Facebook Messenger Stories August 23

A couple of years after Apple unveiled its first Macs with custom chips, Facebook Messenger has finally been updated to support these machines. With that, those who rely on Messenger to communicate with family, friends, and loved ones will have a better experience when running the app.

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Facebook Messenger Stories August 11

Facebook Messenger announced it’s testing end-to-end encrypted backups, while also bringing more updates on end-to-end encrypted messages and calls. Here’s what’s changing with the app.

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Facebook Messenger Stories June 2

Facebook Messenger adds Call tab to boost voice and video calls with friends and family

After a handful of new features being announced in these past weeks, Facebook Messenger is adding another important function for its users. Now, the app will have a proprietary Call tab to boost voice and video calls with friends and family.

Facebook Messenger Stories March 29

Meta introduces Slack-like shortcuts to Messenger

Today, Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has introduced the beginning of a series of shortcuts to its Messenger platform. Its new command system brings more fun and efficiency to your messages. 

Facebook Messenger Stories March 25

Messaging interoperability – in which it would be possible to send a message to someone without knowing or caring which chat service they use – finally made it into the European Union’s Digital Markets Act.

It was one of the most controversial elements of the upcoming legislation, with some arguing that it would be a technological nightmare to implement, and others that it would benefit both startups and consumers …

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Facebook Messenger Stories February 9

Facebook Messenger rolls out Split Payments, Vanish Mode, and more

Alongside new features rolling out to Instagram today, Facebook Messenger is also making available some new functions for its app users.

Facebook Messenger Stories January 27

Meta announces that Facebook Messenger end-to-end encrypted chats and calls have even more features. Available for the past eight years, users had to choose between E2EE and having all functions available on a chat, but not anymore.

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Facebook Messenger Stories December 10, 2021

Earlier this week we saw an AWS outage bring down Disney+, Amazon’s Alexa, League of Legends, and more. Now we’re seeing trouble for Snapchat, Messenger from Meta, Instagram, AWS, and more.

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Facebook Messenger Stories December 3, 2021

Meta (formerly Facebook) on Friday announced a small but important update for Messenger users. Starting next week, Messenger will let users split their bills with friends and family, which can be quite useful in places like restaurants.

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Facebook Messenger Stories October 21, 2021

Facebook Messenger for iOS gets new AR experiences for video calls

Facebook announces today that Group Effects, which bring new AR experiences, are available on Messenger video calls and Messenger Room, and it will be coming soon to Instagram as well.

Facebook Messenger Stories August 23, 2021

Facebook announced on Monday that it will bring audio and video calls back to its main app after splitting the social network’s communication features into two separate apps. The change is considered “just a test” and can already be seen by a small group of users.

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Facebook Messenger Stories June 10, 2021

Facebook Messenger for iOS gets QR Codes and Payments Links, Quick Reply Bar, new themes, more

Facebook Messenger today announced three new features launching in its iOS app: QR Codes and Payment Links, new Quick Reply Bar, and more themes such as Olivia Rodrigo, Pride, F9, and more.

Facebook Messenger Stories January 4, 2021

Apple’s new app privacy labels went live in the App Store last month, giving users the chance to see what data is collected by each. We then explained how to view them.

All apps are required to show what data is used to track you, and what data is linked to your identity. Looking at that more comprehensive category reveals some stark differences between four popular messaging apps…

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Facebook Messenger Stories December 10, 2020

Instagram, Messenger and Facebook outages and glitches in some countries

A significant number of people in are reporting some mix of Instagram, Messenger and Facebook outages this morning. Many of them are in European countries, but issues are being reported in other countries too, including Australia and the Philippines …

Facebook Messenger Stories November 12, 2020

Snapchat features continue to roll into the messaging apps on Facebook and Instagram. The latest is dubbed “Vanish Mode” and as the name suggests, offers users the ability to send texts, photos, emoji, voice messages, and more that disappear after being seen. It’s starting to roll out first to Facebook Messenger and also coming to Instagram chats.

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Facebook Messenger Stories September 30, 2020

Facebook Messenger and Instagram chats are now officially merged, as the company implements the next phase in its planned unified messaging service for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

We first learned about the company’s plans at the beginning of last year …

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Facebook Messenger Stories September 25, 2020

With iOS 14, Apple has opened up its mobile platform more than ever before with the ability to set third-party apps as defaults for mail and browser. Riding on that change, Facebook is criticizing Apple for not opening up messaging on iOS to do the same. All told, Facebook is trying to pressure Apple to make messaging on iOS the same as it is on Android.

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Facebook Messenger Stories July 22, 2020

Facebook Messenger adds another chat feature that iOS needs for Messages

Facebook Messenger has been updated today with a handy new privacy feature that allows iPhone and iPad users to lock the app with Face ID and Touch ID.

Facebook Messenger Stories July 16, 2020

Facebook launched its Messenger Rooms as a FaceTime and Zoom competitor back in April and expanded support for up to 50 people in May. Now, Messenger video calls offer iOS screen sharing support. Here’s how it works.

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Facebook Messenger Stories June 12, 2020

Facebook Messenger users will soon be able to lock their messages on iOS. The company is implementing the option to require Face ID and Touch authentication in order to access the user’s inbox with a future update.

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Facebook Messenger Stories April 24, 2020

Facebook is out today with a new product to connect multiple people via video chat and compete with popular offerings like Zoom, Group FaceTime, Skype, Houseparty, and more.

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Facebook Messenger Stories March 2, 2020

We learned over the weekend that Facebook was ready to roll out its rebuilt Messenger app for iOS with a new design focused on simplicity. Now Facebook has officially launched the new iOS Messenger and says that it’s 2x faster and the app size is 1/4 of the previous version.

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Facebook Messenger Stories February 29, 2020

According to a new report from TechCrunch, Facebook is planning an extensive redesign to its Messenger application on iOS. The goal is to simplify the experience of the app, with a focus on stories and friends, which comes at the cost of certain other features.

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Facebook Messenger Stories April 30, 2019

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and other leaders at the company took the stage at the F8 developer conference today to talk about where the platform is headed. We also got a look at the major new Facebook design headed for iOS and desktop that brings a brand new UI and logo, as well as a glimpse at new features and changes for Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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