Machine learning Stories August 9

In Apple’s latest Machine Learning Journal entry, the Siri Speech Recognition Team shares an overview of the work behind improving Siri’s understanding of names for regional points-of-interest by incorporating the user’s location.

Based in part on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Apple has been able to tune Siri to better understand users based on where they are and what POIs they’re more likely to ask about.

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Machine learning Stories July 10

As Apple hired away Google’s chief of search and AI this past spring, Tim Cook noted that he would be heading up the company’s AI and machine learning strategy. Now, we’re learning more about how some teams are being restructured in a way that could bring future improvements to Siri and more.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Machine learning Stories December 8, 2017

Apple this week has shared the framework for Turi Create on GitHub. This framework, Apple says, should make it easier for developers to build machine learning models.

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Machine learning Stories December 6, 2017

Apple’s latest machine learning journal entry describes how it discovers popular emoji and more

Apple has shared its latest white paper via its machine learning journal. Today’s entry is “Learning with Privacy at Scale” and covers specific algorithms Apple is using with differential privacy to improve product features with some specific use cases like discovering popular emoji.

Machine learning Stories November 16, 2017

Apple details how it performs on-device facial detection in latest machine learning journal entry

Apple has published its latest machine learning journal entry with a new article detailing the challenges of implementing facial detection features while maintaining a high level of privacy.

Machine learning Stories October 18, 2017

Apple has published a fascinating new entry in its Machine Learning Journal this month that explains how the voice-activated ‘Hey Siri’ detector works in detail. While many of these entries tend to be too in depth for the average reader (i.e. me), October’s entry from the Siri team includes several interesting (and understandable!) tidbits about what happens behind-the-scenes when you use ‘Hey Siri’ on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

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