Apple Podcasts Stories February 8

iOS 12.2 adds ‘Mark as Played’ feature to Apple Podcasts

The Apple Podcasts app gets a small, but certainly welcome, new feature in iOS 12.2. You can now tap on the More options menu to access a new podcast feature for episodes: Mark as Played …

Apple Podcasts Stories January 13

I’ve written a lot about the podcast ecosystem on iOS. I think that Overcast is an absolute gem of an app. Castro is also a top-notch app as well. I manage a few podcasts for some clients of mine, and I know that despite the incredible third-party podcast apps, Apple Podcasts is podcasting to the vast majority of people out there. That withstanding, the Apple Podcast app isn’t perfect, but it’s come a long way from version 1 many years ago (the tape player UI). While Apple Podcasts doesn’t need to offer the exact same features as other apps, its development does help drive the industry forward. Here are four new features I’d love to see in Apple Podcasts in iOS 13. expand full story

Apple Podcasts Stories December 27, 2018

Earlier this month, NPR debuted its new Remote Audio Data system – referred to as RAD – that aims to offer new types of podcast analytics data to advertisers and podcast creators. The Verge is out today with an overview of the RAD standard, including how Apple is already involved.

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Apple Podcasts Stories November 7, 2018

Apple investigating issue causing ‘steep consumption declines’ in Podcast reporting

Some podcasters are reporting that they are seeing a steep decline in listenership, specifically when using Apple’s Podcast Analytics tool.

Apple Podcasts Stories October 9, 2018

Apple has seemingly fixed a problem from over the weekend that caused the iTunes Podcast charts and the charts in the Podcasts app to display inaccurate rankings. Business Insider highlighted the issue today, explaining that numerous popular podcasts had been pushed down the charts by unheard of, low-reviewed podcasts.

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Apple Podcasts Stories August 6, 2018

Apple has removed five Infowars podcasts from the Apple Podcasts platform. Apple confirmed the decision to Buzzfeed News overnight, and is the first major tech company to blanket ban almost all of Alex Jones’ content. Apple said that it does not tolerate hate speech, and clear guidelines dictate the types of content that are accessible on its platforms. Companies like YouTube and Spotify have pulled select episodes before.

Apple is the leading podcast distribution platform and its more drastic approach naturally put pressure on other players to follow suit. Only one InfoWars show remains on Apple’s service, ‘Real News with David Night’. Apple did not say why this show alone was allowed to stay up.

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