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Health Stories October 17

If you’re trying to keep tabs on your caffeine intake, the task just got easier – thanks to a clever link-up between Apple’s Health app and a smart mug …

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Health Stories October 15

Apple is donating 1,000 Apple Watches to help university researchers gain a better understanding of eating disorders such as binge eating or the more specific bulimia nervosa …

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Health Stories October 2

Run an Empire is a strategy game for iPhone that requires you to jog to conquer land

There are a number of ways your iPhone can encourage you to exercise, from competing with friends in Activity challenges to playing Pokémon Go. But a new app called Run an Empire thinks it’s some up with a compelling encouragement to go for a jog …

Health Stories September 28

It’s Apple Watch upgrade season for a lot of people which means deciding what to do with old models. Should you resell, gift, throw it in a drawer, or repurpose it?

Turning your old Apple Watch into a dedicated sleep tracker is a great way to get a little more mileage out of your original purchase. Take these steps to make sure the experience isn’t a nightmare.

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Health Stories September 27

Apple Watch can help you stay motivated to exercise and improve your health, and smart scales that sync data to the iPhone can be a fun and useful way to track your progress. If you want to easily collect your weight and other measurement data in the Health app on iPhone, the trick is to find a scale that works with HealthKit. Here are some of the current options on the market:

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Health Stories September 20

Update: Hancock advises us that the original Reuters story was incorrect – this has since been corrected. It is mandatory to join the Vitality program, but sharing of fitness data is optional.

Anyone with a life insurance policy from John Hancock – one of the largest insurers in the US – is now required to join the Vitality program, geared to encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Those who choose to share fitness data from a device like an Apple Watch of Fitbit can earn rewards for doing so …

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