App Store Stories February 21

The Streisand Effect has predictably kicked in after Apple attempted to prevent the distribution of a new Apple book written by former German App Store manager Tom Sadowski. App Store Confidential is now number two on Amazon’s bestseller list in Germany, and the book is into its second print run.

Despite Apple’s claim that the book reveals company secrets, reviewers indicate that the material in it is bland and obvious …

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App Store Stories February 20

Bloomberg report says Apple is considering allowing iPhone and iPad users to choose third-party default iOS apps for things like email and web-browsing.

Currently, you can use third-party apps, of course, but as we explained earlier, you can’t set them as the defaults.

It is not possible for the user to tell iOS that it prefers the third-party browser over Safari; any tapped links will open in Safari every single time. Similarly, there are many competing email apps in the App Store but shortcuts to composing a new email will only ever show the system Mail compose sheet …

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App Store Stories February 19

Apple has issued a cease-and-desist letter to the author and publisher of a new book App Store Confidential, claiming that the former Apple manager reveals business secrets.

Apple says that Tom Sadowski is in breach of his employment contract by revealing “business secrets […] of considerable economic value”…

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App Store Stories February 13

YouTube TV will become the latest subscription service to drop support for Apple’s in-app billing system. CNET reports that starting in March, YouTube TV will no longer support billing via Apple and that users should switch their billing settings before then.

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App Store Stories February 11

Apple has added a new toggle to the top of the Subscriptions page on iPhone and iPad. By toggling the switch, users can choose not to receive email notifications every time a recurring In-App Purchase is charged.

It’s a small feature addition, but may be welcomed by Apple users who have a lot of subscriptions.

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App Store Stories February 3

Apple has expanded the ability for eligible organizations to apply for developer account fee waivers today to eight more countries, bringing the total to 13 that have the opportunity to get free developer memberships.

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