Fortnite Stories June 22

A new report today estimates that the top 10 iOS games generate more than $13M in daily revenue. Fortnite is said to be the highest-grossing game, generating some $2.75M per day.

Revenue is split across paid apps, in-app purchases, and ad revenue from free apps. It highlights one particular type of ad as a growing trend in mobile gaming …

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Fortnite Stories February 14

IRS suggests game currencies are not taxable; tax experts say don’t believe it

A change to the IRS website suggests that game currencies are not taxable, despite an earlier statement that they are – but tax experts say people should probably still declare them…

Fortnite Stories April 1, 2019

Fortnite aims to evolve into much more than a game, says developer Epic

Fortnite aims to grow into much more than a game, says the CEO of developer Epic Games …

Fortnite Stories January 29, 2019

Fortnite for iOS adds long-awaited support for MFi Bluetooth controllers

Epic Games today has released a major update for Fortnite on iOS and Android. The update brings the app to version 7.30 and adds long-awaited support for Bluetooth controllers, as well as other features and improvements.

Fortnite Stories December 27, 2018

It’s no secret that Epic Games, the company behind the massively popular Fortnite title, had an incredibly successful 2018. Just how big of a year was it for Epic Games? TechCrunch reports today that Epic grossed a massive $3 billion in profit during 2018…

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Fortnite Stories December 6, 2018

Fortnite has received its next big, Season 7 update, bringing a holiday refresh alongside a new vehicle, Christmas-themed gun wraps and more. New iPad Pro users should also get a chance to push that overpowered A12X Bionic chip, as Epic Games has implemented 60FPS support for 2018 iPad Pro devices starting this week.

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