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June 2013 - March 2020

Snapchat is a social media service primarily based on sharing ephemeral photo and video content. The Venice, California company’s app is extremely popular with millennials, who make up its primary demographic.

Unlike most social photo sharing services, where users are encouraged to build a library of content, Snapchat primarily focuses on content that disappears after set time limits. Users can send snaps directly to friends, or add them to a 24-hour Snapchat Story that all followers can access.

Snapchat is particularly known for its lens feature, which allows users to to add real-time effects to their selfies by means of facial detection. The app is also well-known for its image markup features, such as adding Geostickers — stickers that appear based on the current city of the user — and text to photos and videos.

Criticized for its lack of user-discovery features, some first-time users may find Snapchat difficult to understand, because there are no search or suggestion apparatuses for finding new users to follow.

Recently, the Facebook-owned Instagram added a new Instagram Stories feature to its photo sharing app, which strikingly resembles Snapchat. This is particularly notable when you consider that Facebook, at one time, attempted to purchase Snapchat for 3 billion in cash.

Snapchat Stories March 31

Snapchat releases App Stories tool to bring the feature to third-party apps

Snapchat announced last year that it would begin letting third-party apps build in support for its Stories feature. Now that functionality, called “App Stories” is live as part of the Snap Kit suite of developer tools.

Snapchat Stories February 11

Snapchat is today launching a new set of mental health and wellness tools, including a search tool called Here For You.

The aim would be to ensure that searches for terms which suggest someone is struggling with their mental health would lead to accurate and constructive content…

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Snapchat Stories January 3

Snapchat dropped over $160M on deepfake maker AI Factory for recent video feature

You’re not officially in 2020 until you’ve been acquainted with deepfakes, those misleading videos that replace one subject with another using artificial neural networks.

While some have already used this technology to deceive the masses, Snapchat recently spent over $160 million on its own deepfake technology for hopefully less deceptive purposes.

Snapchat Stories December 9, 2019

Snapchat launching deepfake ‘Cameo’ feature this month for editing your face into GIFs

Snapchat is taking its filters and face tracking features to the next level later this month. TechCrunch reports that Snapchat will launch a new “Cameos” feature on December 18, allowing users to replace the faces in videos with their own.

Snapchat Stories October 14, 2019

Snapchat on iOS adds integration with Reddit for easy cross-platform sharing

Reddit is teaming up with Snapchat to make it easier to share content between platforms. Starting today, when you tap the share sheet in the Reddit app on iOS, you’ll see a new option to share directly to Snapchat.

Snapchat Stories October 1, 2019

Version of popular Subway Surfers game coming to Snapchat from today

Subway Surfers was highlighted by Apple as one of the most popular free iOS games last year, and Snap has announced that a multiplayer version is coming to Snapchat from today…

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