App Store Stories May 29

Been on the App Store over the past few days? You might have noticed a curious new free iPhone app in the number one spot called Zynn. As it turns out it’s a TikTok clone that’s going after users of the popular app in the US. So how did it just beat out the massively popular TikTok in the App Store charts? A pyramid scheme that pays people to use it and refer friends…

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App Store Stories May 17

It feels like every email I receive mentions COVID–19. Every podcast I listen to mentions COVID–19. On Twitter or LinkedIn, you can’t avoid mentions of COVID–19. Our current pandemic is everywhere, and that is probably as it should be. It’s dominating our lives. As I was headed to the grocery store to pick up an online order, I realized how essential the app economy is right now and how much worse off we’d be if this pandemic would have happened even a decade ago. Here are a few ways that the ‘‘app economy’’ that Apple helped pioneer has allowed us to adjust to a ‘‘new normal’’ while we are all stuck at home.

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App Store Stories May 16

Video game company Ubisoft has sued both Apple and Google, accusing the two of selling a game that’s a “near carbon copy” of its popular game “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.” Ubisoft alleges that both companies are infringing on its copyrights by selling the game in the App Store and Play Store.

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App Store Stories May 11

Update 5/11: After over 2 months, the Shadow app is back on the App Store. The update removes the “Quick Launch” feature and now abides by Apple’s guidelines.

Shadow, one of several cloud gaming services to gain popularity recently, has had its iOS app removed from the App Store today. The company made the announcement on Reddit, saying that Apple removed the app because of a violation of App Store guidelines.

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App Store Stories April 30

We’re set to learn about Apple’s March quarter performance in detail and just ahead of the company’s earnings call, data shared by SensorTower estimates that iPad app downloads have seen solid growth amid the pandemic. That comes after they saw a steady decline for four years. Along with the uptick in downloads, iPad app Q1 revenue has crossed the $2B mark for the first time.

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A group of major app developers have set up their own association, seemingly geared to doing the same job as The App Association, an existing group sponsored by Apple and other tech giants.

They have formed the App Coalition, which seeks to lobby Congress on behalf of app developers, especially during the coronavirus crisis …

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