The LinkedIn profile of the typical student may look a little empty at this stage in their career, but the company believes its network can still be useful. It’s today launching an iPhone app to help students identify companies and job titles that might be suitable for them, as well as pointing to live job postings that may be of interest.


VentureBeat got at early look at the app, noting that students start by entering their school, major and graduation date. The app suggests roles that are both directly related to the major and tangential ones that are performed by others with the same major. It also identifies alumni within each company so that students have some potential contacts to begin the networking process.

LinkedIn features firms that are actively recruiting at your school and that it thinks may be a great fit. When digging deeper, you’ll see alumni that currently work there, company information, what specific jobs they’re hiring for, and more.

With the suggested alumni cards, the idea is to give students an opportunity to begin establishing a network of peers in their space. These cards show alumni who you might be inspired by and who have the same major. Ideally, those listed graduated from college between 2 to 5 years ago, but if LinkedIn can’t find anyone who fits that criteria, it’ll pull in more seasoned alumni.

The main interface is a card-like layout where you swipe Tinder-style to dismiss or examine the various options offered. You can star favorites, and the app uses this info to learn your preferences for roles, companies and job titles. The iOS app is due to go live on iTunes this morning.

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