App Store Stories October 15

Back in 2016, Apple let Nintendo offer Super Mario Run for pre-order via the App Store as the app was featured during the iPhone 7 keynote. Then, in 2017, the company made this feature available to all developers. As of today, developers can offer apps for pre-order on the App Store up to 180 days before the release date.

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App Store Stories October 8

ProtonMail CEO likens Apple’s App Store practices to ‘Mafia extortion’

Before Epic Games’ battle with Apple over App Store rules, the new email service and iOS app HEY fought with the company about the same issues including in-app purchases. In a new report from The Verge today, ProtonMail’s CEO has come forward and shared his account of working with Apple over the last few years, comparing the company’s business practices to “Mafia extortion.”

Microsoft is out today with an update to its app store that features 10 new policies to “promote choice, fairness and innovation.” While detailing the changes, the company took a shot at Apple over its App Store rules. Notably, the move sees Microsoft align with the Coalition for App Fairness that’s leading the Apple antitrust charge.

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Sensor Tower last week estimated Q3 App Store revenue at $19B, up 31% year-on-year. App Annie is now out with its own data and estimates a somewhat more conservative 20% growth to $18B.

Both agree on two key points, however …

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The former Apple App Store head told the congressional antitrust committee that the Cupertino company uses its convoluted rules ‘as a weapon against competitors.’ He cited Apple Arcade as evidence of this, the company allowing its own subscription gaming service when it bans things like Xbox Game Pass.

Former App Store director Phil Shoemaker said that Apple creates ‘arbitrary’ rules which allow it to block or hinder unwanted competitors to its own apps and services …

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App Store Stories October 2

Apple’s App Store revenue grew 31% year-on-year in Q3, climbing from $14.5B last year to $19B this year, according to Sensor Tower analytics data.

Google Play revenue grew even faster, with 33.8% growth, but still only managed a little over half of Apple’s numbers at $10.3B …

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