Security Stories October 20

The notorious GravityRAT spyware, which initially targeted Windows PCs, now also enable attacks against Macs and Android devices.

Remote Access Trojans (RATs) are so-called because they masquerade as legitimate apps (the Trojan part) and then permit the compromised machine to be accessed remotely …

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Security Stories October 13

Update at the bottom: Another team with another cable able to hijack a Mac, among other devices.

The T2 exploit team who found a way to take over the security chip in modern Macs has demonstrated a way to do so without user intervention — using nothing more than a modified USB-C cable.

The ad-hoc team, who call themselves Team t8012 after Apple’s internal name for the chip, believe that nation-states may already be using this approach.

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Security Stories October 8

FBI warns of hotel Wi-Fi security risks during pandemic

Wi-Fi security risks are always something to consider when using any kind of public hotspot, but the FBI has this week issued a specific warning about working from hotels during the coronavirus crisis …

Security Stories October 6

Speculation that the T2 security chip on modern Macs can be hacked has been confirmed by the team behind the research. A combination of two different exploits would give a hacker the ability to modify the behavior of the chip, and even plant malware like a keylogger inside it.

All Macs sold since 2018 contain the T2 chip, and because the attack uses code in the read-only memory section of the chip, there is no way for Apple to patch it …

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Security Stories September 25

Twitter security: physical security keys for staff; election protection measures

Twitter security made the headlines for all the wrong reasons back in July, when a major hack saw many high-profile accounts taken over to post a cryptocurrency scam. Affected accounts included Apple, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama.

The company has now implemented a range of security measures in response, including physical security keys for two-factor authentication of staff with access to accounts …

Security Stories September 23

Face ID is normally a completely seamless way to unlock an iPhone and iPad: just swipe up and it unlocks automatically. At a time when we’re frequently wearing masks, however, it’s rather less seamless.

So we’d like to see Apple allow an unlocked Apple Watch to automatically unlock an iPhone and iPad …

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