Apple Stories November 6

Chase is expanding its rewards program for credit card holders with a new way to buy Apple products using points. The new Apple Ultimate Rewards Store includes a variety of Apple hardware including iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, HomePod, and Apple TV. Chase is also launching a limited time offer on eligible Apple merchandise to promote the new program.

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Apple Stories June 21

Apple-backed digital car key standard will let you use your iPhone to unlock your car

A new digital key standard will allow you to use a smartphone (and possibly Apple Watch) to unlock your car.

The standard is backed by Apple, Samsung, LG and Qualcomm, as well as a number of car manufacturers …

Apple Stories May 15

The latest round of the Apple versus Samsung patent trial kicked off yesterday with jury selection, and it proved so difficult to find unbiased jurors that choosing eight of them from the 74 candidates took the whole of the first day …

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Apple Stories May 10

Aluminum is Apple’s go-to material for making many of its products sleek and durable, and now the company is taking serious steps to ensure using its favorite metal is also good for the planet.

Two major aluminum producers are announcing a “joint venture to commercialize patented technology that eliminates direct greenhouse gas emissions from the traditional smelting process,” and Apple played a key role in getting to this step.

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Apple Stories April 19

It’s been two years since Apple introduced us to its iPhone disassembly robot Liam, and now it’s time to meet the company’s newest bot: Daisy. Apple says Daisy — who you can see in action below — offers “the most efficient way to reclaim more of the valuable materials stored in iPhone” with the robot capable of disassembling and sorting parts from up to 200 iPhones per hour.

Daisy’s introduction is accompanied with Apple adding Earth Day donations through its GiveBack program to the non-profit Conservation International. Apple’s GiveBack program lets customers return old devices to Apple Stores or for recycling, and newer devices can even be traded in for Apple Store credit.

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Apple Stories April 13

Bloomberg has published a new report that includes a memo sent to all Apple employees with a clear message: employees who leak internal information will be fired, face legal action when possible, and risk becoming unemployable at other companies.

The memo specifically references 9to5Mac and the iOS 11 GM leak that we received last fall which led to discovering the iPhone X name and features, Animoji, and the cellular Apple Watch Series 3 ahead of Apple’s event.

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