WhatsApp Stories March 5

A new report from The Wall Street Journal today says that India’s movement has “threatened to jail employees” of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. This comes as the rift between India officials and social media companies continues to grow.

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WhatsApp Stories March 4

Audio and video calls have been available on WhatsApp for a few years now, but they only work on the iPhone and Android apps. Starting today, users will also be able to answer and make calls through WhatsApp Desktop on a Mac or Windows PC.

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WhatsApp Stories February 22

Looser privacy terms for WhatsApp, which led some users to seek alternative chat apps, will be enforced from May 15, says the company. Anyone who has not agreed to the new terms by that date will no longer be able to read or send messages, and face the prospect of their account being deleted altogether.

Separately, the invitation-only audio chat app Clubhouse has suffered a security breach that has seen audio feeds made available on a third-party website…

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WhatsApp Stories January 29

Signal loses serious image, adopts stickers and wallpaper for mass market take-up

Signal has always had a serious image, being the secure chat app of choice for governments, journalists, and activists – and being recommend by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. But that’s all changing as consumers switch away from WhatsApp, replacing it with either Signal or Telegram …

WhatsApp Stories January 28

WhatsApp Mac app now requires use of Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone

If you want to add your account to the WhatsApp Mac app, you’ll now need to use either Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone in order to activate it. The new requirement applies to any iPhone with either of the biometric login features …

WhatsApp Stories January 26

The announcement of a change to the WhatsApp privacy policy saw many users looking for the most private messaging app to use instead. Signal and Telegram were the prime candidates in cross-platform apps, with the former having the strongest privacy protections, as no personal data is linked to users.

Apple was subsequently sued by a former US ambassador for allowing Telegram on the App Store after it was used by hate groups to threaten violence, and now existing and former Signal employees have expressed concern that the not-for-profit messaging app is failing to address the same issue …

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