Spotify is a music streaming service that debuted in late 2008. It’s the most popular music streaming service in the world with over 200 million users (as of January 2019).

The free version allows users to stream songs for free with ads (mobile version only allows for shuffling). Paid users can have full access to the entire library for listening. Pricing is $9.99 per month for individual users and $14.99 per month for families (up to six people). There are additional plans for students that include bundled with Hulu. Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, macOS, and the web.

In early 2019, it purchased Gimlet Media and Anchor as a transition to becoming an “audio company” vs a music-only company.

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Spotify Stories October 16

An enquiry has been opened in the UK into whether streaming music services like Spotify and Apple Music pay artists a fair royalty.

Apple Music pays more than both Spotify and YouTube on a per-stream basis, but artists say that the amount they receive from all streaming services is just a small percentage of a tiny sum …

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Spotify Stories October 14

Spotify has rolled out an update to its iOS app today with support for home screen widgets. This comes after Spotify beta tested iOS 14 home screen widgets with a handful of beta users last week. Read on for instructions on how to find the new Spotify widgets.

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Spotify Stories October 9

Since iOS 14 was released in September with the all-new home screen widgets that have proved hugely popular, Spotify hasn’t officially released an update to support the new feature. However, now iOS 14 widgets have been spotted in the Spotify beta.

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Spotify Stories October 5

Spotify catches up with Apple Music with new lyric song search feature

Spotify has rolled out a useful new feature today for iOS and Android that allows users to search for songs by its lyrics, something that Apple Music users have enjoyed for a couple of years.

Spotify Stories September 29

Spotify redesigns its collaborative playlists, here’s how they work

Spotify has been releasing some nice updates to make it easier to stay connected with friends and family through music and podcasts like with its live Group Sessions feature. Now the latest update to the music service makes it super simple to set up, manage, and use collaborative playlists.

Spotify Stories September 24

A number of big developers who object to Apple’s App Store policies have jointly formed the Coalition for App Fairness, a non-profit intended to coordinate efforts to do battle with Apple. Founding members include Epic Games, Spotify and Tile, each of which is involved in high-profile disputes with the iPhone maker.

It will add to the antitrust pressure faced by Apple as the coalition accuses the Cupertino company of ‘taxing consumers’ and ‘crushing innovation’ …

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