App Store Stories Yesterday

AAPL: 156.07


Following the release of iOS 11 to the public yesterday, Apple has shared a new series of videos on YouTube that highlight the all-new App Store design. The four videos all highlight new features and capabilities of the iOS 11 App Store.

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App Store Stories September 19

AAPL: 158.73


Apple increases App Store cellular download limit to 150MB

Apple has announced in a post on its developer blog that it is increasing the the cellular download limit for apps on the App Store. It’s certainly not a major increase, but it’s one that is definitely welcomed…

App Store Stories September 15

AAPL: 159.88


Apple has updated its developer app review guidelines for the iPhone and iPad App Store this week with new clauses addressing the appropriate usage of Face ID, ARKit and more.

Apple says that ARKit apps must provide a rich experience; they don’t want the store flooded with simple apps displaying single objects. There are also limits on how developers can use Face ID and a new crackdown on scammy iOS apps like so-called virus scanners …

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App Store Stories August 31

AAPL: 164.00


Apple iTunes affiliates can now get paid in App Store and iTunes Store credit

Apple has notified members of the iTunes Affiliate program that it has opened up a new payment option for partners. Rather than sending money directly to your bank, iTunes Affiliate commissions can now instead be paid directly as iTunes Store credit. This means the payments are channeled as redemption codes to top up the credit on an Apple ID account, to buy apps, music, or pay for iCloud Storage.

App Store Stories August 24

AAPL: 159.27


Apple says it’s pulling popular apps in Iran due to U.S. regulations

As Apple has been removing popular apps in Iran from the App Store, the company has been sharing a message with developers saying that U.S. sanctions are the cause of the issue.

App Store Stories August 10

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Update: CNBC reports that Chinese regulators are now examining the complaint. No formal investigation has been opened at this stage, however.

To be clear, the Chinese regulators are not formally investigating Apple over any breach of antitrust laws. Instead, the SAIC is only reviewing the complaint. Following their review, the regulators may choose to start an investigation.

Apple has been reported to Chinese antitrust regulators by a group of 28 app developers, accusing it of monopolistic behavior.

The WSJ reports that the developers make three specific complaints …

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