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Amazon looking to expand its brick-and-mortar presence with potential Landmark Theaters acquisition

As MoviePass is digging its own grave, the e-commerce company Amazon may be looking at ways to acquire the movie theater chain Landmark Theaters, which would push the company into the brick-and-mortar cinema industry.

iPhone: How to enable True North in Compass

The Compass app is arguably one of the most underrated built-in apps on the iPhone. There aren’t many options to begin with, however the one option it does have can be very helpful for those who prefer it. That option is True North.

August 15

Watch this breathtaking GIF of Apple Park’s 3-story lunchroom door opening

This afternoon, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter regarding updates to the lunchroom at the company’s spaceship headquarters.

Mac: How to restore ‘Save As…’ functionality

In more recent revisions of macOS, Apple has swapped the old Save As functionality for Duplicate. So, instead of allowing you to re-name and re-locate your very important Pages document, it instead creates the same version with ‘copy’ tacked on to the end, in the same exact location as the original one.

August 14

Well known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who now works for TF International Securities, believes that Apple’s future growth will depend on the release of Apple Car and AR glasses, in addition to the company’s consistently growing services business.

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Apple working with Ron Moore to produce original Sci-Fi series featuring Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, & Sarah Jones

Another week, another report regarding Apple’s latest original content efforts. Ron Moore, most famously known for his work on Star Trek, is reportedly working with Apple on a new Sci-Fi series.

In an effort to get ahead with 5G, Verizon is looking to include YouTube TV or Apple TV as part of a launch promotion in its initial four markets.

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iPhone: How to enable or disable read receipts for iMessage

Read receipts are great, however, sometimes it isn’t appropriate to have them enabled, for example when you have a business. Good thing Apple gives you the option to keep them on or off. And with iOS 11, you can toggle read receipts on a per-contact basis.

Follow along to learn how…

August 13

Select 12-inch MacBook models sold out at Best Buy, could hint at fall refresh

Unlike previous years, Apple did not update the 12-inch MacBook this spring. Typically, the company does a spec bump to the line every March or April.

How to customize Voice Feedback for Siri

Siri is very useful at doing a handful of tasks. However, in certain scenarios it’s best to have Siri not give voice feedback, especially since using voice assistants in public is still considered weird.

Luckily, Apple adds an option for this in most of its platforms. Follow along to learn how to disable or customize voice feedback for Siri.

August 10

Obscura 1.2 update brings advanced photography app to iPad

Today, the popular alternative camera client Obscura is rolling out an update with a handful of new features including iPad support.

iPhone & iPad: How to customize keyboard shortcuts

One of the most underrated features on iOS has always been keyboard shortcuts, or like Apple likes to call them, text replacements. This allows users to easily expand something such as an email address or phone number by typing out “@@”, or “##” for example. Text replacements can also be useful as a shortcut to certain emojis, as well.

August 9

Apple orders straight-to-series comedy featuring Charlie Day & Rob McElhenney

Apple continues its efforts to expand its catalog of original content today. While everything is still behind the scenes, and nothing has been officially announced yet, the company has been on a roll, working hard to add more to its catalog seemingly every week…

RapidWeaver 8 web design app coming next week with lots of user-requested features

RapidWeaver, the well-known web design software for Mac, is getting a massive update rolling out August 14. Jumping from 7, RapidWeaver 8 brings a few notable changes to the table that’ll improve how web developers build their websites.

iPhone & iPad: How to change language and region

iOS lets users change their language and region, in case you decide to move away to a different country, or if you’d like to simply change the date format.

August 8

Mac: How to check battery status of Magic accessories

Apple’s Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, and Mouse are great additions to anyone’s Mac desk setup. With the new generation of Magic accessories, Apple opted for rechargeable batteries that charge via a Lightning cable. With this, users are able to track the current battery life status of their accessories.

August 7

Sad day for those of us who use and love CloudMagic’s Newton mail client. The client, which is currently available on iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android, announced today that it will be killing the app soon.

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Apple’s original content efforts have been ramping up for quite some time, with more and more news breaking that the company is adding more to its catalog every week.

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HomePod: How to turn off listening history

HomePod is a fantastic speaker for playing music, whether it be via Apple Music or AirPlay through a third-party service such as Spotify. However, there’s a fairly big issue with using HomePod with Apple Music, which is that HomePod doesn’t have voice profiles.

August 6

Apple is expanding its Windows Migration Assistant in macOS 10.14 Mojave with a handful of new features that will make switching from Windows to macOS a much more seamless experience.

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