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Apple News and Brief History

Before you can properly understand Apple News, it’s important to know its history. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976. In 1977, Apple’s sales were growing with the success of its early computers. Within a few years, Jobs and Wozniak hired designers and a production line crew. Apple went public in 1980 and was an instant success. Over the next few years, Apple shipped new computers featuring new graphical user interfaces, such as the original Macintosh in 1984. As the market for personal computers expanded through the 1990s, Apple lost market share to the cheaper Microsoft Windows on PC clones. Eventually, Wozniak and Jobs both left Apple. Jobs would go on to found NeXT and would return to Apple when NeXT was acquired in the late 90s. Apple then began a journey to the great second act in the history of the business world.

Since the release of the iPod in 2001, Apple has become a major player once again in the technology industry. After releasing the iPhone in 2007, the iPad in 2010, and the Apple Watch in 2015, Apple is now one of the largest companies in the world. Apple’s worldwide annual revenue totaled $274.5 billion for its 2020 fiscal year.

Today, Apple operates retail stores all across the world, has a growing services division, and an ever-expanding hardware lineup. The technology industry follows Apple news to see where the company is headed in the future.

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Apple News Stories December 21, 2021

Bob Iger, the outgoing chairman of Disney, continues to double down on his belief that Apple and Disney would have eventually merged under Steve Jobs. In a new interview with CNBC, Iger said that he believes Apple and Disney would have completed a merger if Steve Jobs had lived.

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Apple News Stories December 5, 2021

Apple is in a global fight to protect its App Store business model, and the latest development lands us in Russia. Apple is taking legal action after objecting to a ruling by the country’s Federal Antimonopoly Service that would allow developers to promote alternative payment methods to Apple’s in-app purchases.

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Apple News Stories October 26, 2021

Apple News expands local news coverage to three new cities in the US

Apple today announced a new expansion to Apple News, an app that offers articles from multiple websites, newspapers, and magazines in one place. Now the local news experience will be available in more cities.

Apple News Stories July 30, 2021

Update: Tesla CEO Elon Musk is denying that this interaction ever took place. He wrote on Twitter today that he and Cook have never spoken or written to each other. “There was a point where I requested to meet with Cook to talk about Apple buying Tesla. There were no conditions of acquisition proposed whatsoever. He refused to meet,” Musk says.

The history between Tesla and Apple, and between Tim Cook and Elon Musk, varies depending on who you talk to. At one point, Musk claimed to have reached out to Cook about selling Tesla to Apple, but Cook refused to even take a meeting. Cook, on the other hand, claims to have never spoken to Musk.

Now, Wall Street Journal reporter Tim Higgins is out with a new book next month called Power Play: Tesla, Elon Musk and the Bet of the Century, and it recounts an expletive-ridden conversation between Cook and Musk about Apple acquiring Tesla.

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Apple News Stories July 20, 2021

Google gently pushes Apple to adopt RCS by pointing out the poor security of SMS fallback

Messaging has always been a tough point for Android phones compared to iPhones simply because iMessage is, put simply, very good both for its experience and its security. As Google finally solves that problem with expanded adoption of RCS with end-to-end encryption, the company is pushing for its rival, Apple, to do the same by pointing out that the current fallback method instantly drops security.

Apple News Stories May 17, 2021

Apple has officially started to present its case in the ongoing legal battle with Epic Games over the App Store. Things have kicked off with Apple Fellow and App Store boss Phil Schiller’s testimony, with Tim Cook and Craig Federighi expected to testify later this week and into early next week.

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Apple News Stories May 14, 2021

There was a wild rumor making the rounds last year that Apple planned to phase out its successful Beats hardware brand and go all in with Apple-branded audio hardware. 9to5Mac reported at the time that burying Beats was “not a strategy that Apple plans to pursue” or even consider.

We’ve since learned more about was happening behind the scenes in California. Rather than discontinuing the Beats brand, Apple was hiring its first in-house designer to oversee Beats product design.

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Apple News Stories May 11, 2021

Today Facer is releasing brand new watch faces for the Apple Watch that will let you show off your space passion everywhere you go.

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Apple News Stories April 21, 2021

Apple News is going to add Apple Music editorial content, as spotted by MacStories. This will add stories about artists and new releases to the Apple News application.

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Apple News Stories April 5, 2021

Less than a month away from the Apple vs. Epic trial, Facebook is getting involved. According to a letter filed with the court, Apple requested some documents from Facebook, but Facebook doesn’t want to provide them.

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Apple News Stories April 1, 2021

Apple is celebrating its 45th anniversary today. From a garage company created in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple is now the most valuable brand and company. To celebrate this date, we want to ask you, 9to5Mac readers, what is your current favorite Apple product?

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Apple News Stories March 21, 2021

Apple shares new data about inclusion and diversity in the company

Apple is now sharing updated data about its effort to be a more inclusive and diverse company. On its Diversity page, Apple brings its effort to become “a better reflection of the world we live in.”

Apple News Stories March 20, 2021

Some Apple executives received on Friday a tentative initial witness list to testify in the Apple vs Epic Games case set to be held in May. The list includes Tim Cook, Craig Federighi, and others.

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Apple News Stories March 16, 2021

The Florida teenager who took control of well-known Twitter accounts last year has agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a three-year prison sentence, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The 18-year-old hacked accounts including Apple’s, Bill Gates’, and Joe Biden’s.

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Apple News Stories March 11, 2021

Update: After more research, the issue appears to be on DHL’s side rather than Apple, and it is only affecting developers in Europe. DHL is working to resolve the issues and ensure that the DTK units are delivered to Apple, but 9to5Mac has learned that developers will not be penalized for any issues caused by DHL shipping.

With less than a month left for developers to return the DTK Mac mini and receive a $500 credit, things seem to be a bit chaotic, according to some developers online. Developers outside of the US report that they are having some issues when attempting to return the A12Z-powered Mac mini.

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The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission wants to know the impact of Google being the predominant web search service on most devices, including on the iPhone and Safari browser. The press release sent today is seeking submissions from consumers and industry participants about choice screens.

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Apple News Stories March 9, 2021

Apple reaches deal to lease office space for 350 to 400 additional employees in Ireland

Apple has reached a deal to lease a new office in the South of Ireland, more specifically in Cork city. With over 36,000 square feet, the building will have enough space for another 350 to 400 additional employees in the country.

Twitter has announced a handful of new features recent: Spaces, Fleets, the acquisition of the newsletter product Revue, and the Super Follow function, which will let people pay creators on Twitter for special content.

In a new interview with the Verge, Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter head of consumer products, addressed the new Super Follow feature and sharing a 30% cut with Apple.

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Apple News has announced that it is teaming up with the National Association of Black Journalists, or NABJ, to “give early-career journalists the opportunity to work on the forefront of news and technology.” The new editorial fellowship runs from June 2021 through February 2022.

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Apple continues to share insights from its collection of health studies. Last week, the company shared insights from a hearing study based on iPhone and Apple Watch data. Today, the Apple Women’s Health Study team at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health released a preliminary study update about women and their menstrual symptoms.

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Apple News Stories March 8, 2021

Apple celebrates International Women’s Day with special collections in the App Store, Apple Music app, and more

On March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. Apple is joining in by featuring apps, stories, podcasts, songs, and more created by women.

Apple News Stories March 1, 2021

Apple has shared a new story on its Newsroom website today detailing how the iPad is being used by students in New Zealand to create an app for students. The story explains that students in New Zealand used an iPad and Keynote to create a prototype Samoan language app for younger learners.

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Apple News Stories February 23, 2021

Spotify announced on Monday a new HiFi subscription tier, podcasts featuring former President Barack Obama and rockstar Bruce Springsteen as co-hosts, and Streaming Ad Insertion to sell ads even on podcasts.

Following those announcements, The Verge interviewed Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, and he talked about what it’s like competing with Apple.

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Apple News Stories February 22, 2021

Epic’s legal battle with Apple has hit a roadblock in the UK. Despite a mixed ruling on Epic’s right to sue Google, Justice Roth has ruled that a lawsuit against Apple doesn’t reach the UK court’s jurisdiction.

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