Machine learning Stories August 6, 2020

Apple’s artificial intelligence (AI) chief says that Apple is using machine learning in almost every aspect of how we interact with our devices, but there is much more to come.

John Giannandrea says he moved from Google to Apple because the potential of machine learning (ML) to impact people’s lives is so much greater at the Cupertino company …

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Machine learning Stories March 13, 2019

Apple recently acquired the startup Laserlike, according to a new report from The Information. The company was founded by former Google engineers and makes it easier for users to follow news in various topics.

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Machine learning Stories December 20, 2018

Apple has promoted recent hire John Giannandrea to its executive team with a new role: senior vice president of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Giannandrea joined Apple earlier this year after leaving his role of search and AI chief at Google.

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Machine learning Stories December 3, 2018

Apple details how the HomePod uses machine learning to ignore noisy surroundings for Siri requests

In the latest post on its machine learning blog, the Apple audio software engineering team explains the challenges of speech detection for smart speakers, and how it uses machine learning models running on the HomePod’s A8 chip to help improve far-field accuracy.

Machine learning Stories November 29, 2018

Apple set to attend major machine learning conference, highlights over 100 open ML jobs

Apple has today shared that it will be attending the 32nd Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS). Apple will have members of its ML team at a booth and notes it has many open positions as it works to build “a team of exceptional researchers and engineers.”

Machine learning Stories August 9, 2018

In Apple’s latest Machine Learning Journal entry, the Siri Speech Recognition Team shares an overview of the work behind improving Siri’s understanding of names for regional points-of-interest by incorporating the user’s location.

Based in part on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Apple has been able to tune Siri to better understand users based on where they are and what POIs they’re more likely to ask about.

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