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November 25

Rumors of a Tesla phone have persisted for some time – but that’s all these have been. However, for the first time, Musk admitted on Twitter that he would consider creating a competitor to Apple and Android devices if the companies take action against his newly acquired social media platform.

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November 23

Display your message on the iPad flying around the Moon

That’s right! While Artemis 1 is an important mission for the return of humanity to the Moon, everyone back here on Earth has the opportunity to participate by sending messages to an iPad that resides within the Orion spacecraft. A camera will capture the message on the iPad within the capsule and share the recording, so while sending your message beyond the Moon you can spread it to other people here on Earth. And sending your message is really simple. Here’s how.

November 10

LG’s DualUp monitor is … unique. With its almost square, slightly vertical aspect ratio, it definitely stands out. Yet, somehow, I really love this thing. It’s an HDR display with a 2560×2880 resolution that is basically two 1440p displays stacked on top of each other. Trying to watch a movie or play games may be a bit weird on this display, but it’s a king of productivity – especially for a device like the M2 MacBook Air that’s limited to just one external display.

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October 18

Today, Apple refreshed its Apple TV 4K, adding support for Samsung’s HDR10+ standard in addition to the existing Dolby Vision. Apple also brought a more powerful processor and USB-C remote, but if you want your Apple TV to offer support for Thread networking – a smart device standard – you’ll have to dish out for the more expensive version with Ethernet and 128GB of storage this time around.

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In a series of press releases today, Apple announced the new iPad Pro, Apple TV 4K, and entry-level iPad. But while the new iPad gained a USB-C port in place of its Lightning port, it’s only compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil. So while you can draw to your heart’s content on your new (more expensive) entry level iPad, you’ll need an easy-to-lose adapter to charge that pencil up.

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October 11

DockCase, best known for their integrated MacBook hubs and cases, has returned with a new external USB-C enclosure for SSDs. They previously launched an enclosure for M.2 drives, but their latest two enclosures are made for the larger 2.5 inch drives to accommodate SSDs or even traditional mechanical hard drives.

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September 28

At their Far Out event, Apple announced that satellite connectivity will be available on the iPhone 14 lineup. But a few weeks earlier, SpaceX and T-Mobile made an announcement that they will be bringing satellite-based connectivity to basically any 5G phone. So, how do these two services compare, is one better than the other, and should it affect your decision on which phone to go with?

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September 23

The Apple Watch Ultra has just started arriving in customers’ hands, and unlike previous Apple Watches, it has four exposed screw heads on the bottom of the device. I like taking a look inside my tech, whether to add a thermal pad to an M2 MacBook Air to improve performance or just to see what’s inside making the tech work. The moment I saw the screws on the bottom of the Apple Watch Ultra, I knew I wanted to take a peek inside. But I probably shouldn’t have …

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August 25

SpaceX & T-Mobile to bring direct satellite connection to cellphones with ‘Coverage Above and Beyond’

Yesterday, SpaceX and T-Mobile announced they would be holding a big event. With Musk hyping up the event as “something special” and “big news,” speculation was rife on Twitter with guesses as to what the big announcement could be. Now, it is clear that the announcement lives up to those expectations, as T-Mobile and Starlink announced Coverage Above & Beyond – a direct Starlink connection to existing phones that will bring cellular connectivity anywhere in the world, regardless of how close you are to any cell tower.

August 24

Starlink and 5G joining forces? SpaceX and T-Mobile holding Starbase event Thursday

SpaceX and T-Mobile just announced a press conference that will take place tomorrow evening at 8 p.m. ET from SpaceX’s Texas development site Starbase. SpaceX said the purpose of the conference is to “announce plans to increase connectivity” without providing any other details.

August 23

Apple just expanded its self-service repair program to include M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pros. You can get replacement screens, batteries, and even logic boards, but don’t expect to be able to upgrade your laptop, as you can only purchase the exact same main board that originally came with your device.

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Apple announced yesterday that it would add replacement parts for its M1 MacBook Air and Pro laptops. Now, the store is back online after a brief period of maintenance, and now it offers replacement trackpads, displays, batteries, and more parts to fix your own computer.

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August 11

The moment people started to get their hands on the M2 MacBook Air, overheating and thermal throttling were big topics of discussion. While the performance of the M2 Air is more than enough for most people using the laptop for general work, the existing cooling system can be augmented with a simple $13 change that will improve the MacBook’s performance during heavy and sustained workloads.

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August 4

The M2 MacBook Air brings a totally refreshed design and new chip to Apple’s entry level laptop. But at an increased price with a slower SSD and possible overheating, is it worth it to choose the M2 Air over the cheaper M1 Air?

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June 23

Following WWDC, Apple released the first developer betas for macOS Ventura, WatchOS 9, and iOS 16, but one unexpected release was a new beta firmware for AirPods. This is only the second time that a beta AirPods firmware has been released. Here’s how to give it a try (not that we would recommend it).

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June 10

iOS 16 brings with it a much-improved dictation experience – one that lets you seamlessly switch between typing and speaking. I’ve already found it to be a massive improvement from iOS 15, but how does it compare to Google’s Pixel 6, which was unveiled last year with a new ‘assistant voice typing’ that brought similar hands-free typing and editing features?

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June 2

iMessage is pretty great, there’s no denying that, but adding RCS support to the app would make a better user experience for everyone – iPhone users and Android users alike. While Apple seems unlikely to ever add support willingly, if Apple has the courage to put user experience just a bit ahead of monetary decisions, RCS would be the first step.

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May 4

Apple has launched its self-service repair website, where you can order parts and tools for recent iPhones and access repair manuals. It’s a nice move to see, and the ability to buy original parts is something right-to-repair advocates have been asking for for a while, but some users seem disappointed by the limited offerings and see it as too little, too late. Let’s take a look at what’s there, what isn’t, and what it takes to get your iPhone fixed using genuine parts.

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April 26

HomeKit’s ecosystem is fantastic, but the directly compatible devices can get expensive – especially if you already have incompatible devices at home that you need to replace. $25 for a smart plug, $40 for a door sensor – it really adds up quickly. There are plenty of other smart home devices available on Amazon, from $6 smart plugs to $25 cameras, outside the HomeKit ecosystem. Thankfully, many of these otherwise unsupported devices can be brought into HomeKit with the use of Homebridge software.

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March 27

DockCase is back with its latest product, a USB-C M.2 SSD enclosure. The device packs some great SSD protection and monitoring features into a sleek metal and glass enclosure with a small screen to keep you updated on your SSD’s health. But are these features worth the $99 price (only $69 on Kickstarter), or are you better off looking elsewhere?

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