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September 2011 - August 2018

Instagram is a social media service owned by Facebook for sharing photos and videos. Instagram launched in 2010 exclusively as an iOS app and didn’t come to Android and the web until 2012.

Facebook acquired Instagram in April of 2012 for $1 billion. Facebook also offered to buy Instagram’s closest competitor Snapchat back in 2013 for $3 billion.

In June of 2017 Instagram shared that it reached 250M daily users, surpassing its rival Snapchat by almost 100M. It also has over 700M total users.

Instagram has been criticized for taking popular features from Snapchat such as face filters, stories, and stickers. The company also has plans moving forward to introduce more business focused features.

Instagram Stories August 14

Instagram brings poll sticker to private messages, allows users to create custom questions

After about a year of the feature being available for Stories, Instagram has today rolled out its handy poll sticker to Direct messages.

Hundreds of Instagram users are reporting that their accounts have been hacked, locking out their owners, with a number of the incidents pointing to a possible Russian link …

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Instagram Stories August 1

Facebook has announced Screen Time style tools to help people monitor and control their usage of both the main Facebook app and Instagram

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Instagram Stories July 19

Instagram has today rolled out a new feature to let users see when their friends are on the platform and available to chat.

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Instagram Stories July 18

Twitter puts verification reform on hold; Instagram testing silent block feature

Twitter is pausing its efforts to reform the blue check-mark verification process. The company says that it is currently directing all its efforts to addressing the fake news problem in the run-up to the US mid-term elections …

Instagram Stories July 17

While two-factor authentication has become a necessity, Instagram currently only offers the added security layer in the form of SMS two-factor – which has its own share of concerns. According to TechCrunch, however, Instagram is planning to rollout non-SMS two-factor authentication…

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