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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories December 2, 2021

Last year we learned that Nvidia was set to move forward with its plans to acquire chip designer Arm for an estimated $40 billion. However, after the FTC investigated competition concerns around the deal this year, it has filed a lawsuit to block the acquisition.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories October 9, 2019

Apple today has released watchOS 5.3.2 for the Apple Watch Series 4. This update is for people who don’t have an iPhone that is capable of running iOS 13, and therefore can’t update to watchOS 6.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories August 23, 2019

Apple Watch Series 4 has been on the market for less than a year and it’s already been credited with saving dozens of lives around the world. Anne Rowe of Fairhope, Alabama joins the growing group of watch wearers who could have faced life-threatening medical conditions without the Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories July 22, 2019

Apple is today launching the ECG app in two additional countries. With the release of watchOS 5.3, the ECG app and irregular heart rate notifications to Canada and Singapore.

The electrocardiagram sensor hardware is included in all Apple Watch Series 4 units, but is disabled through software in countries where it has not got approval. The good news is Apple Watch Series 4 owners in Canada and Singapore can now update to watchOS 5.3 to use the ECG app.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories July 21, 2019

I’ve been thinking a lot about my kids, and how we will approach technology as they get older. I recently wrote about our approach to social media, and that led me to thinking about how I will approach cell phone usage in their lives. My oldest son will turn nine this year, so it’s something I know is going to come up sooner rather than later. After thinking about the role of a cell phone in a child’s life, I’ve realized that an Apple Watch with a LTE connection will eventually become the perfect kid cell phone. We’re not quite there yet technology-wise, but I can see a day when all the stars will align. expand full story

Apple Watch Series 4 Stories June 30, 2019

Since I am currently training for a marathon later this fall, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts on Apple Watch during my long runs. I’ve been a heavy podcast listener since before Apple integrated it into the iPod, so being able to listen to them on a watch is a dream come true for me. Pairing Apple Watch with the new Powerbeats Pro is the perfect combination for running.

While I am generally an Overcast user, I have experimented with Apple Podcasts here recently as well. I wrote an article about the best podcast app for Apple Watch that I encourage you to read as well. This week, I want to talk about what Apple could do for Apple Podcasts on watchOS 6 and beyond to improve the experience. expand full story

Apple Watch Series 4 Stories June 25, 2019

Apple Watch shipments grew 22% in 2018, according to new Counterpoint Research data, and a large chunk of that appears to have been due to the popularity of the Series 4.

The company says that the Apple Watch Series 4 was the best-selling model during 2018 despite being available for just one quarter …

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories June 19, 2019

Apple unveiled an all-new version of its Apple Watch Pride band earlier this month at WWDC 2019, matching the recently introduced 2019 Pride face introduced in the latest version of watchOS 5. See how the new 2019 Pride band pairs with Apple Watch’s latest Pride faces below.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories May 21, 2019

Apple has seemingly got clearance for the ECG app on Apple Watch Series 4. In the Health Canada database, ECG and irregular heart rate rhythm notifications are listed as being approved as of the 16th May. The listings were first spotted by the iPhone in Canada blog.

It therefore follows that Apple will soon be enabling the ECG app in Canada, perhaps whenever iOS 12.4 and watchOS 5.3 are publicly released.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories May 20, 2019

Apple appears to be running low on inventory for Apple Watch Series 3 repairs as the company informed store staff today that it will substitute some Series 3 repairs with the newer Apple Watch Series 4. Apple announced the change in an internal memo that was delivered to Apple Store repair staff and Apple’s Authorized Service Providers, according to sources briefed on the update.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories May 19, 2019

Watch faces for Apple Watch have been a point of discussion since watchOS 1 and the Series 0 Apple Watch. Apple has expanded the options over the years, and the Siri watch face is one of the most unique ones. With that being said, I still end up using the Infographic Modular face on the Series 4 Apple Watch. When swapping back and forth between watch faces recently, I had the idea for a Siri complication inside the Modular Apple Watch face for watchOS 6.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories April 28, 2019

I’ve had a long road with the Apple Watch. I bought the original one on release day, but sold it within a few months due to the slowness of watchOS 1. I purchased a Series 2 when it was released, but I ended up returning it a few weeks later. When the Series 3 Apple Watch was released, I ended up buying one to write a review, but returned it before the return period was up (it was around Christmas so I had a longer return period). In the entire time the Apple Watch has existed, I’ve probably owned it a total of six months. A month ago, I picked up another one. This time, I have a Series 4 Apple Watch with LTE. I know I am late to the Apple Watch party, but I do have some thoughts that I think are interesting based on my past history, and my thoughts on Apple’s health plans with Apple Watch. I’ve been around the watchOS scene from day one, but I’ve definitely come and gone for periods of time.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories April 19, 2019

Apple Watch has a curvy history with the color gold and accompanying straps. The original 18K gold Apple Watch Edition paired with a range of straps before being discontinued. Aluminum models have included three shades of gold (rose gold, gold, and “new” gold) with Sport and (now discontinued) Woven Nylon bands using gold hardware. Gold variations aren’t sold separately either which makes them somewhat rare.

Apple Watch Series 4 comes in two flavors of gold — aluminum and new stainless steel — but the gold band variety is still limited. While there are few perfect matches, these are some of my favorite pairings.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories March 11, 2019

When I reviewed the Apple Watch Series 4 last year, I admired its design changes but labeled some of its “new” features as invisible. Many customers may never need to know that the latest Apple Watch has built-in fall detection, for example, but it’s there in the background waiting to help if needed — though some will need to turn it on first.

I hadn’t thought about the feature on my own watch in months, but I was reminded it was there all along over the weekend after my first real fall since wearing the Apple Watch Series 4.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories February 20, 2019

Apple has released a cool new ad today called Flight that highlights the cellular capabilities of the Apple Watch. In the ad created by film director Jonathan Glazer, renowned skydiver Inka Tiitto runs through the forest with her watch and then is catapulted into the sky where she dances amongst the clouds, to then plummet back into the ocean.

The ad shows off the Watch’s Maps turn-by-turn navigation features, and the ability to answer the phone from anywhere thanks to the cellular radios …

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories February 3, 2019

We’ve reported several times about the Apple Watch Series 4’s ECG functionality alerting unsuspecting users to seek medical attention.  In addition to ECG, however, the Series 4 has a fall detection functionality. That feature is what one Norweigan Apple Watch user credits with saving his life.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories January 9, 2019

The Apple Watch Series 4’s ECG function has only been available for a month, but it’s already proving to be life-saving for some. WMUR reports today that a Nashua, New Hampshire man discovered he had atrial fibrillation with his Apple Watch, and rushed to the emergency room.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories January 2, 2019

Apple has refreshed its “Close Your Rings” page that looks to offer some inspiration for Apple Watch users and potential Apple Watch users to live healthier lives. Today’s update offers the stories of four more individuals along with fast-paced videos showing how they close their rings and what’s motivating for them.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories December 21, 2018

Looking to get activity credit for skiing or snowboarding this winter with your Apple Watch but also want more detailed data like vertical descent, speed, number of runs, and more? Whether you hit up to your local resort regularly, or are about to head to one on a holiday trip, follow along as we look at two solid apps for Apple Watch to take your ski and ride tracking to the next level. We’ll also look at some cool social features, with one app offering a fun way to compete with friends on the mountain.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories December 13, 2018

More than one in ten American adults are expected to own a smartwatch by the end of next year, and the health features introduced in the Apple Watch Series 4 are thought to be playing a major role in adoption.

Research firm eMarketer suggests that US smartwatch ownership will hit 28.7 million people by the end of 2019 …

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories December 11, 2018

Nike Run Club for Apple Watch Series 4 now has a complication option for every new slot on the new Infograph Modular and Infograph watch faces. Nike Run Club added support for most of the new complication slots last month, but one big option on Infograph Modular was missing before today.

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We reported last week about one of the first Apple Watch users who was surprised to find that he had atrial fibrillation (A-fib) after using the new ECG app. Now, that same 46-year-old was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, sharing more details about how Apple Watch potentially saved his life.

Interestingly, Ed Dentel had some chest pain earlier this year, but received normal results after an electrocardiogram. If it weren’t for his Apple Watch and the warnings from his readings last week, he likely would have had no idea about his heart condition.

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Have an Apple Watch Series 4? The built-in electrodes let you take an electrocardiogram from your watch if you’re at least 22 and live in the United States, but they can also improve general heart rate readings — regardless of where you live.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Stories December 10, 2018

Two weeks ago I wrote about running a half marathon with Apple Watch Series 4 and optimizing battery life for long workouts. After almost running out of power with Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods the year before, I made some changes that helped extend battery life this year.

Cellular was turned on for both previous races, however, which takes a noticeable hit on battery life. This weekend I had a third half marathon race to use as an opportunity to test battery life with cellular turned off…

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