Fortnite Stories July 24

Fortnite for iOS updated w/ exclusive one-year anniversary content, return of Playground Mode

Fortnite for iOS, which has been a monster success since its release earlier this year, has been updated today with a handful of notable features and changes. The update brings the app to version 5.1…

Fortnite Stories July 19

Fortnite has become an insanely popular game and we heard last month that the title’s debut on iOS generated $100 million in revenue in just three months. Now, a new report says that the battle royale blockbuster has hit over $1 billion in sales across all platforms.

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Fortnite Stories July 12

Epic Games has just updated Fortnite with Season 5, providing an all-terrain kart and some reasons to use it …

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Fortnite Stories July 6

Playground mode in Fortnite being switched off on July 12; new version later

If you haven’t yet tried the best-selling iOS game Fortnite, you have until July 12 to take advantage of a special practice mode, known as Playground

Fortnite Stories July 4

Now you can play Mario Kart in Fortnite … kind of!

When Epic Games created Playground Mode in Fortnite, allowing an hour of safe play to familiarize yourself with the environment, they probably never imagined someone would use the time to do this …

Fortnite Stories June 29

Fortnite players meeting at ‘the rocket’ for tomorrow’s first real time mystery event

Fortnite has been dropping hints about some kind of big, one-time only live event happening tomorrow, and fans of the game are getting hyped.

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