Security Stories September 13

Simjacker flaw allows attacker to track your location via secret text message

It’s long been speculated that it would be possible to take over a smartphone via a so-called simjacker exploit, which gains remote control of the SIM card. Security researchers have now discovered that governments have been actively using a simjacker attack for at least two years…

Security Stories September 12

Phishing attacks reaching macOS users look set to more than double this year, with emails specifically claiming to be from Apple growing at 30%-40% per year.

In the first half of this year, around 1.6 million phishing attacks attempting to fool people into using their Apple ID credentials to log in to a fake Apple website were detected by a security company…

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Security Stories September 6

Last week, Google’s Project Zero security research team detailed what it described as “one of the largest attacks against iPhone users ever.” Now, Apple has responded to Google’s findings – taking issue with many of the claims.

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Security Stories September 3

Over the last week, we learned more about a chain of malicious website exploits that targeted iPhone users for years. This evening, a new report from Vice dives deeper into the current state of the security industry, and how the number of iOS exploits continues to grow.

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Security Stories September 2

US and Poland urge stronger checks for spyware in foreign-made 5G equipment

The United States and Poland have signed a joint declaration calling for stronger checks on foreign-made 5G equipment to ensure it doesn’t contain spyware…

Security Stories September 1

A few days ago, Google Project Zero security researchers detailed a chain of malicious website exploits targeting iPhone users. Now, TechCrunch reports that the Chinese government used these attacks to target Uyghur Muslims.

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