App Store Stories August 10

PSA: Apple dropping apps from the affiliate program could be good news for some

Apple’s controversial decision to remove apps from its iTunes Affiliate Program may be bad news for many, but it could represent good news of a kind for those with very small balances …

App Store Stories August 8

After removing five Infowars podcasts earlier this week, Apple announced in a statement today that the Infowars application itself will remain available on the App Store for the time being. The statement, obtained by BuzzFeed News, explains that Apple supports “all points of view” being represented on the App Store…

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App Store Stories August 6

iPhone & iPad: How to turn off automatic app updates over cellular data

Automatic app updates are nice, it gives users the option to let apps update automatically in the background without needing to do anything. However, this can be a little bit much, especially over cellular, for users who have limited data plans or data caps.

As with most other things, Apple has a way to limit automatic app updates to Wi-Fi only, letting users with more aggressive data plans to preserve their pool of data while on the go.

App Store Stories August 1

Apple announced in an email to publishers this evening that it is making changes to its iTunes Affiliate Program. The company says that starting this fall, apps for iOS and macOS will no longer be included in the affiliate program…

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App Store Stories July 26

Apple today has rolled out updates to a pair of its iOS applications. The Apple Store app has been updated to version 5.1 with some notable improvements to search, while the WWDC has received a post-event update with bug fixes…

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App Store Stories July 18

Earlier this week, a report explained that the App Store is still bringing in nearly double the revenue of Google Play, despite the fact that the Play Store accumulates one twice as many downloads as the App Store.

Now, new research from Creative Strategies dives deeper into how consumers view and spend on the App Store…

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