Security Stories Yesterday

A major security breach, reported by TechCrunch, has underlined the sense of Apple’s approach to two-factor authentication (2FA).

A security lapse has exposed a massive database containing tens of millions of text messages, including password reset links, two-factor codes, shipping notifications and more.

The exposed server belongs to Voxox (formerly Telcentris), a San Diego-based communications company. The server wasn’t protected with a password, allowing anyone who knew where to look to peek in and snoop on a near-real-time stream of text messages …

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Security Stories November 13

We haven’t quite yet worked out the pattern or the cause but we have received many reports of users waking up to find that their Apple ID has been locked, and plenty more are complaining on social media. Apple will lock accounts for many different reasons, usually when someone attempts to access an ID by entering their incorrect password too many times.

Access to the account can be restored by answering the security questions and entering a trusted phone number for validation. Users may also have to reset their passwords.

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Security Stories November 12

Last month, a leaked internal service document revealed that Apple’s T2 security chip can prevent some third-party repairs for Mac users. While details were unclear at the time, and it seemed as if the policy wasn’t necessarily in full effect just yet, Apple today confirmed its existence to The Verge.

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Security Stories November 2

PSA: Check your browser extensions as private Facebook messages exposed

Rogue browser extensions appear to be responsible for Russian hackers obtaining private messages from as many as 120 million Facebook accounts …

Security Stories October 30

Alongside its new hardware and software unveiled this afternoon, Apple has published a full security guide for its T2 security chip. The T2 is featured in the new Mac mini and Retina MacBook Air, and Apple is highlighting its many benefits in today’s security document.

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PSA: The CoinTicker Mac app contains malware, probably to steal cryptocurrency

CoinTicker, a Mac app that displays the current price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your menu bar, has been found two contain two separate pieces of malware

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