Slack Stories June 16

Slack is rolling out a notable new feature to make it easier to courteously communicate with your coworkers. As first noted by the Verge, Slack is now officially rolling out a new Scheduled Send feature that allows you to send a message at a scheduled time.

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Slack Stories March 24

Slack Connect DMs were unveiled last fall and now the company is rolling out support for the new feature. It means you can message partners, clients, etc. outside of your organization or anyone that’s on Slack. Going further, Slack also teased more advanced communication features coming later this year to create private business networks that will link multiple organizations.

Update: Discovered by Menotti Minutillo, it looks like Slack may need to update how Connect DMs work to prevent the feature from being abused. For now, there doesn’t appear to be a way to block incoming invites and the included custom messages. Check out the tweet from Menotti below for full details.

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Slack Stories January 4

As the first work week of 2021 has kicked off today, Slack is seeing what looks like a widespread outage that’s preventing users from sending messages, loading channels, or in some cases connecting at all.

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Slack Stories October 7, 2020

Slack is out today with a number of updates to the service but the bigger news is that the company is testing a new Asynchronous video feature that could be a valuable addition. The feature is like a mix of Snapchat or Instagram-style stories with Marco Polo. There’s also a new “always-available audio” feature in the works.

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Slack Stories September 11, 2020

How to personalize Slack with a custom font

Want to switch things up in Slack with a personalized font or maybe just have some fun experimenting with different options? Follow along for how to change Slack fonts with a simple command.

Slack Stories May 11, 2020

Back in March Slack pushed out a big update for its desktop experience and now Slack for iOS is getting its own major update that offers an all-new UI. The redesign brings a bottom bar navigation with tabs for easy access to some of the most used parts of the app, the new shortcuts button, and more. Follow along for a closer look at all the changes…

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