WhatsApp Stories August 10

It’s more than a year since we first heard that an official WhatsApp iPad app was in the works – along with a Mac one also – but it has so far come to nothing. A new report today may explain this.

We explained last time the rather messy situation with Mac and iPad apps …

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WhatsApp Stories July 9

You’ll soon be able to scan a QR code to contact a business on WhatsApp

If you need support for a product you’ve bought, getting in touch with the company on WhatsApp could soon be as simple as using your iPhone camera to scan a QR code on the receipt …

WhatsApp Stories July 6

Both WhatsApp and Telegram have announced that they will not – for now, at least – hand over user data to Hong Kong authorities even when sent official demands to do so. The move follows China introducing a new ‘national security’ law which bans criticism of the Chinese government.

Hong Kong residents who have been critical of China fear that their social media posts and messages might now be used as a basis for arrest and imprisonment …

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WhatsApp Stories July 1

WhatsApp has officially announced the latest features coming to the platform today including animated stickers, dark mode for Mac and the web, QR codes to quickly share contact info, video improvements, and more.

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WhatsApp Stories June 15

WhatsApp cash transfer and payment feature begins global rollout, Brazil first

WhatsApp cash payments and transfers are coming to Brazil from today, and the company says the feature will be rolled out to “everyone” over time…

WhatsApp Stories May 22

WhatsApp testing easier way to add contacts, by sharing a personal QR code

WhatsApp is testing an easier way to add a contact, or share your own contact details with someone else: using a personal QR code …

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