Apple Stories February 19

Nokia’s ownership of Withings has been incredibly messy. After buying Withings in mid-2016, Nokia sued Apple over unrelated patents which resulted in Withings digital health products being pulled from the Apple Store.

While that dispute has since been resolved, Nokia now says it is reviewing its digital health business altogether. The result could be positive or negative for Withings customers depending on where ownership lands.

As a Withings customer myself, my hope is that Apple buys the digital health product business from Nokia — if only to do the bare minimum to maintain hardware that works with Apple HealthKit.

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Apple Stories January 22

Apple’s top investigator Lee Freedman has departed the company for a new role at Facebook. Freedman previously served as the Director of Worldwide Investigations at Apple.

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Apple Stories January 19

Bloomberg: Apple hires data scientist team for analytics project

Apple has hired a team of data scientists from a company called Silicon Valley Data Science, Bloomberg reports. While it doesn’t sound like a full blown acquisition, the report notes that Apple’s hiring spree includes the CEO of the consulting firm.

Apple Stories January 10

Apple has started selling a mesh Wi-Fi system from Linksys both on its website and in stores. The move is notable as Apple hasn’t updated its own Wi-Fi base station hardware since 2013 and doesn’t currently offer its own mesh Wi-Fi system.

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Apple Stories December 23, 2017

As its legal battle with Apple drags on, Qualcomm is also in the middle of battling the Federal Trade Commission in a separate case. Making things all the more complicated, a judge on Friday ordered sanctions against Apple in the FTC’s case against Qualcomm…

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Apple Stories December 18, 2017

Update: Reuters reports that Michel Coulomb has been appointed to replace Kaul. 

Coulomb has worked with Apple since 2003 and was most recently the managing director for Apple in South Asia, according to his biography on professional network LinkedIn.

According to a new report out of The Economic Times, Apple’s head of India operations is leaving the company with “immediate effect.” Sanjay Kaul has been in charge of Apple’s operations in India for the last year and a half, during which Apple has faced mixed results in the country…

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