Google Stories August 22

French President Emmanuel Macron has defended France’s decision to impose a 3% tax on the local revenues of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

The tax was nicknamed a GAFA tax after the initial letters of the main companies targeted…

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Google Stories August 21

Apple, Google, Mozilla all act to block state surveillance of web users

Apple, Google, and Mozilla are all taking action to block state surveillance of web users through their respective browsers…

Google Stories July 26

The US Justice Department’s antitrust investigation into tech giants may not be the only one faced by Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. A new report says that eight US states are considering separate antitrust actions of their own.

The states are said to have met with the attorney general yesterday…

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Google Stories July 25

There has been disagreement among analysts and experts as to how worried Apple and Google ought to be about the tech giant antitrust probe being carried out by the Justice Department.

We’ve so far seen everything from warnings to avoid investing in the stocks through to the view that nothing much is likely to change. Now investment bank Macquarie has put some numbers on one possible outcome …

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Google Stories July 15

Microsoft has found Office 365 banned from use in at least some German schools due to privacy concerns over the way its cloud service works.

Privacy regulators have also ruled out the use of either Google Docs or Apple’s iWork suite for the same reason …

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Google Stories June 11

Brandz is out with its annual analysis of the world’s most valuable brands, and there is good news and bad news for Apple.

On the upside, Apple has overtaken Google; on the downside, both have been beaten to the top slot by Amazon

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