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December 2010 - December 2020

Launched in 2005 as the first sub-$500 Mac — a key in attracting “switchers” from Windows PCs — the Mac mini (now $799 and up from the Apple Store) was most recently redesigned in late 2018.

Featuring quad-core and 6-core processor options, the latest Mac mini refresh ventures more towards the pro end of the spectrum than ever before.

For the first time, all Mac mini configurations feature PCIe-based SSDs, along with Apple’s T2 security chip. Most importantly, the 2018 Mac mini features four Thunderbolt 3 ports, making it highly versatile.

Mac mini Stories December 1, 2020

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now offering Mac instances to developers who want to speed up building and testing of Mac, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS apps. The instances are based on physical Mac minis, and you get exclusive access to a machine while you are using it.

While relatively expensive compared to other Mac mini in the cloud services, AWS does offer a couple of significant benefits …

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Mac mini Stories November 24, 2020

The new Mac mini with M1 chip has been available for some time and although the machine impresses with its amazing performance, it’s also causing problems for some users. More specifically, there are users complaining about Bluetooth connectivity issues with the new M1 Mac mini.

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Mac mini Stories November 18, 2020

As Apple’s new M1 Macs have arrived to customers this week, we’ve got our first look at the internals of the company’s first desktop with Apple Silicon. The M1 Mac mini has retained the same footprint as its Intel predecessor despite it looking like much less space was needed.

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Mac mini Stories November 16, 2020

New Geekbench scores show that the 2020 Mac mini with M1 chip is faster than every Intel Mac in single core tests, even though the benchmarking app is running under the Rosetta 2 emulator. The M1-powered MacBook Pro and MacBook Air take second and third places.

There are some important riders to note, however …

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Mac mini Stories November 12, 2020

Some big Hollywood names have welcomed Apple’s launch of the first M1 Macs, one stating that it’s the best news from Apple in a decade, another that the Mac mini could be huge for editors.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences member Michael Cioni said the announcement showed that Apple still cares about creative pros …

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Mac mini Stories November 11, 2020

A detailed analysis by AnandTech says that Apple’s M1 chip can indeed credibly claim to be the fastest laptop CPU in the world. Apple made the claim during yesterday’s Mac event.

While the piece does level a couple of criticisms at Apple’s presentation, it says that a comparison of A-series and Intel chip trajectories tell a very clear story: Apple has long been on-track to overtake the PC chipmaker, and has now done so …

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