Spotify Stories July 18

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Spotify today has been hit with a pair of lawsuits that accuse the streaming service of “staggering” copyright infringement. Spotify is no stranger to issues with royalty payouts and licensing problems, and while the company has taken steps to improve in those areas, these lawsuits claim it still has a long way to go…

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Spotify Stories July 12

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Spotify has succeeded in negotiating a reduced royalty rate to Sony Music Entertainment, and is hoping to do the same with Warner.

The service is not, however, getting the deal without offering something in return …

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Spotify Stories June 9

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After objecting to free trial on Apple Music, Taylor Swift allows her music on Spotify’s free tier

Taylor Swift, who took a high profile stance against Apple Music’s initial decision not to pay artists during the free trial period, is now allowing her music on Spotify’s free tier.


Spotify Stories May 18

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Spotify this week has acquired a music artificial intelligence startup called Niland as it looks to improve its music recommendation backend. Spotify announced the acquisition on its website, saying that AI can be instrumental in improving music search and recommendations.

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Spotify Stories May 10

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The European Union is planning a new law to address what it describes as ‘unfair contractual clauses’ following a complaint by Spotify, Deezer and others.

While Apple was not specifically named in the complaint, Spotify considers it unfair that Apple takes a 15% cut of in-app subscription purchases, arguing that this makes it less competitive against Apple Music

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Spotify Stories May 5

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Spotify is launching a new feature called “Spotify Codes” that will generate a unique, QR-like code for anything on Spotify, which the company hopes will be used for sharing and discovery of new music. (via TechCrunch).

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