Facebook Messenger Stories June 10

Facebook Messenger for iOS gets QR Codes and Payments Links, Quick Reply Bar, new themes, more

Facebook Messenger today announced three new features launching in its iOS app: QR Codes and Payment Links, new Quick Reply Bar, and more themes such as Olivia Rodrigo, Pride, F9, and more.

Facebook Messenger Stories January 4

Apple’s new app privacy labels went live in the App Store last month, giving users the chance to see what data is collected by each. We then explained how to view them.

All apps are required to show what data is used to track you, and what data is linked to your identity. Looking at that more comprehensive category reveals some stark differences between four popular messaging apps…

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Facebook Messenger Stories December 10, 2020

Instagram, Messenger and Facebook outages and glitches in some countries

A significant number of people in are reporting some mix of Instagram, Messenger and Facebook outages this morning. Many of them are in European countries, but issues are being reported in other countries too, including Australia and the Philippines …

Facebook Messenger Stories November 12, 2020

Snapchat features continue to roll into the messaging apps on Facebook and Instagram. The latest is dubbed “Vanish Mode” and as the name suggests, offers users the ability to send texts, photos, emoji, voice messages, and more that disappear after being seen. It’s starting to roll out first to Facebook Messenger and also coming to Instagram chats.

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Facebook Messenger Stories September 30, 2020

Facebook Messenger and Instagram chats are now officially merged, as the company implements the next phase in its planned unified messaging service for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

We first learned about the company’s plans at the beginning of last year …

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Facebook Messenger Stories September 25, 2020

With iOS 14, Apple has opened up its mobile platform more than ever before with the ability to set third-party apps as defaults for mail and browser. Riding on that change, Facebook is criticizing Apple for not opening up messaging on iOS to do the same. All told, Facebook is trying to pressure Apple to make messaging on iOS the same as it is on Android.

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