially help overcome these outages in ways that legacy connectivity cannot.

July 27

Apple TV+ seemingly signs off on fourth ‘For All Mankind’ season during S3 production

‘For All Mankind’ has captivated audiences for two seasons with a look at what may have happened if the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union had continued. Now, it appears that Apple TV+ has seemingly green lit For All Mankind season 4, in addition to the third season which is filming now.

July 14

Twitter’s disappearing tweet story clone Fleets is disappearing next month

Twitter announced today that it will be removing its implementation of stories dubbed “Fleets.” The feature was either loved or hated by Twitter users since its initial release last year.

July 13

In an email sent to customers today, Backblaze announced that they will be increasing the cost of its unlimited Mac backup plan. While plan prices will jump next month, Backblaze is giving customers a chance to lock in existing prices for up to two years.

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July 10

With the power of current Apple Silicon based Macs, and the next generation Apple Silicon computers that could be coming later this year, plenty of Intel-based computers will be left without a purpose. So why not convert your old computer into your own Netflix-like streaming service using Plex?

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July 7

Apple is often brought up when talking about right to repair, usually in reference to their anti-repair practices. In response to a Cameo request, Steve Wozniak spoke for almost 10 minutes on the importance of right to repair and how it has impacted his life.

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July 6

iOS 15 brings with it a number of notable changes including improved notification handling, Focus modes, and redesigned apps like Weather and Maps. Perhaps the largest change with iOS 15 is the new FaceTime experience which now offers screen sharing, Windows and Android access, and more.

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July 5

Since its first release in 2000, Audacity has served as a useful audio editing tool for both Windows and Mac. Audacity grew in popularity fast thanks to being both free and open-source. Earlier this year, Muse Group acquired the development project and would be continuing the main fork. There weren’t many issues with that change until now.

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June 2

Review: Unistellar eVscope eQuinox is the easy-to-use telescope for iPhone and Android

In 2017, Unistellar released the original eVscope as part of a Kickstarter. Now, Unistellar is releasing its next product, the eVscope eQuinox.

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