zoom Stories August 15

If you’re a Zoom user with a Mac, there’s a critical security fix rolling out now that you should install immediately. The Zoom for Mac update addresses a major security vulnerability that could have allowed anyone to gain root access to your computer.

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zoom Stories May 19

As companies move past work-from-home policies and try hybrid workspaces, Zoom is highlighting some apps with updates and features to improve collaboration and creativity in meetings.

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zoom Stories March 22

Zoom takes on Apple’s Memoji with new virtual avatar feature for video calls

Don’t want to show your face on yet another Zoom call? No worries! Zoom has introduced its new avatar feature today, so you can liven up your next meeting or webinar. As part of its Zoom 5.10 update, you can be a dog, rabbit, fox, cat, or cow, among other animals. 

zoom Stories February 11

Popular video conferencing platform Zoom this week released an important update to its macOS app following user reports about the microphone not being disabled after ending a conference. Luckily, according to the company, this was just a bug that has now been fixed.

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zoom Stories December 28, 2021

Zoom acquires broadcast tools to enhance virtual and hybrid event coverage

During the pandemic, multiple in-person events had to be canceled and rethought for virtual platforms. Even now there are still many virtual and hybrid events being held, and since this is a trend that is here to stay, the popular video conferencing platform Zoom has acquired broadcast tools to enhance the coverage of these hybrid events.

zoom Stories November 2, 2021

Zoom launches ‘pilot program’ to test showing ads to free users

Anything that seems too good to be true usually comes to an end. This time, Zoom, the video client that has helped people around the world get their jobs done throughout the pandemic, has announced a pilot program to start showing ads to free users.

zoom Stories September 29, 2021

‘Read’ is a free Zoom tool that hopes to warn you when your meeting is boring

Do you ever wonder how your Zoom meeting is going? Former Foursquare CEO created a startup that tells you exactly that. “Read” launched today as a free tool for Zoom users.

zoom Stories August 11, 2021

Zoom announced this week some updates to its popular video conferencing platform. The app is rolling out a new “Focus” mode today that is designed primarily to keep students from getting distracted during online classes.

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zoom Stories August 3, 2021

Popular video conferencing platform Zoom will have to pay $85 million to its users as part of class-action lawsuit settlement. The company was accused of lying about offering end-to-end encryption on its services, as well as providing user data to Facebook and Google without permission.

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zoom Stories July 21, 2021

Zoom introduces third-party apps for meetings and new Events feature

Zoom is introducing today two new features: Zoom Apps and Zoom Events. The first combines users’ favorite apps with the video call software, and the second helps to create virtual events.

zoom Stories July 7, 2021

Evernote creator Phil Libin has a new company called “Mmhmm” that’s a souped-up video communications service. It works alongside companies like Zoom, and he wants to transform it into a standalone product in the near future.

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zoom Stories June 29, 2021

Zoom investing in real-time translation following acquisition of AI company

Zoom on Tuesday announced the acquisition of Kites (or Karlsruhe Information Technology Solutions), a company focused on artificial intelligence software to transcribe and translate conversations. Following the acquisition, Zoom wants to bring real-time translation to its platform.

zoom Stories June 23, 2021

Zoom updated its iOS and Mac apps with version 5.7.0. With this release, the cloud meeting app now brings support for gender pronouns, scheduling privilege, alternative host between linked master/sub-accounts, and more.

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zoom Stories May 26, 2021

Just after the new iPad Pro started arriving to customers last week, Zoom is ready to take advantage of the updated hardware. The popular video call platform has launched support for the handy new Center Stage feature that follows users as they move, a new Gallery view for all iPads, new developer support resources, and more.

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zoom Stories May 8, 2021

App developer Jeremy Provost discovered that Apple has given Zoom access to a private iPad camera API. With that, the meeting app is the only one, except by Apple’s FaceTime, being able to use the camera during iPad Split View multitasking.

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zoom Stories April 26, 2021

Zoom launches Immersive View feature to create fun meetings

Six months after announcing Immersive View, Zoom is finally launching the feature, which introduces a “more engaging and collaborative way to meet.”

zoom Stories March 4, 2021

US high-speed broadband definition is wildly outdated, say senators

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is being called on to update the official US high-speed broadband definition to reflect today’s needs …

zoom Stories December 21, 2020

Update: Zoom for Apple Silicon is now available. Look for the M1 Mac mention on the Zoom download page right here.

Zoom has published the release notes for an update it says is scheduled to be released to users tomorrow, December 21. The highlight for Mac users is that the update will bring support for Apple Silicon Macs, including native performance on the M1 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini.

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zoom Stories October 26, 2020

Zoom begins rolling out end-to-end encryption, but you’ll have to give up certain features to use it

Zoom has officially started rolling out support for end-to-end encryption, roughly five months after its initial announcement of the feature. In a press release, Zoom says the feature is available as a technical preview to both free and paying users.

zoom Stories July 17, 2020

Skype iOS app finally gets background blur feature, 17 months after Mac

The Skype iOS app is finally getting the background blur feature that first landed on desktop versions of the app way back in February of last year …

During Q2 of this year, Zoom completely shattered the previous App Store record for downloads, previously set by TikTok, according to analytics data. While TikTok notched up 67 million US downloads in Q1, reports Sensor Tower, Zoom hit almost 94 million US downloads in Q2.

Demand for the videoconferencing app was of course driven by the coronavirus crisis, which saw record numbers of people working from home. Worldwide, across Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store, Zoom became only the third app to reach 300M downloads in a quarter, joining TikTok and Pokémon GO.

Sensor Tower says Zoom wasn’t the only app to benefit …

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zoom Stories June 17, 2020

Video conferencing service Zoom has been quite the roller coaster ride over the last several months marked by serious flaws, misleading encryption claims, and massive user growth. Now after previously planning to keep end-to-end encryption as just a feature for paying customers, the company has reversed course and says free users will see it arrive in a beta coming in July alongside paid accounts.

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zoom Stories June 3, 2020

Zoom revenue forecast doubled; offers unconvincing explanation on encryption

Zoom‘s revenue forecast has almost doubled as consumers and business users alike continue to rely on the videoconference platform during coronavirus lockdowns. However, the share price actually dropped as there was some bad news in the mix…

zoom Stories May 30, 2020

Zoom has announced that it will “strengthen encryption of video calls” to help boost security for users. As reported by Reuters, the company plans to roll out this stronger encryption only to users who pay for Zoom, not those who use the free tier of the service.

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