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PSA: 773M email addresses and 21M passwords exposed by hackers, check yours here

Some 773M email addresses have been exposed by hackers in what is the largest ever breach. Alongside the email addresses are 21M passwords …

Security Stories January 10

T-Mobile and Sprint promise to stop selling user location data to third-parties, for real this time

Update: AT&T now says it will also stop selling user location to aggregation services, according to CNET.

After Motherboard published details about a concerning investigation into how US wireless carriers are selling user location data to third-parties, T-Mobile and Sprint have made some fresh promises. They say they will end the practice of selling users’ data to third-party aggregators that often have little to no oversight.

Security Stories January 8

User location data sold by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint is making its way to bounty hunters, says report

A new report from Motherboard today takes a look into the practices of US wireless carriers selling user location data to third-parties. While it’s often credit card and other financial companies buying the location data for fraud detection and more, Motherboard says some rogue third-parties have access to user location data and it’s landing the hands of bounty hunters and the black market.

Security Stories January 7

We’ve been seeing a lot of scam apps in the App Store lately, which try to trick users into purchasing expensive subscriptions or products, we’ve also seen apps that track and transmit the user’s location without their consent. Today, I want to talk about an app that’s using iOS devices to perform work for other users, without the device owner’s consent.

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Security Stories January 3

A Chinese cyber researcher has told Reuters that he has canceled an upcoming appearance at the prestigious Black Hat Asia hacking conference at the request of his employer. The researcher, Wish Wu, was preparing a presentation entitled “Bypass Strong Face ID: Everyone Can Deceive Depth and IR Camera and Algorithms”.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Security Stories January 2

An upgrade to the USB-C standard allows cryptography to be used to authenticate connected devices. It will ensure that devices are properly certified, but can also be used to enhance security …

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