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June 2013 - August 2022

Snapchat is a social media service primarily based on sharing ephemeral photo and video content. The Venice, California company’s app is extremely popular with millennials, who make up its primary demographic.

Unlike most social photo sharing services, where users are encouraged to build a library of content, Snapchat primarily focuses on content that disappears after set time limits. Users can send snaps directly to friends, or add them to a 24-hour Snapchat Story that all followers can access.

Snapchat is particularly known for its lens feature, which allows users to to add real-time effects to their selfies by means of facial detection. The app is also well-known for its image markup features, such as adding Geostickers — stickers that appear based on the current city of the user — and text to photos and videos.

Criticized for its lack of user-discovery features, some first-time users may find Snapchat difficult to understand, because there are no search or suggestion apparatuses for finding new users to follow.

Recently, the Facebook-owned Instagram added a new Instagram Stories feature to its photo sharing app, which strikingly resembles Snapchat. This is particularly notable when you consider that Facebook, at one time, attempted to purchase Snapchat for 3 billion in cash.

Snapchat Stories August 15

Snapchat announced an impressive one million subscribers to its Snapchat+ service after six weeks when it was officially unveiled. While Twitter Blue hasn’t reached 500 thousand subscribers and already wants to charge more for the service, Snapchat+ will add four new features for its customers.

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Snapchat Stories July 26

Reality TV celebrities Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have lashed out at the Instagram video pivot, saying that the app should remain focused on photos. They call on Instagram to “stop trying to be TikTok.”

Instagram head Adam Mosseri responded with – what else? – a video in which he effectively shrugged, and said the transition is happening whether or not the company encourages it …

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Snapchat Stories July 18

Once a mobile-exclusive app, Snap has announced the launch of browser-based version of its messaging service. After 11 years, Snapchat can now be used on your desktop instead of just your iPhone. Snapchat for Web is just for Snapchat+ subscribers right now, but will gradually be available to all users.

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Snapchat Stories June 29

Snapchat Plus paid subscription is official, costs $3.99/month

Plans for a Snapchat Plus paid subscription were uncovered by a developer earlier this month, pushing the company to confirm that the option was in testing. Snap has today announced that the subscription is official, and launching this week …

Snapchat Stories June 16

More and more apps are changing their business model to subscriptions in an attempt to have a recurring source of profit. This time, it seems that Snapchat will be the next platform to introduce a paid subscription called “Snapchat Plus” that offers exclusive features to users.

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Snapchat Stories May 27

Snapchat this week introduced a new feature called “Shared Stories.” The feature is an evolution of “Custom Stories,” which already let users create a story and then invite friends to collaborate on following posts. However, with Shared Stories, even more people will be able to collaborate on that story.

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Snapchat Stories May 20

Parent company Snap has been slower to offer Snapchat parental controls than other social media apps, but it will be offering parents and guardians limited chat-monitoring capabilities.

Limited because teens will have to approve the monitoring, and because parents won’t be able to see the actual content of messages …

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Snapchat Stories May 19

Illegal drug deals are proliferating over social media with coded emoji and digital cash apps

Police report seeing increasing evidence of drug deals via apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok – and say that this is one of the factors behind soaring drug fatalities though fentanyl-tainted pills.

Emoji are used as code for different drugs, deals struck in private messages, and apps like Venmo and Cash App used for payment …

Snapchat Stories April 28

Snapchat’s Director Mode for iOS brings new camera and editing tools for creators

Lights, camera, action! Snapchat has announced a new feature today to help content creators grow their audience. Director Mode offers a new set of camera and editing tools within the app to make videos look better than ever.

Snapchat Stories April 27

We learned last month that Apple was tricked into releasing personal data to hackers, after they posed as law enforcement officials with emergency data requests. A follow-up report reveals that some of this data was used to sexually extort minors.

The latest report also sheds light on how the hackers were able to fool Apple and other tech giants, including Facebook, Google, Snap, Twitter, and Discord …

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Snapchat Stories April 13

How to delete Snapchat on iPhone

Whether you’re ready to fully ghost the platform or deactivate your account for a bit, follow along for how to delete Snapchat on iPhone.

Snapchat Stories April 12

Snapchat partnering with news publishers to power new Dynamic Stories features

Reported by Axios, Snapchat is releasing a new feature that lets news publishers upload their content in real time. Beginning today, more than 40 news publishers globally will use this new feature called Dynamic Stories to publish to Snapchat using RSS feeds. 

Snapchat Stories April 11

Here’s how to turn on Snapchat dark mode for iPhone

Whether you want it to switch with the iOS system’s light or dark mode automatically or keep a dark theme permanently, follow along for how to turn on Snapchat dark mode on iPhone.

Snapchat Stories April 7

Snapchat is teaching users American Sign Language through AR

Snapchat is introducing a new ASL alphabet learning lens called “Sign With Snap.” The lens will teach you how to “fingerspell your name, practice the ASL Alphabet, and play games that put new skills to the test”. 

Snapchat Stories March 31

Snapchat on Thursday announced a new feature for iOS and Android users that lets you share videos directly from the YouTube app instead of having to manually copy and paste the link. As a result, users will get a custom YouTube sticker with a video thumbnail instead of a simple URL.

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Snapchat Stories March 23

Snapchat buys neurotech startup for Spectacles ambitions ahead of Apple Headset debut

Snapchat is working on its next step toward advancing its line of augmented reality glasses. Today it announced it has bought neurotech startup NextMind. NextMind, based in Paris, is the creator of a headset that lets the user control the device with their thoughts. 

Snapchat Stories March 16

Snapchat ups its AR game with new ‘Custom Landmarkers’ feature

Coming today to Snapchat is a feature, “Custom Landmarkers,” that lets users build augmented reality experiences. In an effort to advance its AR platform, the social media giant is continuously working to enhance the Snapchat experience. Through the Lens Studio, Snapchatters can create landmarks for things like statues and storefronts in their communities. 

Snapchat Stories February 18

Snapchat is continuing its busy week of announcing new features, this time with its eyes on Apple’s Find My network. Snap has announced a new real-time location sharing feature, which it says is designed to be used as a “buddy system” of sorts. This is an expansion of Snapchat’s incredibly popular Snap Map feature that launched back in 2017.

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Snapchat Stories February 17

Tired of your old Snapchat username? Well, one of the platform’s most highly requested features is almost here.

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Snapchat Stories February 14

Creators who are verified on Snapchat are now able to make money on the platform through ads within stories. This change will mean that Snapchat for iOS users will now see mid-roll ads when tapping through Stories for the first time.

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Snapchat Stories February 3

Apple’s new privacy policies have certainly had an impact on the advertising revenue of multiple companies like Meta. However, it’s not just the Facebook owner that has had its business hurt. Snap Inc. (which owns Snapchat) was also affected by the changes made to iOS, but now the company says that it is recovering from the impact.

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Snapchat Stories January 18

Snapchat on Tuesday announced that new parental controls are coming soon to the social network. According to the company, there will be options to limit friend suggestions for teen users so that adult strangers won’t find these accounts easily.

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Snapchat Stories January 12

To start 2022 with the right foot, Snapchat posted in its newsroom a major update arriving on its iPhone app in the coming days that will make chatting with friends more fun and expressive.

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Snapchat Stories December 14, 2021

Following a brief announcement earlier this year, Snap (the company behind the popular social network Snapchat) on Tuesday launched a new app called “Story Studio” – which is basically a standalone video editor for iPhone users.

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