Google Stories February 28

Facebook, Google, and Twitter falling further behind on addressing fake news – European Commission

With just three months before both national and European Parliament elections, three large tech companies are falling further behind in their promises to tackle the threat posed by fake news …

Google Stories January 31

Update #2: Google’s access to enterprise certificates has been restored.

Update: Apple says it is working with Google to “reinstate their enterprise certificates very quickly.”

Following its decision to block Facebook from using enterprise certificates yesterday, Apple today has taken similar action against Google. This comes after Google, like Facebook, was found to be using Apple’s enterprise certificates to distribute its data collection app Screenwise.

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Google Stories January 30

Hot on the heels of Apple blocking Facebook from being able to use its internal iOS apps, Google has also been accused of a similar act, sidestepping the App Store to have users download a certificate to collect user data.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Google Stories January 28

GDPR regulations give European citizens a legal right to see all the personal data held on them, among other rights. But a tech writer requesting data from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google found that the data isn’t as easy to understand as it should be …

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Google Stories January 21

Japan considering applying ‘secrecy of communications’ rules on tech giants like Apple and Google

A Japanese communications panel said on Monday that the country should consider legal action to begin imposing domestic-level rules on tech giants not based in Japan, such as Apple, Facebook ,and Google.

Google Stories December 17, 2018

France is set to impose a sweeping new law starting January 1 which is set to raise as much as 500 million euros in 2019 alone.

The tax, dubbed GAFA for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, is targeted towards high-profit internet tech giants who generally pay a lower effective tax rate than other corporations, reports AFP News.

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