Spotify Stories November 21

Sonos has officially launched support for controlling Spotify music playback using Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant with the wireless speaker system. The partnership between the three companies brings voice control to the largest music streaming service on hi-fi wireless speakers ahead of Apple’s delayed HomePod smart speaker launch.

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Spotify Stories November 17

It’s been two weeks since the iPhone X hit the market and many popular apps are still awaiting updates to take advantage of the taller 5.8-inch display. Spotify is the latest major app to update for the iPhone X.

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

Spotify Stories October 26

Spotify restarts video efforts again as it cancels existing and planned content

Spotify is reportedly again rebooting its video efforts as the service will cancel both existing original video content as well some planned content it hadn’t yet released.

Spotify Stories October 19

Following up on its last major release, SoundShare is back with another significant update. SoundShare 3.0 brings an all-new look to the app while introducing a creative new collaborative feature called Party Mode.

SoundShare’s claim to fame is its ability to bridge the gap between multiple music services. In doing so, users can easily share music with friends on other streaming platforms without having to jump through hoops. If a friend of yours has Spotify, and you rely on Apple Music, SoundShare will help find that song on your platform and play it for you. No more manually hunting through any of the platform’s catalogs.

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Spotify Stories September 18

Waze and Spotify one-tap integration now rolling out on iOS

Earlier this year, Waze brought Spotify integration to its Android app. Starting today, the popular map service is bringing its Spotify integration to iOS as well.

Spotify Stories September 14

Spotify releases iMessage app to easily share music with friends

Spotify has just released an iMessage application to make it easier for users to share music with friends in iOS.

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