Netflix Stories April 19

Netflix for iOS offers brief, fast-loading, vertical format show previews

If you’re so busy you don’t even have time to turn your phone horizontally when checking out previews of new Netflix shows, the company has you covered …

Netflix Stories March 8

Thus far, Apple has inked deals with some major entertainment names for its original video platform. A new report form The New York Times today highlights another potential effort, this time involving former president Barack Obama…

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We mostly sign up to Netflix on Macs and iPhones, but watch it on TV

Netflix has shared a few stats on how people join and watch the service, and it found that there’s a pretty rapid switch in devices …

Netflix Stories March 5

Netflix today announced that it is updating its parental controls to create more detailed protection for young viewers. The service is also adding clearer maturity level rating labels to its content.

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Netflix Stories January 22

Netflix today announced its fourth quarter results for 2017, reporting $3.29 billion in revenue and 8.33 million additional subscribers. Hidden in the company’s announcement, however, is also acknowledgment that Apple may soon be a major competitor…

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Netflix Stories October 5, 2017

Netflix raises prices on two of its three plans, stock jumps as well [U]

Netflix today has raised its prices slightly for new customers for its standard and premium plans, while existing customers will start paying the higher prices in November.

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