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Justin is a senior editor covering all things music for 9to5Mac, including our weekly Logic Pros series exploring music production on Mac and iOS devices. He is also a senior deal Jedi over at 9to5Toys where he heads up our game/app coverage. Justin is an audio engineer/producer with over 10 years experience in the music industry and makes electronic music as one half of Toronto-based Makamachine.

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Twelve South StayGo Mini review: A versatile USB-C hub with 4K HDMI for iPad and MacBook

The Twelve South StayGo mini was introduced at the tail end of last month as the brand’s lightest and most compact USB-C hub yet. As the name implies, this is the miniature version of its original StayGo hub, shrinking the overall footprint down significantly to leave users with a more succinct set of connectivity options on MacBook and iPad. Doubling as one of those tight-fit hubs that effectively snaps onto the side or bottom of your device via USB-C, it also comes with a “desk cable” for a more traditional USB hub experience. Head below for a closer look at our hands-on Twelve South StayGo mini review. 

September 18

The best iPhone 13 cases are now starting to surface as expected. Apple’s new range of iPhone 13 cases will be joined by the usual collection of third-party offerings from all of the top brands and across a broad price range — all of which are being neatly collected down below for you, including iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone Pro Max, and iPhone 13 mini options. Hit the jump for our 2021 list of the best iPhone 13 cases. 

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Best AirTag keychains, cases, and straps [Update 10: elago AirPods AirTag case, more]

Now that we’ve had a chance to give some of the best AirTag keychains, cases, covers, and straps a try, alongside covering the launch of the top third-party brands, it’s time to round up the best-of-the-best. While overall sentiment has been somewhat lukewarm in some circles for the official Apple offerings (mostly a price thing it would appear), there’s no denying how important it’s going to be for some folks to ensure their slippery little Apple trackers are safe and secure. Dropping one in the bottom of your wallet or bag will certainly do the trick, but it’s also a less-than-elegant way to carry your latest Apple gear. The price of some of the AirTag straps, covers, and keychains can exceed that of the actual item tracker, so we have rounded up some options across all price ranges to give folks an idea of what’s out there and how to best make use of their AirTag accessory budget. 

August 31

Twelve South intros new mini StayGo USB-C hub for iPad and MacBook with 4K HDMI

The new Twelve South StayGo mini is here. The latest USB-C hub from Twelve South is a smaller, more compact version of the original StayGo hub geared toward iPad and MacBook users with a trimmed-down I/O section “that fits anywhere, whether traveling, going from home to office or heading to and from class,” with a lighter price tag to match. Head below for a closer look and more details. 

August 17

Deals: New 1TB 11-inch iPad Pro $100 off, M1 MacBook Pro $199 off, AirTag and HomeKit gear, more

It is now time for another edition of your daily Apple deal roundup. Today, we are looking at $100 price drops on the higher-end 2021 M1 chip iPad Pros with 1TB of storage capacity. Those offers join a $199 discount on the latest M1 MacBook Pro models as well as the first notable price drop on Case-Mate’s AirTag-ready dog tag collar, some HomeKit smart home gear, and more. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

August 16

Monday’s best deals: Apple AirPods Pro $180, Satechi sitewide, Apple Watch Series 6, more

We’re kicking off the workweek with all of today’s best price drops and promotions on Apple gear and accessories. Alongside $100 or more off Apple Watch Series 6, we are also tracking some big-time price drops on AirPods Pro wireless earbuds, a notable back to school Satechi Apple accessory sale, and a fresh batch of Anker gear for your home and mobile setups. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

August 10

Twelve South PlugBug Slim Review: The ‘first ultra-thin’ 17mm wall charger with USB-C and 20W output

Twelve South has now unleashed its new PlugBug Slim – the latest iteration of its lauded wall charger in a particularly slimline form-factor. Featuring the brand’s usual minimalist approach with clean lines and light “12” branding, the thin PD wall outlet adapter sports USB-C connectivity, a fold-out plug, and can push 20-watts of juice to anything that can handle it. After going hands-on with the new Twelve South PlugBug Slim ahead of today’s official launch, we are now ready to give our impressions of the latest 20-watt PD adaptor. Head below for a closer look. 

June 28

New HyperJuice 4-in-1 MagSafe Charging Stand carries all of your Apple gear + 50% off pre-orders

HYPER, a tech accessory brand responsible for the “world’s first” 100W GaN USB-C charger, is introducing its new HyperJuice 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand today. This foldable USB-C charging solutions provides a home for all of your Apple gear including the latest MagSafe-equipped iPhone 12 models, your Apple wearable, AirPods, and other Qi-enabled devices. Looking to consolidate your nightstand (or wherever else you like to house your tech), HYPER hopes to provide a nice middle ground between bulky all-in-one charging gear and those flat Qi pads with its new HyperJuice 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand. Head below for more details, a closer look, and availability details. 

June 24

What we’re playing: Build the mega death shark of your dreams in Maneater on macOS

9to5Mac’s Game of the Week is brought to you by GeForce NOW. GeForce NOW Instantly transforms nearly any laptop, desktop, Mac, SHIELD TV, Android device, iPhone, or iPad into the PC gaming rig you’ve always dreamed of. And, every GFN Thursday, new games are added to the GeForce NOW Library.

Welcome to our Maneater review. Have you ever wanted to be the shark? Mutating your way into some nuclear grotesque killing machine that preys on innocent beach goers and boating enthusiasts — all through the unfolding of a nearly forgettable story setup that didn’t matter in the first place because you’re a death shark now? Well, Maneater is about as good as it gets and exactly what you’re looking for — a not-quite AAA experience with a campy narrative, interesting mutant shark RPG mechanics, and the freedom to terrorize fisherman and sea life equally. The only thing that could have made it better would be an epically hilarious cover of the 1982 Hall & Oates hit Maneater to kick the whole thing off.  

June 15

Deals: All-time low on iPhone 12/Pro MagSafe Leather Case, M1 MacBook Pro, Beats Studio Buds, more

It’s time to look at all of today’s best price drops on Apple gear. Starting with a new all-time low on the official Apple iPhone 12/Pro MagSafe Leather Case, we are also tracking a series of solid offers on its iPhone 12 mini accessories from $20. From there, we have a new deal on the base model M1 MacBook Pro, a nice pre-order offer on the new Beats Studio Buds, and some unlocked iPhone 11 Pro models at up to $350 off. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

Apogee intros gorgeous new Duet 3 audio interface ‘optimized for Apple Logic Pro’

Apogee – one of the world leaders in analog-to-digital conversion and audio interfaces – is introducing its all-new Duet 3 today. Following in line with the previous generation version that “raised the expectations for what a home studio audio interface should offer,” the new Duet 3 interface is a sleek audio interface for Mac (and Windows) content creators and music producers with onboard hardware DSP to power built-in and low-latency recording with some serious plug-ins/FX. Head below for a closer look at the new high-end Apogee Duet 3 interface. 

June 14

Volonic Valet 3 review: A high-end, designer iPhone and AirPods FreePower charging system with a price to match

Today, we are taking a hands-on look at the Volonic Valet 3 charging system. This high-end wireless solution takes a cue from fashion design houses and Apple aesthetics to provide a luxurious and elegant charging pad with a price to match. Yes, there are more affordable options out there, but not very many that are quite as gorgeous — this is a true piece of functional art, in my opinion, with a sophisticated look and precision design approach. But is the steep price tag worth the price of entry? Read on for a closer look at the Volonic Valet 3 charging system.  

Monday’s best deals: M1 MacBook Pro $199 off, MagSafe wallets, Apple Watch Series 6, more

It’s time to kick off another work week with all of today’s best Apple deals. Alongside a fresh new price drop on Apple Watch Series 6, you’ll find up to $199 off the latest M1 MacBook Pro with a 13-inch form-factor as well as both OtterBox and Apple Leather MagSafe Wallets for iPhone 12. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

June 8

Apple bringing spatial audio and ‘immersive music-authoring tools’ to Logic Pro this year

Apple has now rolled out Lossless and Spatial Audio streaming to its subscribers. Eddy Cue sat down with Billboard regarding Apple’s new hi-fi music streaming just after Apple Music’s Zane Lowe dropped a quick hint pertaining to upcoming Logic Pro integration for music producers. We recently did some digging around to see if independent artists would be able to take advantage of Spatial Audio and Lossless streaming with major distributors all but confirming as much. But it now looks like Apple will be taking it a step further and has plans to directly integrate hi-fi music authoring tools into its flagship DAW. More details below. 

May 30

We have some new details today on Apple Lossless and Spatial Audio for indie artists. Apple’s recently announced Spatial Audio and Lossless audio formats for Apple Music are set to kick off next month. While we know it has partnered with big artists like Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, and Kacey Musgraves, among others, to bring the first 3D and hi-fi audio to its streaming service, what does this mean for the rest of us?  After code hinting at the new service surfaced ahead of the official announcement from Apple, followed by, what was for some, confusion over what headphones/audio playback systems can actually support it, we immediately asked ourselves if these hi-fi audio deliverables would be available to indie artists as well. While there have been no direct announcements as of yet, we have done some poking around, digging through the crates, and sources suggest Apple’s new Spatial Audio and Lossless streaming will indeed be available to indies in the near future. More details below. 

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April 30

Twelve South MagSafe charging stand review: A hefty metal base with a super-clean look

The new Twelve South MagSafe charging stand launched earlier this week with a minimalistic, clean look and a design that leaves your iPhone 12 floating in midair. We have been fans of the brand for a quite a while now, but with Apple reintroducing MagSafe tech this generation, it’s time to give Twelve South’s first crack at the technology a run for its money. Head below for our hands-on Twelve South Forté review. 

April 27

Twelve South’s first MagSafe charging stand leaves your iPhone 12 floating in midair

Meet the new Forté – the very first Twelve South MagSafe charger to hit the market. Now joining the rest of the brand’s accessories, stands, and charging gear, the new Forté Twelve South MagSafe charger is available exclusively through Apple retail and the Apple Online Store starting today. Providing iPhone 12 users with another elegant solution for docking and charging, it sports a clean, minimalist approach and a slick magnetic pedestal that leaves your iPhone 12 floating in air. Head below for more details and a closer look at new Forté Twelve South MagSafe charger introductory video.

April 25

Logic Pros Marketplace: New batch of FREE analog/modular gear, FX, more for your setup

Welcome to the April edition of Logic Pros Marketplace — a roundup of all of the most interesting free FX plug-ins and sound resources, discounted instruments, and more for Logic Pro users. This time around we are tracking even more offers on MPE gear for your multi-touch-gesture explorations as well as a host of new, completely free FX and vintage synth-based sampler instruments for your Kontakt library. Head below for everything. 

April 18

Today we are taking a look at how to get your music video on Apple Music. More specifically, the various options and difficulties with regards to independent digital distribution of our music videos and music-related video content to Apple’s streaming platform. We have previously discussed services like TuneCore — one of the better options for getting your music on Apple Music, Spotify, and many others — however, things have evolved in the space since then with TuneCore competitor Distrokid now making waves, but to some degree, options are still somewhat limited when it comes distributing your companion video content. So let’s take a closer look at Apple’s official list of distributor partners, the best options available for independent music makers/content creators, and how to distribute your music video on Apple Music. 

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April 11

Logic Pros Live Loops Launchpad Diary: Mapping Remix FX to your controller, is it even worth it?

After looking at how to quickly move timeline-based projects over to a Live Loops setup and some nice price drops previously, today we are talking about mapping Remix FX to Launchpad. Apple’s GarageBand multi-FX unit gone pro made its debut inside Logic Pro for the first time as part of the flagship app’s major overhaul last year. A particularly useful and creative tool, especially in concert with Live Loops, Remix FX houses a number of multi-touch ready FX units from filters and repeaters to down samplers and interesting tape stops to add some serious flavor to your compositions. But with direct and multi-touch control available via Logic Remote already, and some tricky X/Y pads to deal with, is it really worth the trouble mapping Remix FX to Launchpad?

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