Apple first introduced the world to podcasts back in 2005 by adding a podcast directory into iTunes 4.9. It wasn’t until 2012 that they launched the Apple Podcasts app for iPhone.

Over the years, the app has taken on many designs as it mimicked the overall iOS design trends. Despite it not offering all the features of third party apps, it is reported to have the high market share of any podcast app. Despite having control of the market, Apple hasn’t done much to try to profit from it. From a technical side, the directory in Apple Podcasts is just a collection of RSS feeds. Spotify is one company aimed to growing its podcast market share at the expense of Apple Podcasts, so it remains to be seen what (if anything) Apple will do going forward.

9to5Mac hosts an hour long weekly Apple news podcast called 9to5Mac Happy Hour, a short updates podcast with episodes released throughout the week called 9to5Mac Daily, and a weekly tech news podcast from the perspective of developers called Stacktrace. All of them can be subscribed to inside of Apple Podcasts.

Other podcasts on our network include:

Apple Podcasts Stories September 1

We’ve covered Spotify’s move into podcasting multiple times over the past year. Spotify has spent millions of dollars to acquire content and they’ve built out an entire portal for shows to manage their content and view statistics. It’s clear that they are here to stay. I’ve even noticed non-technology focused advertising will now say, “Find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.” Side note: I hate when someone says “Find our show on iTunes” as that helps almost no one. The data I hear is that across the industry is that Spotify makes up 10% of the market now while Apple is still at 60%. Apple’s market share is likely to keep shrinking as other players grow, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Today, I want to explain why we aren’t headed towards a Spotify vs Apple Podcasts war. expand full story

Apple Podcasts Stories August 11

Ever since the story broke in mid-July that Apple was looking to fund some original podcast series, the tech-community has had a lot of opinions about what this might mean for the future of podcasting. On recent episodes of The Talk Show and ATP, there was plenty of discussion about why Apple might be considering funding podcasts, and what it might be for the industry as a whole. I think it’s an interesting discussion to have, so I wanted to add my opinions on why I think Apple is funding original podcasts. expand full story

Apple Podcasts Stories August 1

Apple Podcasts adds new top-level categories with charts, curation, and more

Back in June, Apple teased that it would soon add new top level categories for Podcasts. This afternoon, Apple has officially started rolling out those new categories, making it easier to find new podcasts across different genres.

Apple Podcasts Stories July 31

Castbox is a really interesting podcast app that I’ve been watching for a while now. The app offers what you expect when you think of an iOS podcast application, but Castbox wants to add their own spin on it. Today, they’ve announced the launch of Livecast. Castbox Livecast is a free audio streaming service that lets podcasters go live to their audiences with the tap of a button. Livecast is available on Castbox mobile and desktop apps, so users can join wherever they are.

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Apple Podcasts Stories July 29

I’m very passionate about the podcast industry. I believe it’s the most exciting medium for sharing content on the market today. The technology to create a show is accessible to all, the technology to listen to shows is available for smartphones and even Apple Watch (listening to podcasts while running was one of the main reasons I bought an Apple Watch). I was recently at a local running event, and afterward, everyone met up at a burger place to consume the calories we just burned. The conversation quickly turned to “what are your favorite podcasts” at the moment. Listening to podcasts is no longer a niche thing. It’s become mainstream. Over the summer, I found a show that has completely sucked me in, and it’s doing something pretty unique. I’m talking about Carrier. Before I realized it came out on Tuesdays, I would check Overcast every morning to see if a new episode had been released. expand full story

Apple Podcasts Stories July 16

Apple plans to use some of its spare cash to fund original podcasts for its platforms, according to a Bloomberg report. The news comes as the podcast game heats up with competitors like Spotify investing hundreds of millions of dollars in original content projects.

Up to now, Apple has participated in the podcast ecosystem by hosting the de-facto canonical directory of shows, which most third-party apps rely on to find new shows. The directory was free to join and did not require an Apple business relationship.

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