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Health Stories December 7

Apple hires CEO of Mango Health, a health firm focused on medicine tracking

The CEO of Mango Health, Jason Oberfest, was recently poached by Apple, according to a report from CNBC. The app was built to help users track medications, and also gives incentives for those who take their medications on time.

Health Stories December 6

Health data from the iPhones of both a killer and his victim provided crucial evidence in a murder case.

The combined data proved that the killer’s story about how his wife died was a lie, and saw him convicted and sentenced to at least 30 years …

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Health Stories November 20

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Apple is in talks with the Department of Veterans Affairs to offer electronic health record access to military veterans. This comes as Apple continues its push into the health industry with platforms like HealthKit, ResearchKit, and Health Records.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Health Stories November 1

Niantic has announced a new feature called Adventure Sync that’s coming soon to Pokemon Go on iOS and Android. Adventure Sync will use Apple Health and Google Fit activity data to credit players with distance traveled in the real world for hatching eggs and earning candy — even when Pokemon Go is not running.

Update 11/1: This post has been updated with information about the Adventure Sync feature rollout and how it works.

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Health Stories October 26

An Apple Watch can often provide useful heart-rate data on its owner, but one quick-thinking Apple intern actually strapped his watch onto a fellow passenger when she collapsed during an airline flight …

The incident actually persuaded the intern that he wanted to go to medical school – where he went on to create an ebook for brain tumor patients …

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Health Stories October 17

If you’re trying to keep tabs on your caffeine intake, the task just got easier – thanks to a clever link-up between Apple’s Health app and a smart mug …

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