WhatsApp Stories September 30

US-UK treaty means Facebook will share encrypted messages with UK police

A new US-UK treaty due to be signed next month will compel Facebook to share encrypted messages with UK police…

WhatsApp Stories August 8

WhatsApp security flaws revealed by security researchers at this year’s Black Hat conference would allow someone to fake messages from you.

Check Point Research says that it found three different ways to exploit the vulnerability, including the ability to put words in your mouth…

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WhatsApp Stories August 7

Report: Instagram Direct to be rebuilt with Facebook’s Messenger tech

We first heard about Facebook merging the chat features between Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger back in January and we’ve seen the start of that work with the latest Facebook app refresh. Now a report from Bloomberg says that Instagram’s chat feature will be rebuilt with Facebook Messenger’s technology.

WhatsApp Stories August 6

A new report today from The Information details a change coming with iOS 13 that will force WhatsApp and others to redesign their messaging apps. The small but notable change has to do with how third-party apps use iOS to make internet voice calls with the PushKit VoIP API and also run in the background which will be restricted come this fall.

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WhatsApp Stories August 5

Users of 16 popular iOS and Android apps claim that they would be willing to pay a monthly subscription for popular apps if there was no longer a free version.

WhatsApp was the one most users would rather pay for than give up, while YouTube was the app for which they’d be willing to pay the highest subscription fee…

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WhatsApp Stories July 26

A leaker with a good track record suggests that an official WhatsApp for iPad app and a true standalone WhatsApp for Mac app are in the works.

It is currently possible to use WhatsApp for Mac, but it’s not ideal. The app can’t be used on its own, requiring a wireless connection to your phone. All messages, incoming and outgoing, are relayed through your iPhone …

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