Apple Podcasts Stories November 7

Apple investigating issue causing ‘steep consumption declines’ in Podcast reporting

Some podcasters are reporting that they are seeing a steep decline in listenership, specifically when using Apple’s Podcast Analytics tool.

Apple Podcasts Stories October 9

Apple has seemingly fixed a problem from over the weekend that caused the iTunes Podcast charts and the charts in the Podcasts app to display inaccurate rankings. Business Insider highlighted the issue today, explaining that numerous popular podcasts had been pushed down the charts by unheard of, low-reviewed podcasts.

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Apple Podcasts Stories August 6

Apple has removed five Infowars podcasts from the Apple Podcasts platform. Apple confirmed the decision to Buzzfeed News overnight, and is the first major tech company to blanket ban almost all of Alex Jones’ content. Apple said that it does not tolerate hate speech, and clear guidelines dictate the types of content that are accessible on its platforms. Companies like YouTube and Spotify have pulled select episodes before.

Apple is the leading podcast distribution platform and its more drastic approach naturally put pressure on other players to follow suit. Only one InfoWars show remains on Apple’s service, ‘Real News with David Night’. Apple did not say why this show alone was allowed to stay up.

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Apple Podcasts Stories July 15

June 28th, 2005 might go down as one of the biggest days in the history of media. It was the day Apple announced they were taking podcasting mainstream by including support for Podcasts in iTunes 4.9 and with syncing to the iPod. As rumors continue to swirl of iTunes being dismantled on macOS (in favor of dedicated apps), I thought it might be fun to take a look back at this important decision. expand full story

Apple Podcasts Stories June 5

Apple Podcasts continues growth as first show hits 500M downloads, catalog tops 555K

After the announcement of its Podcasts app coming to Apple Watch yesterday, Apple has shared an update on its podcast platform with some new milestone achievements today at WWDC.

Apple Podcasts Stories December 5, 2017

9to5Mac Happy Hour on Apple Podcasts

Apple has reportedly acquired Pop Up Archive, a small Oakland-based company that builds tools for searching spoken audio including podcasts (via Peter Kafka). Pop Up Archive, which makes a tool called, shut its services down last month without an explanation.

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