Spotify Stories October 5

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There have been multiple reports of Spotify Free ads launching malware on all platforms – including in Safari on Macs. This is not the first time the issue has occurred, the company apologising after a previous incident back in 2011 …

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Spotify Stories September 28

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According to a new report from the Financial Times, Spotify is in “advanced talks” to acquire SoundCloud, the popular user-focused streaming music service. Details of the acquisition talks are unclear at this point, the report comes the same day as Apple Music was ranked #1 for customer satisfaction by J.D. Power in its first streaming music study.

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Spotify Stories August 5

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Spotify may still comfortably be the market leader in streaming music, with 30M paid subscribers against only half that for second-placed Apple Music, but it’s had a full decade to reach that number – against just over a year for Apple’s service. Playlists are a key battleground in the competition between the two, and Spotify’s latest weapon is Release Radar.

Release Radar, launching today, is a personalized For You-style playlist updated weekly. Unlike Discover Weekly, a playlist focused on discovering new music, Release Radar focuses primarily on the artists you already know and love …

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Spotify Stories July 1

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If Apple versus FBI was the big story to start the year, then it looks like Apple versus Spotify will be the hot battle of the summer. Yesterday a letter surfaced in which Spotify accused Apple of being anticompetitive with its App Store policies and holding back a Spotify update in order to benefit Apple Music. This letter is likely what prompted Senator Elizabeth Warren’s negative remarks about Apple earlier this week.

Now Apple is pushing back and without mincing words. Apple’s top lawyer Bruce Sewell has issued a three-page response to Spotify (via Buzzfeed) in which he accuses Spotify of “resorting to rumors and half-truths about our service.”

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Spotify Stories June 30

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Spotify has become very vocal in recent weeks about Apple’s business practices for its App Store. Apple recently revamped its subscription policy for iOS developers, offering a 85/15 split if developers keep customers for more than a year, but Spotify is still not happy with proceedings.

In a letter to Washington seen by Recode, the company now says Apple is being anti-competitive by rejecting its latest update to the Spotify app in order to encourage sales of its own $9.99 Apple Music subscriptions. Spotify is making a lot of noise to suggest Apple is using illicit business practices to elevate the success of Apple Music, by crippling Spotify and other third-party services.

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Spotify Stories June 20

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MacBook OLED screen keyboard concept

Spotify has reached a streaming music milestone with its user base officially reaching 100 million users, 25 million more than last reported. But the numbers are very different when you only look at paying customers…

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