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Apple has asked the US Supreme Court to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit which accuses Apple of monopolizing the app market so that it can charge excessive commissions …

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App Store Stories June 12

Earlier today, a report emerged explaining how the App Store has explicitly banned developers from harvesting Contacts databases. Now, Bloomberg says this crackdown from Apple may hurt Facebook’s controversial “Protect” VPN service…

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Apple recently changed its App Store policies in a move intended to bolster privacy, specifically regarding apps that access user contact databases.

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Back in March, app developer Qbix thought it had hit on a great new way to make money from its Calendar 2 app for the Mac. Instead of charging users, or including intrusive ads, it offered users access to pro features in return for allowing cryptocurrency mining in the background.

Apple quickly put a stop to that, and has now updated its app guidelines to explicitly ban background currency mining …

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App Store Stories June 10

iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 Mojave include a variety of improvements to their respective App Stores. As detailed by Apple during a WWDC session entitled, “Best Practices and What’s New in In-App Purchases,” the App Store has added support for free-trials of non-subscription apps, sandboxing changes, and more…

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App Store Stories June 8

Developers have long wanted Apple to allow them to offer free trials of iOS apps. Apple does provide a mechanism for doing this with subscription apps, and this week clarified that the same approach can be used for any paid app, but many developers remain unhappy with the method.

MarsEdit developer Daniel Jalkut has written a blog post in which he lists no fewer than eight problems with Apple’s current approach …

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