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Justin is a senior editor covering all things music for 9to5Mac, including our weekly Logic Pros series exploring music production on Mac and iOS devices. He is also a senior deal Jedi over at 9to5Toys where he heads up our game/app coverage. Justin is an audio engineer/producer with over 10 years experience in the music industry and makes electronic music as one half of Toronto-based Makamachine.

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August 9

Logic Pro X 10.5: Drag and Drop export — one-click audio/MIDI region sharing

Today we are taking a closer look at the new Logic Pro X drag and drop export functionality. A trend you may have noticed through our recent exploration of LPX’s blockbuster new features — Sampler, Step Sequencer, Live Loops, more — is Apple’s focus on simple drag and drop control over our audio/MIDI. This has also notably extended to the way we can export tracks and regions from our Logic Pro X projects directly into the Finder, emails, and just about anywhere that will accept them. Hit the jump for a closer look. 

July 19

Logic Pro X 10.5: Using Launchpad grid controllers with Live Loops, more

It’s time to take full control of Apple’s latest production technologies with Novation’s Live Loops and Logic Pro Launchpad grid controllers. The Live Loops grid-based environment is a wonderful experience with a connected iPad, allowing for a more immersive approach to your cells via the Logic Remote app. But Live Loops also brings with it official support for a wide range of those colorful and affordable grid controllers from Novation. For compatible models, functionality details, and more, hit the jump.

July 5

Holiday weekend instrument and FX deals for Logic Pro X users + more

After taking a good look at each of the main features in the latest Logic Pro X update, it’s time for the notable holiday weekend plug-in deals. This time of year tends to bring a number of half year sales and things of that nature on plug-ins, software instruments, FX, and even some hardware gear for Logic users and music makers of all kinds. Head below for this weekend’s deals and freebies from Waves, UAD, iZotope, Spitfire Audio, Native Instruments, KORG, Apogee, and many others.

June 28

Logic Pro X 10.5: Create custom instruments with the brilliant new Auto Sampler

Apple has completely overhauled Logic Pro X’s sampling technology with the new Sampler and Quick Sampler. While those two might be running the audio recycling operation here, the powerful new Logic Pro X tool known as Auto Sampler is not to be overlooked. Now available to all users, the plug-in can automate the sample creation process like Logic Pro X has never seen before.

June 21

Logic Pro X 10.5: Apple’s intelligent new flagship Sampler dethrones a legend

The long awaited successor to Logic Pro X’s EXS24 software sampler is here with full backwards compatibility, a suite of new toys pulled from Alchemy, a much needed makeover, and some particularly intelligent sampling tech. Among the latest 10.5 update’s most exciting new additions, Sampler has now dethroned Logic Pro’s roughly decades old workhorse sampler. If Quick Sampler can completely change the way music makers interact with just about every little clip of audio they can get a mouse pointer on, Sampler can do all that and more, automatically transforming collections of samples and melodic phrases into coherent virtual instruments with artificial intelligence levels of automation.

June 14

With the Logic Pro Step Sequencer comes a new way to interact with MIDI and automation data. Not unlike something found in vintage drum machines and hardware sequencers, we can now program our software instruments in the new Logic Pro X 10.5 editor and creative tool known as Step Sequencer. Its introduction continues the trend of bringing powerful new workflows to Logic Pro X inspired by popular vintage products and other DAWs, but with that particular Apple touch of course. expand full story

June 7

Logic Pro X 10.5’s new Quick Sampler completely changes the way users interact with the audio and creative resources around them. It perfectly accommodates a popular instant sampling workflow where producers pull sounds from anywhere — recorded off a phone, stolen off the internet, clipped from Apple’s library, etc — and then loop, chop, pitch, and program them into interesting musical ideas. Software sampling certainly isn’t new by any means, nor is it to Logic Pro X, but this technique of quick and immediate sound recycling has now been laced throughout the LPX 10.5 production environment and has a dedicated home with Quick Sampler. Apple’s new instant sampling plug-in reinvents the best of what’s already on offer in the marketplace, makes intelligent use of its world-class audio pitch/timing manipulation technology, and wraps it all up in an incredibly intuitive package. expand full story

May 31

Apple introduced a collection of amazing new features and products in Logic Pro X 10.5, and Drum Synth is not to be overlooked. While the latest overhaul of Apple’s flagship DAW is jam-packed full of big-time features — Live Loops, the new EXS24 replacement, Sampler, and more — there are several enhancements that might not make it on the marquee. We previously touched on some of these features like instant sampling and enhancements to the powerhouse Alchemy instrument, and now it’s time to delve into the new Logic Pro X Drum Synth. expand full story

May 24

Apple introduced the incredible new Live Loops in the latest Logic Pro X 10.5 update. The new feature is just that, a fresh way of interacting with your tracks and loops in Logic Pro X that is designed to work in tandem with the existing workflow, not instead of it. Directly integrated with the main Tracks area and familiar left to right timeline workflow, Live Loops provides creatives with a free-form, modular point of view of music making that can then be either performed into or immediately copied over to the familiar timeline where the musical parts can then be fully edited as they always have been. It has been quite a magical experience thus far, and while Apple has made it about as intuitive as it could be, there’s a lot to it, even on a surface level for those just getting started. expand full story

May 17

More on Logic Pro X 10.5: Instant sampling, Alchemy, grid controllers, more

Apple lit it up last week when it dropped a massive new Logic Pro X update. Packed with stunning new features — some arguably 20-years in the making — Logic Pro X 10.5 is a game changer for anyone that loves to make music on a Mac. While introducing a stable of marquee workflow possibilities, the way these technologies have been thread through the experience in combination with other quality of life enhancements, provide much more than just Live Loops and Step Sequencers.

May 12

Apple unveiled one of the most substantial updates its flagship DAW has ever seen today. The gigantic Logic Pro X 10.5 update revolutionizes the way users can create while offering up its own take on some of the more popular workflow styles its competition has become famous for. Head below for a closer look at the major new features. expand full story

Apple has now unleashed the latest update for its flagship music production software, Logic Pro X. And it’s a major one. As expected from a leaked screenshot late last month, the Logic Pro X 10.5 update includes some amazing new features like Live Loops, Remix FX, and much more. Head below for a closer look. expand full story

April 26

Logic Pros: Exploring the FREE Spitfire Audio LABS instrument collection

Spitfire Audio, a British company making stellar virtual production gear since 2007 or so, has now logged over 3 million downloads of its free instrument library, LABS. The DAW agnostic dedicated plug-in houses a series of sampler instruments for musicians using Logic Pro X or just about any other platform. Recently adding a brand new 60’s-inspired “Wurli” instrument to its growing library, we thought it was time to dive into this completely free virtual instrument resource.

April 12

Universal Audio LUNA hands-on: An exciting free DAW that’s going to cost you

Universal Audio’s new LUNA recording platform is now available for free to all of its Thunderbolt-interface owners. The highly anticipated new recording environment is looking to rival industry heavyweights like our beloved Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Live 10, and others with a tightly-integrated hardware/software system and its powerhouse stable of analog processing emulations. Universal Audio has been responsible for some of the recording industry’s most prolific audio processing units since the 1950’s — a trend that continues to this day with its professional audio interfaces and best-in-class DSP-based virtual FX units for audio professionals. Head below for our hands-on first impressions.

March 29

Logic Pros Review: EastWest’s backup vocal instrument can actually sing your lyrics

In today’s Logic Pros, we are taking a deep dive into the new EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers. The powerful vocal sampler instrument adds a trio of iconic Hollywood singers to your Logic Pro X library and directly beneath your finger tips. EastWest has been a major player in the premium sampler instrument game for a while now and its latest gives producers incredible ability to program three equally tenured, if not even more iconic, vocalists to their liking. Head below the jump for everything.

March 22

[Update: New Deals] Best plug-ins and FX on sale (or FREE) for music producers

It seems like a fitting time to look at all of the best plug-in deals and freebies for musicians and producers stuck at home. At this point, some creative distractions in between news updates and worrying about if you have enough essentials stocked up can go a long way. Companies like Moog and Korg were some of the first out of the gate to offer up free musical distractions for folks stuck at home in the form of all-digital, downloadable iOS synth gear. But since then, plenty of premiere plug-in and effects makers have launched wide-ranging sales and rare freebie offers to promote social distancing. Head below for everything.

March 1

Logic Pros: Exploring LPX’s forgotten gem, the Vintage Mellotron tape sampler

Today we are exploring Apple’s Vintage Mellotron sampler instrument from Logic Pro X. With so many brilliant third-party instruments and sound libraries out there, it can be easy to forget about Logic’s built-in gear. The retro-inspired Mellotron virtual sampler instrument is one of the most interesting libraries of sounds to get overlooked by some Logic Pro X users, and it comes completely free with the purchase of Apple’s professional DAW suite.

February 27

Steinberg’s new USB-C audio interface for Mac/iOS features split DJ monitoring

Steinberg is adding to its lineup of USB-C Mac interfaces today with the new UR24C two-channel model. After launching back in September of last year, Steinberg’s UR-C line of audio interfaces is seeing an interesting addition today with the latest entry in the family. With some unique headphone monitoring options in tow for stage performers and studio producers, the new UR24C falls in the middle of the line offering up an affordable option for musicians that need a little bit more than the base model UR22C can offer. Head below for a closer look.

February 23

Logic Pros: Mastering the Plug-In Manager to create custom FX libraries, more

Today we are exploring the Logic Plug-In Manager. This handy tool is built-in to Logic Pro X and allows us to manage the plethora of included plug-ins as well as all of your favorite third-party effects, instruments, and more. For years, Logic Pro X users were stuck with the app’s stock plug-in hierarchy system — an organized list of all the plug-ins currently enabled for your Logic Pro system — before Apple finally introduced a feature that allows for a custom-made directory. Whether you’re just getting started or already have a gigantic collection of third-party plugs, with Plug-In Manager we can completely customize the way we access our gear — making it significantly easier to get at them and subsequently providing a much more personalized experience for creatives.

January 16

Universal Audio unveils incredible new Luna music recording platform for Mac

Universal Audio Luna is a brand new all-in-one recording platform. Makers of the the amazing Apollo and Arrow audio interfaces, UA is employing its over 60 years of analog audio expertise to the new analog music creation and recording platform. Those familiar with the brand are likely expecting an astronomical price tag and a brand new interface to come along with Luna, but this is in fact a massive downloadable add-on for existing Universal Audio interface users. Not to mention one of the most exciting new announcements from NAMM 2020 yet. Jump below the fold for all the details.

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