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Health Stories June 18

World Health Organization to announce ‘gaming disorder’ as a mental health condition

At a time when there’s increasing focus on ‘digital health’ – ensuring that usage of devices like smartphones doesn’t take over our lives – gaming addiction is to be officially classified as a disease …

Health Stories June 14

One of the things we learned during David Rubenstein’s interview of Tim Cook, posted in full yesterday, was that all employees at Apple Park are getting standing desks.

We have given all of our employees, 100%, standing desks. If you can stand for a while, then sit, and so on and so forth, it’s much better for your lifestyle.

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Health Stories April 19

Sleep Cycle for iPhone introduced snore detection a year ago to help sleep trackers discover whether or not snoring is affecting their sleep quality. Today Sleep Cycle is building on that feature with a brand new Apple Watch app that will silently nudge you when snoring is detected…

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Health Stories April 16

The former Apple engineer Tony Fadell, nicknamed the ‘father of the iPod,’ thinks Apple has a responsibility to tackle the problem of iPhone addiction.

He says what is needed is the equivalent of nutrition advice – where we know which food types in what quantities are healthy – and then a way to track our ‘intake’ …

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Health Stories April 6

Getting a conventional doctor’s appointment can be one of life’s more annoying experiences. In the UK, at least, you can’t always get one at short notice unless it’s an emergency. You may not be able to get a convenient time-slot. And you’ll often have to take time off work to travel perhaps an hour or more round-trip for a consultation lasting ten minutes.

Video consultations have been available for some time, but it’s only recently – thanks to a trial here in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) – that I got around to trying it for myself. And I’m sold …

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Health Stories March 8

The introduction of iOS 8 in 2014 brought the Health app to our iPhones and marked a milestone in Apple’s efforts to help people live healthier lives. The success of the Apple Watch in the following years brought a renewed consciousness to healthy living to millions of customers. Now that the Health app is turning into a critical tool for managing medical data, let’s take a look at how it could become even more friendly and motivating to a growing community.

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