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Google starts ‘Get The Message’ campaign to pressure Apple into RCS on the iPhone

For the past year, Google has been increasingly calling out Apple for not adopting RCS (Rich Communication Services) on the iPhone. Meant to replace SMS/MMS, it has a number of technical advancements that would improve the messaging experience between Android and iOS users. Google is now launching a “Get The Message” pressure campaign in hopes that Apple will change its mind on RCS.

Google Stories June 30

The Coalition for App Fairness (CAF) claims that the majority of Americans want to see App Store competition, alongside other antitrust legislation.

CAF commissioned two polls which show strong support for antitrust bills, one of which would mean opening up Apple and Google app stores to third-party competitors and/or sideloading …

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Google Stories June 29

An FCC commissioner has called on both Apple and Google to delete TikTok from their respective app stores, giving the companies until July 8 to respond. It is not clear what measures the Federal Communications Commission might take if the companies do not comply.

The lengthy four-page letter says that TikTok is not a video-sharing app, but a “sophisticated surveillance tool” for the Chinese government …

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Google Stories May 30

The prospect of a world without passwords can’t come soon enough for me, but a problem has been raised with the FIDO standard designed to eliminate the need for them. Namely, that abandoning passwords could make it harder to switch between ecosystems.

If you have your passkeys setup for Apple devices, there is nothing in the standard allowing you to transfer them to an Android device, or vice versa …

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Google Stories May 27

Google is rolling out an update to Chrome OS this week that comes with a very nifty new feature. As reported by our colleagues over at 9to5Google, Chrome OS 102 includes a new “USB-C cable alert” feature, and it’s a feature that Apple should absolutely replicate across the board for its products…

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Google Stories May 26

Some state privacy laws use wording written by tech companies and their lobbyists, says a new report today. A formerly Apple-backed lobbying group has previously been cited as pushing for weaker privacy protection based on this wording.

Tech giants are aiming to push through weak privacy legislation in order to fend off more meaningful requirements, with one state senator admitting that the text of a privacy bill he put forward was supplied by a tech lobbyist …

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Google Stories May 23

Apple’s Google search payment – the billions of dollars Google pays to be the default search engine on Apple devices – is likely safe for years to come, say analysts. The controversial payment is thought to contribute as much as 3% of Apple’s pretax profit, but is potentially under threat from antitrust action.

Neither company has ever disclosed the sum, which Apple lumps into its Services category without splitting it out, but one of the more recent estimates suggested that it would amount to between $18B and $20B this year …

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Google Stories May 18

The Alliance of Digital India Foundation (ADIF) details monopolistic practices from Apple and Google app stores in a new study. The report, Towards Regulating App Stores, from ADIF and The Quantum Hub, mentions global regulatory actions targeting both tech giants control over the mobile app ecosystem.

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Google Stories May 17

Ad tech companies share your online behavior and location with advertisers an average of 747 times a day in the US, and 376 times a day in Europe, according to a report by a civil liberties group. It describes the practice as the biggest privacy breach in the world.

The report says Google is the biggest offender, using a process called real-time bidding (RTB) to let advertisers target internet users by browsing behavior and locations …

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Google Stories May 12

For years now, Google hasn’t seemed particularly interested in the tablet market, but yesterday the company announced that it’s working on what might be the company’s first real iPad alternative – a new Pixel tablet due for launch sometime next year.

Apple getting some serious iPad competition could be just the thing we need to finally spur the company into taking iPadOS more seriously, and having the software catch up with the hardware …

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Google Stories May 11

Google on Wednesday held the opening event of Google I/O, the company’s annual conference for developers. During the event, Google announced multiple new features and technologies that will be available not only for Android users but also for iOS and macOS users. This includes immersive maps, multisearch, enhanced video calling, personalized ads, and much more.

Read on for a roundup of what Google announced today at I/O.

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During Google I/O 2022, Apple was indirectly referenced in a not-so-subtle jab over its lack of RCS support for iPhone users. RCS, or Rich Communication Services, is the modern upgrade to SMS texting that Apple leapfrogged with iMessage over a decade ago.

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Google Stories May 3

The UK antitrust body that last year decided that Apple and Google have too much power is itself set to be denied the legal powers it expected to be given.

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) expected to be granted what is known as statutory powers, but it’s today being reported that the government has shelved this plan …

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Google Stories April 27

We learned last month that Apple was tricked into releasing personal data to hackers, after they posed as law enforcement officials with emergency data requests. A follow-up report reveals that some of this data was used to sexually extort minors.

The latest report also sheds light on how the hackers were able to fool Apple and other tech giants, including Facebook, Google, Snap, Twitter, and Discord …

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Google Stories April 26

A new Japanese antitrust report into the smartphone market has raised the possibility of new legislation intended to reduce the dominance of Apple and Google. It calls for multiple app stores for each platform.

Additionally, it suggests that the preinstallation of Apple and Google’s own web browsers on smartphones means that competitor apps are disadvantaged …

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Google Stories April 13

Here’s Google’s new ‘Switch to Android’ app for iPhones [Update: All Android 12 phones]

Google is preparing to launch a brand new way to move from Apple’s iPhones to an Android device. Here’s your first look at Google’s “Switch to Android” app running on an iPhone.

Update: Google’s Switch to Android app now supports all Android 12 devices, not just Pixels.

Google Stories February 16

Google has announced plans for blocking cross-app tracking on Android phones, following Apple’s lead on iPhones, claims a new report today.

However, there are a number of problems with the report, suggesting it may be a case of ‘The headline giveth, and the small print taketh away’ …

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Google Stories February 3

South Korea has stated that it is still not satisfied with Apple’s App Store plans to comply with a new antitrust law requiring developers to be able to choose third-party payment platforms.

The regulator has also expressed concern at Google’s plans, which include just a 4% reduction in the company’s app store commission if a developer uses a different payment processor …

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Google Stories January 8

Google exec gives harshest rebuke yet of iMessage lock-in effect in push for RCS on iOS

Hiroshi Lockheimer oversees all of Google’s operating systems as Senior Vice President of Platforms and Ecosystems. In recent years, he has been very critical of Apple not supporting the RCS standard to make iOS messaging more interoperable with Android, and the latest salvo on iMessage is the harshest yet.

Google Stories January 6

Apple’s ecosystem is perhaps the most valuable asset the company possesses, after its brand, so eyebrows were raised when Google yesterday announced plans to replicate many of the key elements of that ecosystem.

While some Apple fans were outraged at what they saw as blatant copying of Apple features, my view is that this is good news for Android and iPhone users alike …

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Google Stories January 5

It’s an open secret that Google pays Apple a multibillion-dollar sum each year to be the default search engine on Apple devices. In other words, the search engine that is used when you simply type your search term into the combined address/search bar.

Neither company discloses the amount, leading to various estimates over the years. But a new class action lawsuit may reveal the actual sums …

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Google Stories December 22, 2021

Fewer Americans trust Apple than Google and Amazon, claims WP poll

A new poll today claims that fewer Americans trust Apple than Google and Amazon. The results show that 44% of respondents trust Apple, against 48% for Google and 53% for Amazon.

Google Stories November 26, 2021

Apple has been fined €10M ($11.3M) in Italy for what competition authorities say is the misuse of customer data. Google has been fined the same amount for the same thing.

It follows a $225M fine in the same country earlier this week for price fixing between Apple and Amazon …

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Google Stories November 10, 2021

The UK’s Supreme Court has thrown out a Google Safari workaround class action lawsuit in which iPhone owners could have received as much as £500 ($675) each.

The case alleged that Google breached the privacy of iPhone owners by secretly installing web cookies even after users had blocked them in Safari’s settings …

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