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Ben Schoon is a Senior Editor at 9to5Google, a sister site of 9to5Mac. Ben has been working for the publication as one of its primary news writers for the past 5 years. In 2013, Ben helped start an independent tech publication where he learned the skills used at 9to5Google including writing, product photography, and videography. He is located in the city of Winston-Salem in North Carolina where he lived with his wife Melissa, married in 2019.

He primarily covers Android products, including Google Pixel devices, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, as well as devices from OnePlus, Oppo, LG, Motorola, and more. Beyond just covering news about these products, Ben also spends time using these products himself, speaking from experience with the articles he writes. Some of Ben’s most recent hands-on reviews include; Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, Fitbit Versa 3, Nest Thermostat, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and Fitbit Sense.

Ben is also a leading source for information about Google’s Android TV, diving deeply into important parts of the platform including its powerful Operator Tier, explaining future changes to the platform, and reviewing its products such as Chromecast with Google TV, Nvidia Shield TV, and more.

In 2019, Ben leaked one of the first in-person photos of the Pixel 4 before later revealing the Recorder and Pixel Themes apps months ahead of launch. In 2020, Ben also reported on multiple upcoming Pixel devices including Pixel 5a and the first report of Google working on a foldable Pixel smartphone. That same month, he was also the first to correctly report the $49 price point of what became the Chromecast with Google TV.

Ben Schoon is active on Twitter, @nexusben, but can also be found on Instagram and LinkedIn. For questions or tips, you can email him directly, and his portfolio is also available online.

Email: schoon@9to5mac.com | Encrypted Email: benschoon@protonmail.com

August 5

Waze appears to be struggling with performance issues on Android Auto and CarPlay

Google’s other navigation app, Waze, is an incredibly helpful way to stay informed on your route, but lately, the app has been suffering from lag issues on Android Auto and CarPlay for some.

July 6

Ubisoft is bringing ‘The Division’ to Android and iOS with free-to-play ‘Resurgence’ coming soon

Mobile games continue to improve in quality every year, and now Ubisoft is bringing its popular shooter series The Division to Android and iOS with the upcoming title “Resurgence.”

July 5

Rocket League Sideswipe enters Season 4 with a new arena and ‘Mutator Madness’ mode

Epic Games first brought Rocket League to mobile devices last year with “Sideswipe,” and now the game is entering Season 4 with a bunch of new perks for players.

June 23

Spotify is finally bringing friend activity to its mobile app with ‘Community’

Spotify has, for years, included some social features that make it easy to share playlists with friends, and even see what your friends have been listening to. But for as long as those features have been around, they’ve never been available in the mobile app. Now, Spotify is finally preparing to bring friend activity to the mobile app with a “Community” feature.

June 7

iOS 16 appears to open the door for Chromecast targets in the AirPlay menu

Apple’s ecosystem is famously fairly locked down, but things have improved a lot over the past few years. With the upcoming release of iOS 16, Apple appears to be working towards better support for Chromecast and other casting standards in apps.

June 1

Google Pixel and iPhones can now use an eSIM on Verizon’s BYOD program

eSIM support has been expanding for a few years now, with Google and Apple at the forefront. This week, Verizon is opening up support for BYOD users to get their service going on Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and iPhones with an eSIM instead of waiting for physical delivery.

Google TV app is now available on iOS, replaces Play Movies & TV

Almost two years after it hit Android, the Google TV app is finally coming to iOS for iPhone and iPad users.

May 19

GeForce Now rolls out Fortnite with touch controls to everyone on Android and iOS

Playing Fortnite on mobile phones is about to get a lot better, as Nvidia GeForce Now is rolling out support for the full hit game with touch controls on both Android and iOS.

May 6

Spotify Stations app is shutting down on May 16

A few years ago Spotify opened up a second app that offered an experience based around “radio” stations. Now, Spotify Stations is shutting down later this month.

May 5

GeForce Now adds support for 4K streaming on Windows and macOS

A couple of years after its debut, Nvidia GeForce Now is finally expanding its streaming options on PC and Mac. Starting today, GeForce Now supports 4K streaming on Windows and macOS.

May 2

Peacock is revamping its terrible TV interface, shares a first look at the new design [Gallery]

NBC’s Peacock is the home of hits such as “The Office” and “Parks & Rec,” but the streaming service has long felt like a chore to use due to its unintuitive app layout. Today, Peacock is sharing a first look at its TV interface redesign, among other announcements.

Telegram ‘Premium’ subscription adds exclusive reactions and stickers, but the cost is unclear

The popular messaging app Telegram is working on a Premium subscription that adds new exclusive reactions and stickers, but is only available on iOS for the time being.

April 28

After adding support for the M1 through Rosetta last year, Nvidia has just announced that its GeForce Now cloud gaming service is picking up native support for M1 Macs through its latest app update.

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April 18

TCL adds AirPlay 2 and Homekit to its refreshed Google TV lineup

Last year TCL launched itself into the Google TV experience with a batch of pretty solid 4K TVs. Earlier this month, the brand refreshed that lineup in Europe, and one detail that flew under the radar until now is that the entire lineup is equipped with support for Apple’s AirPlay 2 and Homekit.

April 14

Subaru adopts wireless Android Auto and CarPlay, starting with 2023 Outback

Wireless Android Auto has been around for a few years, but it’s been slow to adoption from carmakers. This week, Subaru announced it will adopt both wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in its 2023 Outback.

April 11

[Update: False alarm] YouTube for iOS rolling out picture-in-picture support in a ‘matter of days’

This weekend, YouTube removed the long-running experiment that allowed iPhone and iPad users to keep watching videos in picture-in-picture mode. Now, YouTube has confirmed that its iOS app is in the process of rolling out picture-in-picture support to everyone on iOS 15 and up.

April 7

Spotify Car Thing update adds the ability to control other media apps, answer phone calls

While Spotify’s Car Thing device isn’t exactly pointless, it certainly has a narrow use case as we detailed in our recent review. Now, Spotify Car Thing is picking up its first major update with the ability to answer phone calls, control other apps, and more.

February 23

Verizon’s Visible unexpectedly terminated accounts that apparently ‘violated’ terms of recent promotion

Cellular plans in the US are far from cheap, but there are some good deals out there. Verizon’s Visible has become a favorite by offering one of the best networks in the US, unlimited data, and affordable prices. However, following a recent promotion, some Visible account holders have unexpectedly lost their accounts.

February 22

Spotify ‘Car Thing’ now available in the US for $90, no invite needed; new features also coming

Spotify has been working on its own car hardware for a while, with “Car Thing” having gone on sale last year for a limited number of interested users. Starting today, though, Spotify Car Thing is available to everyone in the US, just in time for a major update to the product.

February 10

YouTube TV bringing picture-in-picture to its iOS app, wider surround sound support coming too

Google’s YouTube TV service, despite its high price, is one of the best ways to keep live channels without traditional cable. Now, in an interview, a YouTube TV exec has confirmed that picture-in-picture support is coming to iOS and surround sound will see expanded support too.

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