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Spotify says Apple’s DMA compliance must include these changes

Apple EU third-party app stores

As European Union officials work on the implementation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) that formally went into effect last fall, a stakeholder workshop was held today by the European Commission to get input on “app store related provisions.” Spotify was one of the panelists and it shared three changes it feels Apple must be forced to make in the EU.

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Apple/Spotify battle could be resolved in Europe with Epic-style compromise [U]

Apple Spotify battle | Spotify app on iPhone

Update: Apple comment added at end

Some four years after the Apple/Spotify battle began back in 2019, we may have the first indication of how the European Union will resolve the antitrust dispute.

Reading between the lines of a brief report today, it appears that the European Commission may be heading toward a compromise ruling, which would mirror that made in the Apple vs. Epic Games case in the US …

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Apple has removed scam authenticator apps from the App Store [U]

Scam authenticator app

Update: Apple has now removed the scam authenticator apps from the App Store – see end of piece.

Twitter’s latest bonehead move has led to a flurry of scam authenticator apps, with at least one of them using App Store advertising to figure prominently in search results – and then sending all scanned QR codes to the developer’s analytics service.

There’s a whole array of others that appear to be free but then require in-app purchases in order to scan QR codes …

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Florida AG wants to force Apple to flag ‘foreign developed and owned’ apps for customers

Apple to raise App Store prices in multiple countries

As part of privacy concerns over TikTok, Florida’s Attorney General is pushing Apple and Google to warn customers when they are about to download an app that is “foreign developed and owned.” In a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Attorney General Ashely Moore said Apple needs to take “take immediate action” on this matter.

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Apple and Google duopoly dominates mobile app market, says Japanese antitrust regulator

Apple and Google duopoly | Tokyo street scene

The Japanese antitrust regulator has completed its study of the mobile app market, and concluded that it is dominated by an Apple and Google duopoly.

It says that while it hopes the two companies will make changes voluntarily, and that existing antitrust regulation can be used to apply pressure, new legislation would be the most reliable way of ensuring fairness …

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State of the Union address calls for Congress to pass antitrust and data privacy legislation

State of the Union address

President Biden’s second State of the Union address called on Congress to pass bipartisan legislation on both antitrust and data privacy issues.

His comments on the antitrust issue specifically referenced the need to prevent tech companies favoring their own products, an accusation frequently levelled at Apple

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App Store antitrust pressure builds as White House report says Apple inflates app prices

App Store antitrust pressure

A new report commissioned by the White House has further added to the App Store antitrust pressure, concluding that the control exerted by both Apple and Google results in inflated prices for apps, as well as potentially diminishing innovation.

It effectively backs the changes introduced in proposed antitrust legislation that saw bipartisan support in Congress, but not enough to make it into law

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Spotify vs. Apple battle heats up, with call for ‘swift and decisive’ regulatory action

Spotify vs Apple battle | Spotify app

Heat was added to the Spotify vs. Apple battle today, when seven other companies and organizations co-signed a letter calling for “swift and decisive” regulatory action to be taken against the Cupertino company.

Spotify told the European Commission that it has been almost four years since the company filed an antitrust complaint against Apple, and accused the commission’s executive VP and former competition regulator of “failing to act decisively” …

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Apple promises to detail why some apps are removed from the App Store

App Store

Apple’s App Store has very strict guidelines, and this results in many apps being banned there for breaking these rules. However, the company also bans apps from its store at the request of some governments – and this has concerned activists. But according to some Apple investors, the company has agreed to share more details about why certain apps are removed from the App Store.

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AltStore creator explains what third-party app stores could mean for the iPhone

AltStore creator explains what third-party app stores could mean for the iPhone

In a response to the looming regulations in the European Union, Apple is reportedly working on deep changes to how iOS and the App Store work. According to Bloomberg, the company is even considering allowing alternative app stores on its devices. Now developer Riley Testut, who created AltStore, has shared his thoughts on iOS having official support for third-party app stores.

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Alternative app stores will be a win, even if you don’t plan to use them [Comment]

Alternative app stores

One of the many antitrust investigations into Apple seems set to mandate alternative app stores, and it was yesterday reported that the Cupertino company is making plans to bow to the inevitable.

While there will be the usual chorus about politicians interfering in the way that companies operate, this change will be a win for all Apple users, even if we have no plans to go anywhere near a third-party app store …

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Apple mulls opening browser engine, NFC, and more to third-party apps

Apple mulls opening browser engine, NFC, and more to third-party apps

After a lot of pressure from the European Union and other governments around the world, it seems that Apple is for the first time considering making deep changes to iOS and the App Store. According to a Bloomberg report, the company is planning to open up even more iOS functionality to third-party apps, including the browser engine and NFC.

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Apple planning to allow third-party App Store alternatives on the iPhone for the first time

app store prices

Apple is set to make a monumental change to the App Store on the iPhone. In response to looming regulations in the European Union, Apple has software engineers and services employees working on a project to “allow alternative app stores” on the iPhone and iPad. This change could launch as soon as iOS 17 next year.

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Tim Sweeney: Epic Games will ‘fight on to victory, whatever it costs’ in Apple legal battle


Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney is doubling down on his battle against Apple and the App Store. In a new interview with The Verge, Sweeney threatened to take the long-running lawsuit between Epic and Apple to the Supreme Court, while saying that “every politician should fear the rise of corporate power that Apple is creating.”

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