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Apple appears to be planning to further expand its data center presence in Northern Nevada according to a newly surfaced building permit. An application that was filed and withdrawn on February 2 points to a $50 million data center codenamed Project Isabel with Apple listed as the client.

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Apple Stories February 20

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Each year, Harris Polls runs rankings of the top 100 “most visible” companies operating in the United States, ranking them by their reputation among customers who participate in the survey. This year, in a survey of 30,000 customers, Apple has taken the 5th spot.

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Apple Stories February 15

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Smart home accessories are priced at a premium over basic appliances which makes HomeKit an expensive hobby. Homebuilders are offering HomeKit accessory packages for new home buyers with a $4,000 starting price so that’s one ballpark estimate, but how much would it cost to retrofit your existing home with HomeKit hardware?

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Apple Stories February 13

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Apple Stories February 10

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Apple’s BeatsX wireless earphones (stylized as Beatsx) are now available to purchase from after an extended delay following their introduction in September. Like AirPods, BeatsX earphones use Apple’s special W1 chip that makes pairing and switching between Apple devices nearly instant. is quoting short shipping times for the black and white BeatsX, with delivery for Valentine’s Day. Apple’s website is also selling the newly-announced gray and blue colors with longer 2-3 week wait times.

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Apple Stories February 8

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Update: A full video of Cook’s appearance at the University of Glasgow can be seen below. It’s not great quality, but it’s something.

Apple CEO Tim Cook today received an honorary degree from the University of Glasgow, in the UK. The ceremony (video below) was then followed by a brief interview where Cook described the institution as ‘one of the finest universities in the world’. He also condemned the Donald Trump immigration order, saying that ‘if we stand and say nothing, we become a part of it’.

Watch Tim Cook receive his degree after the jump as well as his answers to questions about coding in school, Steve Jobs, Apple’s role in activism and more …

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