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September 2011 - April 2018

Instagram is a social media service owned by Facebook for sharing photos and videos. Instagram launched in 2010 exclusively as an iOS app and didn’t come to Android and the web until 2012.

Facebook acquired Instagram in April of 2012 for $1 billion. Facebook also offered to buy Instagram’s closest competitor Snapchat back in 2013 for $3 billion.

In June of 2017 Instagram shared that it reached 250M daily users, surpassing its rival Snapchat by almost 100M. It also has over 700M total users.

Instagram has been criticized for taking popular features from Snapchat such as face filters, stories, and stickers. The company also has plans moving forward to introduce more business focused features.

Instagram Stories April 11

Facebook-owned Instagram will allow users to download their data locally, just in case you want to delete your account, or perhaps save a copy to your photo library. expand full story

Instagram Stories April 10

Instagram has today launched its latest feature, ‘Focus’, the portrait mode feature that we reported on last month. While this is almost identical to what Apple offers with its stock iOS camera app, it will be more of a challenge to social media rival Snapchat. And the good news is that Instagram is bringing this portrait mode feature to the iPhone 6s and later.

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Instagram Stories April 3

Third-party Instagram apps break as company limits API data in apparent privacy move

Third-party apps which rely on pulling data from Instagram are falling over as the company has started imposing limits on how much information is shared …

Instagram Stories April 2

Despite dramatic improvements to Apple Watch speed, some high profile apps have been actively pulled from watchOS over the last several months. Instagram is the latest major app to disappear from Apple Watch as part of today’s iPhone app update…

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Instagram Stories March 22

Instagram today announced that it will be making several updates to its feed algorithm to help improve the experience for its users.

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Instagram Stories March 21

Instagram update brings hashtags and profile links to bios, may copy Snapchat QR codes

Instagram has today released an update that brings two new features to the social media platform: the ability to add hashtags and profile links to a user’s bio.

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