Netflix Stories November 16

Netflix on Tuesday launched a new ranking website that shows the company’s Top 10 titles in different countries around the world. This follows an announcement in October made by the company that confirmed an upcoming change in its viewing metrics.

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Netflix Stories November 9

A new report by Bloomberg shows that Netflix is rolling out a feature aimed at kids, which would be “its latest bid to attract younger viewers to its platform.” This feature was discovered by iOS developer Steve Moser in the code of the app and then confirmed by Bloomberg News after speaking with Netflix.

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Netflix Stories November 7

Mark Gurman at Bloomberg has reported as part of his Power On newsletter that Netflix is planning to release its mobile games on iOS individually through the App Store. Developer Steve Moser shared the information with Bloomberg after discovering code in the Netflix app that points to an interesting solution to get around Apple’s rules.

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Netflix Stories November 2

After hearing rumblings about Netlifx working on its gaming service this past summer, the media giant is officially jumping into the space with its first five mobile games. Netflix launched its gaming service exclusively for Android but the company says iOS compatibility is “on the way.”

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Netflix Stories August 18

Netflix has confirmed that it is now rolling out Spatial Audio support to its iPhone and iPad applications. This enables an immersive experience using directional audio filters, and it has been a long time coming to Netflix users.

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Netflix Stories July 20

It was recently reported that Netflix is working on its own gaming platform, but the details were unclear. The company this week confirmed that it is entering the gaming market, and that its initial efforts will be for mobile-focused content, which could make it a potential competitor to Apple Arcade.

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Netflix Stories July 14

As companies have been investing in new solutions for game subscription services, it seems that Netflix will soon join this club. According to a new report from Bloomberg, the giant behind the most popular movies and TV shows streaming service is now working on its own gaming platform. However, the availability on Apple’s platforms seems unlikely.

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Netflix Stories July 8

As the podcast industry grows, big tech companies are investing more in this segment. This week, Netflix hired former Apple executive N’Jeri Eaton, who will now lead Podcasting Operations at the company responsible for the largest streaming service for movies and TV shows.

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Netflix Stories May 25

Netflix is said to be considering competing with Apple Arcade and Google Stadia by launching its own subscription-based streaming game service. The company has reportedly begun the hunt for a senior gaming exec to lead the move.

Netflix dipped a toe into the mobile gaming world way back in 2017, and has also created a number of interactive shows …

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Netflix Stories May 7

Netflix considers N-Plus service for behind-the-scenes content and more

Netflix is considering launching a companion service to offer things like behind-the-scenes content, tentatively named N-Plus.

Surprisingly, the company doesn’t seem to be planning to charge an additional subscription for it, rather to make it a free add-on, with some content available even to those without a Netflix subscription …

Netflix Stories May 5

New internal emails and presentation documents revealed as part of the Epic vs. Apple show how Apple attempted to convince Netflix to continue using the App Store In-App Payments system. As Netflix was plotting its roadmap, Apple made a multitude of last-ditch efforts to win the company over.

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Netflix Stories April 28

Netflix is now rolling out its new shuffle play feature to everyone. This new feature, which Netflix refers to as “Play Something,” aims to solve the problem of not being able to decide what you want to watch.

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Netflix Stories March 11

Well, it was bound to happen at some point – Netflix has started to crack down on users sharing passwords. The move comes in what the company calls a test that tells password borrowers to sign up for their own accounts without fully blocking them from continuing to use the currently shared one.

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Netflix Stories March 3

Netflix is the latest company to try its hand at a TikTok clone. The company has debuted a new “Fast Laughs” feature that provides a feed of “comedic clips” from its shows. The idea is to offer users a feed of content they can watch without diving into a full TV show or movie.

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Netflix Stories February 23

Analyst Dan Ives, from Wedbush Securities, who has an outperform rating on Apple’s stock, said today that he believes Apple’s “biggest strategic mistake” was not acquiring Netflix years ago.

Ives believes that Apple still doesn’t have a huge stake in the streaming video industry and is behind Netflix, Amazon, and Disney. Ives says that isn’t just a strategic mistake by Tim Cook, but also by Steve Jobs, when he was Apple’s CEO.

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Netflix Stories February 22

Netflix is reportedly quietly testing support for iOS 14’s new spatial audio functionality. According to a report from iPhoneSoft, citing an anonymous Netflix developer, the company has been testing spatial audio support on iPhone and iPad since December.

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Netflix has announced a new “Downloads for You” feature for its iOS and Android applications. The company says that this feature will automatically download recommended TV shows or movies to your device “based on your tastes,” and it’s thankfully completely opt-in.

The feature is rolling out today on Android and will begin testing on iOS soon.

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Netflix Stories January 27

Test your streaming video connection in latest Ookla Speedtest app

If you want to test your streaming video, the latest version of the Ookla Speedtest app now lets you do so, showing the maximum resolution your broadband or mobile data connection will support without buffering …

Netflix Stories January 20

Shuffle options for media have been around for a long time, and Netflix has confirmed that it will be the latest to adopt the functionality. Called “Shuffle Play,” Netflix customers will be able to roll the dice on something to watch starting sometime in the first half of 2021.

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Netflix Stories October 29, 2020

For customers in the US, the standard and premium Netflix plan costs are jumping. The updated pricing is already in effect for new customers while existing users will see the increase over the coming weeks. And the change comes as Apple TV+ is extending its free trials until February 2021.

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Netflix Stories October 1, 2020

4K Netflix streaming requires a T2 Mac in likely boost to DRM protections

Netflix claims it has the largest library of 4K content, but if you’re hoping to do any 4K Netflix streaming on your Mac, the company has announced a surprising specification requirement: you’ll need a Mac with a T2 security chip

Netflix Stories August 31, 2020

Limited free Netflix access on Mac, Windows, and Android – but not iOS

Free Netflix access is available to a number of TV shows and movies, and you don’t even need to create a Netflix trial account …

Netflix Stories July 16, 2020

Netflix reported its Q2 2020 earnings today, missing analyst expectations and providing weaker-than-expected guidance for the third quarter. Netflix cited a few reasons for the slower growth, including continued competition from Amazon and Apple, competition from TikTok, and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Netflix Stories June 29, 2020

We recently mentioned that macOS Big Sur includes a new version of Safari with several enhancements, including support for HDR videos. It turns out there’s a platform that’s already benefiting from these Safari updates, as users can now finally watch 4K HDR content on Netflix with a Mac.

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