Netflix Stories November 27

US ranks #68 out of 100 in mobile video quality, loading time, and buffering

You might think of the US as one of the most advanced mobile markets, but when it comes to mobile video quality, the country ranked #68 out 100 according to an Opensignal report…

Netflix Stories October 16

We’re just two weeks away from the launch of Apple TV+, and Netflix today reported its earnings for the third quarter of 2019. In the accompanying letter to shareholders, Netflix acknowledges the looming threat of Apple’s streaming service, but says it’s not too worried.

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Netflix Stories September 30

Free Netflix episodes offered as competition with Apple TV+ and Disney+ looms

With Apple TV+ and Disney+ both set to launch in November, Netflix seems to be trying a new marketing tactic: free Netflix episodes for non-subscribers…

Netflix Stories August 24

Netflix is testing a new feature on iOS called “Collections” that highlights content curated by humans. This is different than many of the current recommendation features offered in the Netflix app, which are primarily based on algorithms.

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Netflix Stories August 16

How to cancel your Netflix subscription on iPhone and iPad

Ready to call it quits or take a break from Netflix? Follow along for how to cancel your Netflix subscription from iPhone, iPad, and other devices in a few steps.

Netflix Stories July 17

Netflix today reported its second quarter earnings for 2019, and has subsequently dropped over 10 percent in after-hours trading. Netflix reported global net new subscribers of 2.7 million, far below its guidance of 5 million. This comes as Netflix will soon face increased competition from the likes of Apple, HBO, and Disney.

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