Spotify Stories September 18

AAPL: 158.67


Waze and Spotify one-tap integration now rolling out on iOS

Earlier this year, Waze brought Spotify integration to its Android app. Starting today, the popular map service is bringing its Spotify integration to iOS as well.

Spotify Stories September 14

AAPL: 158.20


Spotify releases iMessage app to easily share music with friends

Spotify has just released an iMessage application to make it easier for users to share music with friends in iOS.

Spotify Stories September 11

AAPL: 161.50


Spotify’s web player no longer works on Safari on the Mac due to apparent security concern

Spotify’s web player no longer supports Safari. Attempting to use the web player leads to the above message, prompting Mac users to use the desktop app instead …

Spotify Stories September 8

AAPL: 158.63


When Apple decided to end its annual Apple Music Festival in favor of a series of smaller events, rival streaming music service Spotify apparently saw an opportunity to pick up the slack.

The company will be hosting its first ever live music event, also in London, though a far more limited one …

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Spotify Stories September 7

AAPL: 161.26


Spotify and Hulu now offer an incredible $5 bundle for students

This morning, Spotify and Hulu announced that the two services will now be bundled together for students for $4.99 per month. Considering the streaming music already offers an education-focused plan for the same price, this essentially delivers Hulu for free.

Spotify Stories August 31

AAPL: 164.00


Spotify ousts head of video & podcasts as early original content efforts fail

Spotify’s foray into creating original video content hasn’t garnered as much attention as the company would have liked, despite launching a multitude of shows. Now, Bloomberg reports that the streaming service has ousted its head of original video and podcasting operations…

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