App Store Stories October 10

Apple has made a second U-turn on a Hong Kong protest app. The company initially banned it from the App Store, then changed its mind and allowed it, and has now reversed course again, banning it once more.

We yesterday reported that Apple has also removed the Quartz news app, which has been reporting extensively on the protests. Quartz says Apple took this action at the request of the government.

Both moves follow vague threats about “consequences” from Chinese state media…

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App Store Stories October 9

Chinese state media has warned Apple about the “consequences” of allowing a Hong Kong protest app into the App Store after earlier banning it.

The controversy surrounds the HKmap Live app, which was initially banned from the local App Store, a decision Apple reversed the following day…

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App Store Stories October 4

Amazon Prime Video app temporarily unavailable from Apple, returning soon [U]

Amazon’s Prime Video app became unavailable today from Apple’s App Store. While there was some speculation that the removal could have been due to a scuffle between the two companies, it sounds like it was just a technical issue.

Call of Duty Mobile overloads servers, becomes #1 iOS app in 100+ countries

Call of Duty Mobile has become the #1 iOS app in more than 100 countries after it exceeded 35M downloads across iOS and Android in its first three days

App Store Stories October 3

There is controversy today after Apple removed a Hong Kong protest app from the App Store. The developers claim that the app helps people avoid trouble spots and comply with the law, while Apple says that it’s intended to circumvent the law.

It’s currently unclear whether Apple made its own decision to remove the HKmap Live app, or whether it acted at the request of the Chinese government…

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App Store Stories September 24

Apple will raise App Store prices in Japan due to tax changes

Apple today announced to developers some upcoming App Store pricing changes in Japan as a result of higher taxes in the country. According to the company in a post to Apple’s Developer website, starting in October 2019, the Japan Consumption Tax (JCT) will increase from 8% to 10%. This will make apps and in-app purchases available on the App Store more expensive for Japanese customers, except for auto-renewable subscriptions.

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