LinkedIn Stories July 10

LinkedIn was recently caught reading users’ clipboards on iPhone and iPad thanks to the new privacy features of iOS 14, as we reported last week. Even though the company claimed it was due to a software bug, there’s now an iPhone user who’s suing LinkedIn for supposedly reading sensitive content from the clipboard without permission.

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LinkedIn Stories July 3

iOS 14 exposes LinkedIn app reading users’ clipboards in background, company says it’s a bug

We recently covered that TikTok was caught reading users’ clipboards on iPhone and iPad thanks to the new privacy features of iOS 14. This week, iOS 14 users also noticed that the LinkedIn app is copying and pasting from the clipboard in the background for no apparent reason, which raised some concerns.

LinkedIn Stories February 27

LinkedIn wants to go business casual with Snapchat-style stories

LinkedIn is looking to get in on the social media fun with the stories feature made popular by Snapchat years ago and then picked up by Instagram, Facebook, and more. LinkedIn shared that it’s been trying out the feature internally and that it will offer up a preview of its take on stories to some users soon.

LinkedIn Stories July 8, 2019

How to delete your LinkedIn account

Looking to cut back on your social media use? Follow along for how to delete your LinkedIn account from iPhone, iPad, and the web.

LinkedIn Stories February 11, 2019

LinkedIn has a new way for professionals to connect with ‘Live’ video broadcasts for conference and announcements

LinkedIn is today rolling out a new live video feature which lets people and organizations alike to have real-time live video to other users or organizations within LinkedIn, or the entire LinkedIn network itself.

LinkedIn Stories July 26, 2018

LinkedIn adds support for sending voice messages – a feature nobody was asking for

LinkedIn today announced a new feature for its Messaging platform that seemingly nobody asked for. In a blog post, the company revealed that you can now record and send voice messages up to one-minute long via LinkedIn Messaging…

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