Disney Stories June 14

Disney+ is aiming to bring the magic of its shows and films to users across the globe. This week, the hit streaming service is launching in 42 new new countries and 11 new territories, according to Variety.

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Disney Stories June 3

Mark Bozon, one of Apple’s top gaming executives, has left the company after 12 years to work for Disney. His new role will be senior creative leader for cross-divisional Next Generation Storytelling initiatives, which includes Disney’s “metaverse” ambitions.

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Disney Stories May 23

Walt Disney World doesn’t always turn out to be “The Most Magical Place on Earth” for everyone. One woman made a costly mistake after dropping her Hermès Apple Watch while vacationing at the Disney theme park in Orlando.

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Disney Stories May 19

Disney+ plans for growth through ad-based tier as Netflix boosts accessibility features

Between Disney+ and Netflix, many subscribers are getting more of what they want – a cheaper price with Disney and more features with Netflix. Back in March, Disney announced it will release a cheaper, ad-supported plan later this year on Disney+. With over 100 million subscribers worldwide, the company is anticipating the majority of its users will move to this plan.

Disney Stories May 11

Disney reported its fiscal Q2 2022 results on Wednesday with some pretty positive numbers. And when it comes to the Disney+ streaming platform, it beat subscriber expectations for the quarter. This comes as Netflix has been losing users and reconsidering its business model.

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Disney Stories March 3

Even though Disney+ is (currently) one of the more affordable streaming services in the United States at $7.99 per month, the company is looking to offer a more affordable option. According to a report from The Information, Disney is considering an ad-supported tier of its popular Disney+ streaming service…

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Disney Stories December 21, 2021

Bob Iger, the outgoing chairman of Disney, continues to double down on his belief that Apple and Disney would have eventually merged under Steve Jobs. In a new interview with CNBC, Iger said that he believes Apple and Disney would have completed a merger if Steve Jobs had lived.

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Disney Stories December 15, 2021

Disney+ is today expanding its “watch together” feature to work with FaceTime while using SharePlay. With that, subscribers with an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV can enjoy Disney content with family members and friends completely in sync while on a FaceTime call.

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Disney Stories August 12, 2021

Disney on Thursday announced earnings results for its fiscal 2021 third quarter with numbers that beat Wall Street expectations. With revenue of $17.02 billion, the company revealed the astonishing number of 116 million subscribers to Disney+ alone.

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Disney Stories June 15, 2021

We’ve seen a huge explosion of streaming services recently, as not only major Hollywood studios but also companies like Apple have decided to invest in their own platforms for movies and TV shows. This has pushed some platforms like HBO Max to create cheaper, ad-supported plans, but that doesn’t seem to be part of Disney+’s plans.

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Disney Stories March 30, 2021

You can now enter Walt Disney World with just a contactless wave of your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Today, Disney announced the launch of its MagicMobile service, an alternative way to get around the Disney resort electronically, similar to the MagicBand. Apple users can simply add a MagicMobile pass to their Apple Wallet and enter using the NFC reader at the park gates.

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Disney Stories March 24, 2021

PSA: Disney+ is getting more expensive; here’s how to lock in the original rate

Disney+ has been available for more than a year, but if you haven’t subscribed to this streaming service to watch WandaVision, Star Wars, or the nostalgic Disney catalog, you should do it now.

Disney Stories March 12, 2021

Walt Disney World Resort has long offered a MagicBand wristband as an electronic pass, and has now announced an iPhone or Apple Watch MagicBand option.

Instead of purchasing Disney’s own NFC band, you will be able to create a Disney MagicMobile pass that is added to your Apple Wallet. You can then simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch close to the readers to gain park entry, and charge refreshments and merchandise to your hotel room…

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Disney Stories March 9, 2021

Disney+ has crossed a major milestone in terms of paid subscribers. Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced during the company’s annual meeting of shareholders that Disney+ now has over 100 million paying subscribers, just 16 months after the service first launched.

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Disney Stories February 2, 2021

Disney+ debuts new $19/month bundle with ad-free Hulu and ESPN+

Disney has officially launched a new bundle deal today, combining Disney+, ESPN+, and ad-free Hulu into a single package. The bundle deal will save you $6 per month, giving you all three services for a total of $18.99 per month.

Disney Stories December 11, 2020

Disney Plus price hike announced, as it adds five years’ worth of subscribers in one year

A Disney Plus price increase has been announced, up $1 from $6.99/month to $7.99/month. Subscribers do get a little breathing space, as Disney is giving more than three month’s notice of the hike: it will take effect on March 26, 2021 …

Disney Stories October 9, 2020

Disney and Apple have had a close relationship over the decades and the latest integration between the two sees Disney gain a dedicated destination on Apple Music that features the best place to listen to your favorite soundtracks, radio stations, and playlists. The new page also includes seasonal updates, with the current one being a Disney Halloween theme.

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Disney Stories October 5, 2020

After several years of waiting, it appears that Disney and Apple have reached a deal to make 4K versions of Disney films available through iTunes. A wide selection of Disney movies is now showing as 4K in the iTunes Store, with additional support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

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Disney Stories September 28, 2020

Sonos and Disney team up on immersive home theater sound ahead of ‘The Mandalorian’ season two

The highly anticipated second season of The Mandalorian is slated for release at the end of October and leading up to the debut, Sonos and Disney have partnered to get the most out of the series with amazing home theater sound.

Disney Stories September 11, 2020

Disney+ testing ‘GroupWatch’ feature, set to roll out more widely this fall

Disney+ has created a lot of momentum with the streaming service gaining over 50 million users in its first five months. Now the platform is testing a new “GroupWatch” feature to make it easy to watch your favorite Disney+ content with friends and family when you’re not together.

Disney Stories September 4, 2020

How to watch Disney’s live-action Mulan on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad

Disney has remade Mulan as a live-action film, and it’s premiering access to the movie through its Disney+ streaming service on Apple devices as well as Roku, Android, and others. Follow along for how to watch Disney’s Mulan on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and more.

Disney Stories May 5, 2020

Disney reported its Q2 2020 earnings today, revealing a closer look at how the company has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. The bright spot in this quarter? Streaming video services like Disney+.

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Disney Stories April 30, 2020

Streaming video services like Apple TV+ and Disney+ are facing a ‘coronavirus crunch’ in their release plans. The lockdown means productions have been put on hold, leaving them with potential holes in their programming schedules further down the line.

Disney+ is reportedly using one of its key advantages in the market to fill those holes …

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Disney Stories April 8, 2020

Disney+ continues to grow its subscriber base, thanks in large part to expanding availability to new international rollouts. The company announced today that Disney+ has surpassed 50 million subscribers just five months after launch.

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