Ben Lovejoy’s diary series are an attempt to provide a real-life review of Apple devices. Not just first impressions of them as gadgets, but the role they perform in everyday use, and an evolving view over time. 

Read the diary entries from the bottom up to read them in date order.

MacBook Pro Diary Stories August 28, 2020

One thing that was immediately clear to me when I got my 49-inch monitor was that it was going to be a joy when video editing. But I didn’t appreciate at the time just what a massive difference it was going to make.

I should say that I’m no pro video editor. I occasionally create short clips for inclusion in reviews, but most of my videos are basic ones designed to relive memories of fun experiences. I created three short videos this month, and working on such a wide monitor truly was a delight…

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MacBook Pro Diary Stories May 25, 2020

Ten days later, it’s time for my Dell UltraSharp 49 verdict – which will come as no surprise to anyone, I think.

When I decided to try Dell’s 49-inch monitor, I said that I’d lusted after it ever since it was announced, but all the same, it did feel a little bit crazy …

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MacBook Pro Diary Stories May 15, 2020

My ‘first impressions‘ piece yesterday was rather longer than I expected, so I don’t yet have much to add – but while my Dell UltraSharp 49 photos don’t show it well, the monitor makes a pretty decent movie screen.

No prizes for guessing the first search I tried on YouTube …

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MacBook Pro Diary Stories May 14, 2020

After explaining my thinking last time, it’s time for my Dell UltraSharp 49 review to begin in earnest.

I’ve been wanting a new monitor ever since I got my 15-inch MacBook Pro way back in 2016. The problem was, my perfect monitor didn’t exist then and – one Mac later – it still doesn’t.

But the Dell UltraSharp 49 looked like it would tick a lot of boxes. Thin bezels, single-cable connection, and the ultra-wide format I fell in love with a couple of years ago.

And, at four feet wide and 49 inches of diagonal screen, I was certainly expecting to be wowed by it …

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MacBook Pro Diary Stories May 8, 2020

The Dell UltraSharp 49 is, by any standard, a fairly ridiculously-sized monitor. With a diagonal size of 49 inches, and a side-to-side width of four feet, it’s huge!

But … I’ve lusted after it ever since it was first announced. Today, I finally decided to press the button despite the fact that it doesn’t tick all of my boxes – but we’ll get to that …

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MacBook Pro Diary Stories December 17, 2019

If I were writing a conventional review, my 16-inch MacBook Pro review would be a little late to the party. But my Diary pieces are all about how my impressions build over time with real-life use, so it’s less important in this case that I took delivery of mine exactly a month after it first went on sale.

I hadn’t initially planned to buy it because, on paper, it simply didn’t seem to be enough of an upgrade:

  • Very similar physical size
  • Slightly larger, slightly higher-res screen with thinner bezels & custom refresh rates
  • A completely redesigned scissor keyboard
  • New CPU, GPU, RAM and storage options
  • Better speakers and microphones
  • An extra hour of claimed battery life

Playing with it for about half an hour in an Apple Store hadn’t really changed my mind: this was still something of a distress purchase for me…

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