WhatsApp Stories June 30

WhatsApp for iOS adds new features for group administrators

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature for administrators in groups. Similar to a feature offered by Telegram, this gives administrators the ability to be the only users in a group capable of sending messages…

WhatsApp Stories May 21

Call for Facebook to be broken up as EU says it will livestream Zuckerberg’s testimony

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress was the video stream that launched a thousand memes – and now meme creators will get another opportunity. The European Parliament has announced that its meeting with Zuckerberg tomorrow will also be livestreamed …

WhatsApp Stories May 7

WhatsApp gains special integration with Facebook & Instagram videos, new group admin features

WhatsApp for iOS has been updated with new features that help bridge the gap between it and other Facebook-owned applications. The new version also includes new features for group chats…

WhatsApp Stories April 24

Facebook’s WhatsApp updates privacy policy, details upcoming data download tool ahead of GDPR

WhatsApp has today shared its updated privacy policy and terms of service. Additionally, the messaging service has made a FAQ sheet available for its upcoming data download tool, detailing how it will work.

WhatsApp Stories April 16

Pioneering work allows drug dealer to be convicted from WhatsApp photo of ecstasy tablets in his palm

Police investigations are often aided by the fact that most criminals are dumb, but one drug dealer who helpfully posted a partial photo of his fingerprint in a WhatsApp message still set a challenge for police …

WhatsApp Stories March 14

WhatsApp agrees not to share data with Facebook (for now), will not be fined

Facebook ran into trouble following its acquisition of WhatsApp back in 2014. It appeared to backtrack on an earlier promise not to share data between the two services, and was later warned that it may be breaking the law in the UK and elsewhere …

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