Travel Stories December 4, 2020

Seven years later, FCC reaffirms in-flight phone calls will remain illegal

The nightmare scenario of people being allowed to make in-flight phone calls on their smartphones has finally been ended by the FCC, some seven years after it sought passenger feedback on the idea …

Travel Stories June 17, 2019

American Airlines extends satellite-based Wi-Fi to domestic fleet

American Airlines last year brought satellite-based Wi-Fi to its wide-bodied aircraft – used mostly on international flights. The company says that it has now finished doing the same to the narrow-bodied airliners it uses for domestic flights, which is particularly good news for Apple Music subscribers …

Travel Stories March 28, 2019

A new large-scale consumer satisfaction survey from JD Power has revealed bad news for the travel industry. More than 12,000 users of airline, hotel, travel agent, and car rental apps found relatively low levels of satisfaction.

Ease of use was particularly problematic …

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Travel Stories March 25, 2019

There was a time in my life I would have really appreciated OneAdaptr’s OneWorld PD. Starting in the late 1990s, I took a decade-plus detour in my writing career into new product development in the tech sector. This saw me travel to more than 70 different countries, and at times spend as much time out of the UK as in it.

Keeping all my gadgets powered and charged required quite a few power bricks and travel adapters. These days, things are very much easier – and the OneWorld PD is a big step closer to the perfect travel charger for all my iDevices …

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Travel Stories January 27, 2019

The Christmas and New Year holidays are behind us, but China and a couple of other countries in Asia are now gearing up for the Lunar New Year holiday.

The Chinese New Year, or Tet in Vietnam, is the biggest holiday on the calendar over here. It triggers the largest human migration in the world as millions of Chinese working in the metropolises of Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and other buzzing cities head back home to visit their families.

I’ll be leaving town, too, which got me thinking about the tech I’ll be bringing with me. I’m fortunate to do plenty of international travel each year, mainly because flights from Hong Kong are cheap and there are a number of amazing destinations within a couple of hours’ flight. (Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, I could go on…)

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Travel Stories October 18, 2018

Apple patent application describes how Apple Maps could get smarter

An Apple patent application published today describes what Patently Apple suggests may be a new all-in-one Travel app – but more likely describes ways to make Apple Maps smarter …

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