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January 18

Apple releases new ‘made with iPad Pro’ videos

In a series of new videos posted this evening, Apple is focusing creativity and productivity on the new iPad Pro.

Facebook trying to win back the youth with upcoming ’LOL’ app focused on funny videos and GIFs

While today’s Facebook news is focused on the much-anticipated Messenger app redesign, the company has apparently been silently working on a new product aimed at a younger crowd.

Updated Facebook Messenger app with redesign rolling out to most users

Announced back in May during its F8 developer conference, Facebook is today rolling out its Messenger redesign for all users.

January 17

Dolby quietly testing upcoming mobile augmented audio production ‘234’ app

Popular audio technology brand Dolby, most known for products such as Dolby Atmos and Dolby Cinema, has been secretly building a mobile augmented audio production app.

Apple green-lights 10-episode sci-fi series with Simon Kinberg and David Weil

At this point, it seems like Apple is adding more content for its upcoming video streaming service every other day. While the company has yet to announce its official plans, Apple’s deals with various movie studios, celebrities, and TV show concepts have been leaking for quite some time.

How to enable persistent notifications on iPhone and iPad

By default, notifications on iOS pop down from the top of the screen for a few seconds and disappear. However, there’s an option to change this so that notifications will stay at the top of your screen until you act on it. Follow along to learn how to enable persistent notifications on your iOS devices…

January 16

How to play vinyl with AirPlay or Bluetooth to HomePod, headphones, and more

In the age of digital media, users may sometimes forget what it was like with physical media formats, specifically with audio. Through the years we’ve had CD, cassette, digital, and vinyl. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to play vinyl through something like your Bluetooth headphones, modern speakers, or even HomePod?

We’ve scoured the web and have done extensive testing just for our readers. Here are the best ways to play vinyl through a digital audio source.

‘Parenthood’ producer Jason Katims leaving Universal TV to produce for Apple’s video service

With Apple rumored to launch its video streaming service later this year, the company is continuing to work on bringing in more talent. Now it has hired veteran producer, Jason Katims.

January 15

How to use your iPad as a secondary Mac display

Apple frames the iPad Pro as a real computer that can do real computer tasks. In reality, however, this is only the case for a small number of users. On the other hand, if you enjoy using an iPad and want to use it as a secondary display with your Mac, there are a few options.

TweetDeck for Mac updated with support for Dark Mode, rebuilt to help ‘fix many crashes’

While the official Twitter app for Mac is gone, the company is still actively developing its TweetDeck client for the platform and the Mac app is getting an update today with a handful of new features and bug fixes. Headlining the release is support for macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode, meaning the app will now match the rest of the operating system when in Dark Mode.

U.S. Court of Appeals denies Apple’s $440 million appeal against VirnetX in ongoing court battle

A U.S. appeals court has today ruled against Apple’s $440 million appeal in its ongoing court battle with patent troll company VirnetX.

January 14

NBC launching new ad-supported video streaming service in 2020 with live TV and ‘1,500 hours’ of TV shows

Streaming video has become a booming industry, with giants such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon, and others. Now, another service from NBC may be joining the streaming video business.

In an effort to make the Twitter app more appealing, the company will begin rolling out a beta program to a select group of users in the coming weeks that will be testing new and upcoming features for the platform.

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How to quickly pair your AirPods with your Mac

AirPods were great with iPhones and iPads. The syncing between them are great, and the overall experience feels like a native experience. On the Mac, it’s a slightly different story, as it’s much harder to pair AirPods on a Mac. Follow along to learn how to quickly pair your AirPods with your Mac.

January 11

Lightroom CC for iPad updated with support for Siri Shortcuts

Adobe Lightroom CC for iPad is getting an update today that brings a few much-anticipated features to the app.

There’s still a little less than 9 months left until the usual September Apple event, where Apple is set to announce its latest rounds of iPhones. However, that doesn’t stop various leaks and renders from being shared online.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

There have been multiple reports citing that Apple’s iPhone won’t be getting a 5G modem until the 2020 models. However, a new report from Reuters says that this year’s iPhone 11 may include it…

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January 10

VLC, the popular open source video and audio client, may be surpassing 3 billion downloads soon. VLC also looks to be supporting AirPlay on Android in a future update.  expand full story

How to disable Siri when iPhone is locked

Ever have a friend or family member take your phone and start playing pranks by asking Siri to send a message? By default, this works whether or not you’ve actually unlocked your iPhone. Follow along to learn how to disable Siri when iPhone is locked.

January 9

U.S. carriers are racing to get 5G up and running, and with the transition from 4G LTE, there’s a ton of controversy regarding the upcoming new wireless standards. Most of the controversy is coming from AT&T, which recently pushed an update to select Android phones to replace the 4G LTE logo with a 5G E logo instead.

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