Facebook Messenger Stories October 23

Facebook rolling out new Messenger 4 app update with simplified navigation, dark mode, customizable chat bubbles, more

Facebook has announced today in a blog post that the much-anticipated Messenger 4 update for mobile is rolling out today. The revamp focuses on simplifying the messaging experience by removing some of the clutter users have complained about in the past.

Facebook Messenger Stories August 17

Facebook has arguably always been in a grey area with its business model. On one hand, it’s super popular and nearly everyone you know likely has an account, but on the other hand, it’s been caught using shady practices regarding user data and privacy.

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Facebook Messenger Stories July 18

Facebook today is rolling out its latest feature to try to bridge the gap between its services and Instagram. As reported by TechCrunch, Facebook is now allowing users to sync their Instagram contact directly to Messenger, for better or for worse…

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Facebook Messenger Stories June 19

Facebook is rolling out a controversial change to its popular Messenger application. As reported by Quartz, Facebook is beginning to test autoplaying video ads in Messenger, a move that isn’t likely to be well-received by users…

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Facebook Messenger Stories April 3

Facebook Messenger now lets you send 360-degree photos and (kind of) HD video

Facebook Messenger now lets you share 360-degree photos with your contacts. You upload them like any other photo, and the recipient can look around them simply by turning their mobile device from within the app …

Facebook Messenger Stories January 18

Annoying bug in Facebook Messenger hitting some iOS users, company investigating [U]

Update: A silent update to the app now appears to have resolved the problem.

Some users of the iOS version of the Facebook Messenger app are experiencing an annoying bug that only allows them to type a few words at a time …

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