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September 2011 - January 2019

Instagram is a social media service owned by Facebook for sharing photos and videos. Instagram launched in 2010 exclusively as an iOS app and didn’t come to Android and the web until 2012.

Facebook acquired Instagram in April of 2012 for $1 billion. Facebook also offered to buy Instagram’s closest competitor Snapchat back in 2013 for $3 billion.

In June of 2017 Instagram shared that it reached 250M daily users, surpassing its rival Snapchat by almost 100M. It also has over 700M total users.

Instagram has been criticized for taking popular features from Snapchat such as face filters, stories, and stickers. The company also has plans moving forward to introduce more business focused features.

Instagram Stories January 14

After originally rolling out support for the iPhone XS Max and XR displays back in October, Instagram broke the optimized resolutions with an update last month. Now, an update today has solved the issue, but also requires Instagram users to be running iOS 10. In related news, YouTube has released an update that now takes full advantage of the new iPad Pro displays.

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Instagram Stories January 9

Instagram is rolling out a new feature today, which will allow users who manage multiple accounts to post the same content to all feeds more directly. Previously, users were required to either manually repost the content on the desired accounts or utilize a third-party repost app.

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Instagram Stories December 31, 2018

Despite Facebook’s shenanigans, Instagram has seemingly sparked in popularity this year.

Even as users #DeleteFacebook and boycott Twitter, Instagram has built a reputation for being a peaceful social network void of fights over democracy and privacy embarrassment. People are even willing to ignore the fact that Facebook owns and runs Instagram! Snapchat’s unpopular redesign may also be a factor.

There’s something about the constraints of the photo and video sharing service that just feels healthier for users. Instagram is also an eight-year-old iPhone app — it launched the same year as the iPad. As 2019 rolls in, the iPhone-only constraint is one that Instagram should remove and finally make an iPad app.

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Instagram Stories December 29, 2018

How to create and share your own Instagram Top 9 year in review

As 2018 comes to a close, year in review features across various social media platforms are becoming incredibly popular. We’ve already told you how to generate your Apple Music year in review, so read on for how to generate your Instagram top 9 year in review.

Instagram Stories December 27, 2018

Instagram is beginning to widely roll out a major user interface overhaul which fundamentally alters the main feed design from standard vertical scrolling to a new horizontal, ‘Stories’-like design. The update comes after we reported on Instagram’s internal testing of the new design in October, first tried exclusively on the Explore page.

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Instagram Stories December 20, 2018

Recently, Instagram released an update to their iOS app, version 75, which broke support for the screen size of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. This caused the UI and pictures to look scaled on the new devices. In a previous post about the update, we mentioned that the company might have accidentally broke support for the new devices which originally arrived in October.

We’ve now been able to confirm that this change was intentional, but here’s why it’s not Instagram’s fault…

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