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June 2015 - April 2018

watchOS only runs on the Apple Watch and launched alongside the product back in 2015. It has seen several major revisions since its launch, such as axing glances, the friends UI, and more.

The original version of the software was very slow and relied on your iPhone for its apps. Everything presumably ran over Bluetooth, and would be unable to open any apps if your connected iPhone was out of range.

Apple quickly moved away from interaction model and pushed native applications as of watchOS 2.0, where the majority of the app’s interface and information were installed on your Apple Watch, instead of your iPhone.

watchOS 3.0 added support for background app refresh, which allowed apps to run in the background, but also enabled complications to be updated without needing to completely launch an app.

With watchOS 4.0, and the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, Apple took this interaction model a step further. The company introduced APIs to allow applications to run completely independently of the iPhone. This meant that users were allowed to stream Apple Music, get the latest News, or take a phone call without being in the range of your iPhone. However, an iPhone is still required to setup and manage your Apple Watch.

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watchOS Stories April 16

watchOS 4.3.1 beta 2 for Apple Watch is now available for developer testing. While the new update is light on new features, it does include a new warning when launching older apps.

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watchOS Stories April 11

How to back up your Apple Watch

Most Apple Watch owners don’t know how to back up their Apple Watch, nor does Apple make it clear how one would go about that process.. Read along as we walk you through how to back up your Apple Watch.

Apple’s second annual Earth Day Activity Challenge for Apple Watch is set to take place in just over a week and a half, and this year Apple has upgraded the sticker pack for Messages with animated designs. Apple has also slightly tweaked the requirement this year.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

watchOS Stories April 10

The latest watchOS beta, 4.3.1, introduces a new alert when launching original watchOS 1 WatchKit applications, hinting that such apps may be dropped entirely in watchOS 5. expand full story

watchOS Stories April 5

How to change your Apple Watch orientation

The default Apple Watch layout is the Digital Crown on the top right, and this is how many users wear their Apple Watch if they wear it on your left wrist. However, this can be changed and there are valid reasons to do so.

While the default configuration is aesthetically pleasing, and falls in line with most other watches, changing your Apple Watch orientation could boost your Apple Watch efficiency.

watchOS Stories April 4

We’re just two months away from WWDC 2018 where Apple will unveil the next major versions of its operating systems, and watchOS is arguably the platform with the most low hanging fruit left to be picked. Apple Watch Series 3 is the most capable version yet with cellular connectivity and an even faster chip, and watchOS 5 can unlock even more potential with that hardware. Read on for what I’d love to see in watchOS 5:

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