Security Stories September 20

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The idea of a smart home security monitor has been in the back of my mind since the Mirai malware infected so many devices earlier last year. I already take precautionary steps in creating a secure home network, but I wanted an extra layer of protection to work for me. That’s where Cujo comes in. After a few weeks of testing the “smart firewall,” I got to see just how efficient these systems could be.

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Security Stories September 7

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Ask anybody about the importance of online security and data management, and you’ll probably hear similar advice. Back up your files regularly. Don’t use the same weak password everywhere. Enable two-factor authentication. A digital life necessitates a layer of precautions that can be repetitive and even exhausting to maintain. It’s easy to brush off the warnings we’ve all heard hundreds of times because “that’ll never happen to me.” Until it does.

When I went to sleep last Monday night, I had no idea that I’d open my eyes to dozens of confusing notifications and my Twitter account taken over by a security hacker group. It caught me completely off guard, but it didn’t have to be that way. Hopefully by relaying my story and some hard lessons I learned along the way, I can help you avoid the same situation as you manage the safety and security of your online accounts and data.

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Security Stories August 28

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Security researchers demo point-of-sale system hack to buy a MacBook for $1 [Video]

Security researchers have identified a vulnerability in Point Of Sale (POS) terminals used by a large number of major chains, and hacked it to allow them to buy a MacBook for one dollar …

Security Stories August 11

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While Apple may have given in to demands from the Chinese government to remove VPN apps from its app store there, it does generally take a strong stand on encryption. It uses end-to-end encryption for both iMessage and FaceTime, and resisted pressure from the FBI to create a weakened version of iOS, describing it as too dangerous.

We’ve written a number of pieces explaining why we support Apple’s stance, both before and after the San Bernardino case.

The British government wants to ban end-to-end encryption altogether, arguing that it hampers the work of the security services. Support for Apple’s position – and opposition to that of the British Home Secretary – has now come from an unlikely source …

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Security Stories August 8

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Quite a lot of tech features are designed to protect us from ourselves, and most of the time I’m fully in favor of this. I like it, for example, that my iOS devices ask me if I’m sure I want to delete a photo. I like it that my Macs ask me if I really want to empty the wastebasket. I love that Time Machine performs hourly backups and offers me an easy way to recover an earlier version of documents – and so on.

But there’s one aspect of iOS designed to protect me from myself that I find irritating, and I’d love a way to switch it off. My iOS devices don’t trust me to ensure there’s no-one watching when I type in passwords …

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Security Stories July 25

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[UPDATE: Apple confirmed to us that any systems that are up to date, running El Capitan or later, are protected. We’ve also confirmed from those in the know that the issue has been fixed since around January and only affected older and out of date Macs.]

A security researcher has discovered a piece of Mac malware that allows an attacker to activate the webcam to take photos, take screenshots and capture keystrokes.

Synack researcher Patrick Wardle says that the malware has been infecting Macs for at least five years, and possibly even a decade …

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