NVIDIA GeForce Now Stories March 18

GeForce Now ‘Priority’ tier will double costs to $10/mo, but ‘Founders’ stick to $5/mo

A year after its debut, Nvidia is raising the cost of its GeForce Now cloud gaming platform. Starting today, the GeForce Now “priority” tier will cost users $10 per month, double the entry price.

NVIDIA GeForce Now Stories November 19, 2020

Cloud streaming might end up being the next big thing in gaming, but Apple has been strict when it comes to allowing services such as Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia on the App Store. Today, Nvidia GeForce Now is launching iPhone and iPad by bypassing the App Store altogether with a web experience.

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NVIDIA GeForce Now Stories October 13, 2017

Nvidia launches GeForce Now beta, turns your Mac into a virtual gaming PC

First introduced back at CES this past January, Nvidia’s GeForce Now for Mac is available in beta. This service from Nvidia allows Mac users to access PC-only games and offers up strong performance, especially for less powerful Macs.

NVIDIA GeForce Now Stories January 9, 2017


Gaming on Macs has never been a primary use case, but for the few who do want to use their Macs for gaming — whether on the desktop or on a Macbook — there have never been great options. However, at CES 2017, NVIDIA has revealed that it’s game streaming service, GeForce Now, is headed to the platform.

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