Security Stories May 18

PSA: Here’s how to check for – and remove – the Mac malware mshelper

If your Mac seems to be running at high fan rates or you’re seeing reduced battery-life for no apparent reason, you may want to check for some Mac malware that seems to be going around …

Security Stories May 14

Researchers have found flaws in the HTML rendering of Apple Mail on Mac and iOS, as well as Mozilla Thunderbird, that allows attackers to extract decrypted plain text from encrypted mail messages.

Whilst most email is sent unencrypted, many businesses and people rely on S/MIME and PGP encrypted email communications to talk in private. These newly published security holes undermine the security of supposedly private email conversations.

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Security Stories May 10

A group of students from Berkeley have demonstrated how malicious commands to Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa can be hidden in recorded music or innocuous-sounding speech.

Simply playing the tracks over the radio, streaming music track or podcast could allow attackers to take control of a smart home …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

A Mac-specific vulnerability has been discovered in the secure messaging app Signal.

Signal allows you the option of sending ‘disappearing’ messages which are automatically purged from the app after a preset time. This feature is often used for passing on the most sensitive information, to ensure there is no permanent record afterwards. But a security researcher has discovered a serious failing specific to the Mac app …

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Security Stories May 2

Apple and other tech companies swat down new proposals to create secure backdoors in encrypted services

Reform Government Surveillance is a coalition of major tech companies that looks to guide legislation for how the government can surveil individuals and access their information. Apple joined RGS back in 2013 and the coalition has recently issued a statement as talks have begun again about US officials pushing for a mandate to make tech companies build backdoors into their devices and services.

Security Stories April 27

Macs aren’t easy to hack, and most attempts require physical access to the machine. Ex-NSA staffer Patrick Wardle has created a security app designed to warn you if someone tries to interfere with your MacBook, alerting you as soon as the lid is opened …

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