Netflix Stories November 8

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting exclusive on how Netflix has been trying to score some points in the wide world of streaming sports, not unlike Apple. So far, we’ve seen Apple stream a full Major League Baseball season of Friday night games, and the company bought a decade of streaming soccer rights, which starts next year. Plus, Apple TV+ already competes with the former DVD rental service on original shows and movies.

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Netflix Stories November 2

Netflix Basic with Ads tier still missing a lot of content, just 24 hours from launch

The Netflix Basic with Ads subscription tier launches tomorrow, after the company brought forward its plans to pre-empt a similar plan by Disney. However, the ad-supported tier needs fresh agreements with content owners, and a report today says that five big studios aren’t yet on board …

Netflix Stories October 17

Netflix has been struggling to regain subscribers and recover its revenue. Earlier this year, the company began testing new ways to prevent users from sharing their passwords with others. Now Netflix is rolling out a new “Profile Transfer” feature that will let users migrate their personal profile from someone else’s account to a new one.

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Netflix Stories October 13

Netflix has officially announced its new ad-supported tier, which will launch on November 3. In the United States, this new “Basic with Ads” plan will cost $6.99 per month. You’ll see around four to five minutes of ads per hour and video quality will be limited to 720p…

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Netflix Stories September 22

Netflix already lost 1.2 million subscribers in the first two quarters of 2022. While the company hopes to add one million new users with its new ad-supported tier, a survey shows that 1 in 4 Netflix users are planning to cancel their subscriptions this year. Here’s what this could mean to other streaming services, such as Apple TV+.

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Netflix Stories September 8

‘Alto’s Odyssey’ studio launching ‘Lucky Luna’ platformer for iOS on Netflix Games [Now available]

Following up on its range of hits like Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey, Where Cards Fall, and more, award-winning developer Snowman is set to bring its next all-new game, Lucky Luna to iOS and Android this summer through Netflix Games.

Update 9/8: Lucky Luna is now available for both iOS and Android.

Netflix Stories September 2

A Netflix ads plan – in which subscribers pay a lower monthly fee in return for watching ads – will reportedly launch much earlier than previously expected.

The launch is said to have been brought forward from sometime early next year to November of this year. It’s believed the company wants to introduce the ad-supported tier before Disney does the same in December …

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Netflix Stories August 31

Netflix is in full swing to launch its ad-supported tier as soon as possible. While the streamer announced Microsoft will be its main partner to run the business, the company has also snagged two top Snap executives to help run ads.

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Netflix Stories August 26

After Netflix lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers this year, the company has been desperately working on new ways to retain and gain subscribers. One of the moves is a new ad-supported plan announced in partnership with Microsoft. And while most of the details of this new plan remain unclear, it seems that the plan may be priced between $7 and $9.

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Netflix Stories August 18

For the first time ever, streaming services overtook cable in the US. The data shows that this is the fifth consecutive high for online platforms and that they ranked as the most watched platform when compared to cable and broadcast.

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Netflix Stories August 8

Netflix is trying to diversify its income as the company launched last year a video game catalog for iOS and Android users. While the streaming service already offers 24 games and plans to add 26 more by the end of the year, a study showed less than 1% of its subscribers are playing the games.

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Netflix Stories July 22

Earlier this year, Apple began allowing “reader” apps to provide external links for customers so they can log in and pay for a subscription from outside the App Store. Now Netflix is rolling out an option in its iOS app that takes users to its website in order to finish a new Netflix subscription.

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Netflix Stories July 19

Netflix has been struggling recently as the company lost over 200,000 subscribers earlier this year, which resulted in the company’s stock going down. In an attempt to regain subscribers, Netflix has confirmed that it will launch a cheaper ad-supported plan. However, it seems that this plan won’t have the full catalog available to subscribers.

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Netflix Stories July 18

After confirming a significant loss in subscriber numbers earlier this year, Netflix has reportedly been working on new ways to retain its subscribers and also recover its revenue. One of these methods is now being rolled out in Latin American countries, as Netflix has begun charging for password sharing there.

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Netflix Stories July 13

Last month, 9to5Mac reported that Netflix was in talks with potential ad partners to not only build its ad-based subscription plan but its in-house ad network. Now, the streaming service company has chosen Microsoft, Apple’s old nemesis, to partner with.

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Netflix Stories July 7

Netflix is announcing today that it’s bringing Spatial Audio support to some shows. With that, the company joins Apple TV+ and other streaming services that already bring this immersive audio experience to life. Here are some of the shows and the Apple devices compatible with Netflix’s Spatial Audio feature.

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Netflix Stories July 6

A report from earlier this year revealed that Apple TV+ had been growing slowly, just reaching 5% of the market share of streaming platforms in the United States. Three months later, Apple TV+ finally accounts for 6% of the US streaming market – while Netflix continues to lose subscribers.

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Netflix Stories July 4

Sun Valley 2022 – a conference which has been described as ‘summer camp for billionaires’ – includes Apple CEO Tim Cook among the invitees. Both Cook and Apple Services head Eddy Cue attended last year’s event.

With a heavy attendance from the media sector, one key focus is expected to be the future of streaming video, with some speculating that Netflix could be an acquisition target for at least one of the companies attending …

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Netflix Stories June 23

Netflix is in a full swing on its bet to start an advertising business inside its platform. After losing 200,000 subscribers during the first quarter of the year, the company is seriously considering a new ad-supported tier as well as creating its own advertising business inside the platform.

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Netflix Stories June 21

The pandemic saw video streaming services achieve more than five years of projected growth during the COVID-19 peak years of 2020 and 2021 – but that boom period is now over, according to a new report.

The gradual return to a more normal world likely isn’t the only factor at play, though …

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Netflix Stories May 19

Netflix on Thursday announced a new feature called “Mystery Box,” which works similarly to another existing feature known as “Play Something.” However, “Mystery Box” helps parents find new shows and movies that are appropriate for kids.

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Disney+ plans for growth through ad-based tier as Netflix boosts accessibility features

Between Disney+ and Netflix, many subscribers are getting more of what they want – a cheaper price with Disney and more features with Netflix. Back in March, Disney announced it will release a cheaper, ad-supported plan later this year on Disney+. With over 100 million subscribers worldwide, the company is anticipating the majority of its users will move to this plan.

Netflix Stories May 18

How to pause or cancel your Netflix subscription on iPhone, iPad, or desktop

Ready to call it quits or take a break from Netflix? Follow along for how to pause or cancel Netflix from iPhone, iPad, and desktop in a few quick steps.

Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers last quarter and potentially two million this current period, according to a note to shareholders from last month. Now, new research highlights that the number of long-standing subscribers canceling Netflix rose precipitously in the past few years.

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