Ben Lovejoy’s diary series are an attempt to provide a real-life review of Apple devices. Not just first impressions of them as gadgets, but the role they perform in everyday use, and an evolving view over time. 

Read the diary entries from the bottom up to read them in date order.

Apple Watch diary Stories December 3, 2019

Transport for London yesterday activated the Express Transit feature, designed to make it easier to use an Apple Watch or iPhone to pay for public transit journeys.

I got the chance to try it on a couple of short journeys across London last night, and it’s one of those tiny things which makes a worthwhile difference to the experience…

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Apple Watch diary Stories April 15, 2019

I wasn’t expecting to still be writing an Apple Watch Diary four years in …

As I mentioned last week, I managed to knock my Apple Watch off a bathroom cabinet onto a tiled floor, smashing the screen. The Watch was still fully-functional (well, pings no longer sounded, though Siri still responded), but the damage was pretty bad so wasn’t something I could live with for more than a few days …

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Apple Watch diary Stories October 12, 2018

We’ve seen quite a revolution in health and fitness tracking over the past few years, with the Apple Watch playing a key role in that.

Measuring fitness stats has been transformed from something done only by hardcore athletes to a routine part of life for millions of ordinary people …

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Apple Watch diary Stories September 24, 2018

The Apple Watch succeeded in converting me from a smartwatch skeptic to an Apple Watch convert, but I held out on upgrading until the Series 3 came along. There were two reasons that persuaded me to upgrade – improved Siri performance and the automatic monitoring of heart-rate, my Series 0 being the only model in the line-up not to support the latter.

I wrote before the launch of the Series 4 that there were likewise two reasons that would persuade me to upgrade again – and we turned out to get both of them …

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Apple Watch diary Stories August 20, 2018

We today saw a not-unexpected sign that we’re getting closer to some new Apple Watch models: new model numbers have been registered in a Eurasian database. In all likelihood, the new Watches will be announced in September, alongside this year’s iPhones.

Although I went from being a smart watch skeptic to not wanting to be without my Apple Watch, I would still say it’s not a product I get excited about. A new Mac or a iPad, yes. A new iPhone, somewhat less – though the iPhone X was a definite exception. But the Watch, not so much.

The Apple Watch is very much a utilitarian product for me. I’m really glad it’s there, but I don’t do anything more than glance at it as I use it …

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Apple Watch diary Stories September 26, 2017

Despite having made the journey from a smartwatch skeptic to an Apple Watch convert, I was – until very recently – still using my original model, aka the Series 0. It had become something I wear every day, and now wouldn’t want to be without, and Apple hadn’t shown me any reason to upgrade.

When the Series 2 was launched, I concluded that despite the improvements it offered in some areas, there would be no benefit to me given the four things for which I use it.

The Series 3 is, of course, a much bigger upgrade, but I was fairly sure that wasn’t going to persuade me either …

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