HBO Max Stories April 20

HBO Max comes to Verizon’s ‘+play’ entertainment hub to manage all your services in one place

After announcing its new entertainment hub “+play” back in March with support for many of the major streaming services, Verizon is adding another big one today. HBO Max is now part of +play to make it easier for customers to manage and save money on all their subscriptions in one place.

HBO Max Stories April 7

A new version of the HBO Max application is now rolling out to Apple TV users, and it promises some major improvements. As reported by Variety, this update will roll out over the next two weeks. WarnerMedia says that the app has been “rebuilt on its next-generation platform,” promising improved stability, new features, and faster performance.

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HBO Max Stories March 24

Last year, Netflix brought a shuffle play button for when you don’t know what to watch next. Now, HBO Max has followed the trend, and it’s now offering a similar feature but for a limited number of shows.

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HBO Max Stories March 14

HBO Max is almost two years old. Soon, the streaming service will add Discovery Plus to its catalog as the channel will become part of AT&T’s WarnerMedia. Instead of offering these two services as a bundle, WarnerMedia will incorporate Discovery into HBO Max.

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HBO Max Stories February 1

Streaming service HBO Max is set to expand to 15 new European countries next month, bringing the total to 61 regions across the globe.

As first reported by Reuters, WarnerMedia has been slowly rolling out the service to additional countries, with the goal of being available in 190 regions by 2026.

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HBO Max Stories November 19, 2021

Update: The latest version of the HBO Max app on the App Store fixes this issue.

You may remember that earlier this year, HBO rolled out a new HBO Max application for Apple TV that abandoned the native tvOS video player in favor of a custom solution. After backlash, HBO reverted to the native tvOS player a few weeks later. Now, the HBO Max application for iPhone and iPad is facing criticism because of a bizarre bug affecting video playback when connected to AirPods.

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HBO Max Stories September 8, 2021

WarnerMedia’s streaming service HBO Max was officially launched in the US in May 2020, and it has already been made available in Latin America and the Caribbean. Now the company is getting ready to launch the platform in Europe with support for six new countries coming in October and more coming in 2022.

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HBO Max Stories August 14, 2021

HBO Max users have been facing a couple of hard months with the main app from WarnerMedia. Now, an HBO executive has promised that the company will build a new app for the “ground up to match the needs of the current service.”

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HBO Max Stories August 4, 2021

More than one year since HBO launched HBO Max, it’s now following an Apple TV+ strategy. The streaming service will start to offer free episodes of its best TV shows for non-subscribers. According to a blog post by WarnerMedia, starting now, “potential new subscribers in the US” are offered “the opportunity to watch select episodes of some of the platform’s most popular programming in-app before they sign up.”

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HBO Max Stories July 22, 2021

When WarnerMedia launched its new expanded streaming service, HBO Max, earlier this year, HBO simultaneously stopped participating in Apple TV Channels. This meant that new subscribers could not sign up for HBO through Apple TV Channels, but existing subscribers could continue to access their subscriptions.

HBO appears to have flipped a switch today, however, that completely shuts off access to HBO via Apple TV Channels, including the ability to sign in using your Apple TV Channels subscription information.

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HBO Max Stories June 3, 2021

Following the HBO Max launch, HBO has decided to leave Apple TV Channels — which let users subscribe to and watch HBO content directly in the Apple TV app. Unfortunately, it seems that the experience with its own app has been disappointing users, as a recent report notes that the latest version of the HBO Max app for tvOS “breaks several key features.”

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HBO Max Stories April 29, 2021

Report: Ad-supported HBO Max will cost $9.99 per month, launch in June

WarnerMedia plans to charge $9.99 per month for its advertising-supported HBO Max service, according to people familiar with the matter speaking to CNBC.

HBO Max Stories March 12, 2021

Cheaper HBO Max plan with ads set to launch in June

HBO Max a popular option to subscribe to the premium network directly on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and more but its price has no doubt held back some potential subscribers. Now AT&T has announced that it’s planning to launch a more affordable ad-supported version of HBO Max this June.

HBO Max Stories June 2, 2020

HBO Max officially launched to the public last week, with new applications for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. The Verge now reports that HBO Max will be excused from AT&T’s mobile data limits. This means you can stream HBO Max through your AT&T mobile data, without it counting toward your data cap.

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HBO Max Stories April 27, 2020

WarnerMedia announced last week that its new HBO Max streaming service will launch in May for $15 per month. Now, WarnerMedia has announced that it is teaming up with Apple on the launch to ensure a seamless experience for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV users.

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HBO Max Stories April 21, 2020

WarnerMedia has announced that its forthcoming HBO Max streaming service will launch on May 27. Coming in at $15 per month, the service will pack new original content, as well as a robust back catalog of movies and TV shows from the Warner Bros. library.

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HBO Max Stories October 29, 2019

After teasing some details of HBO Max over the weekend, AT&T has officially offered up more specific information about the upcoming streaming service. At an event this evening, AT&T reveled that HBO Max will launch in May of 2020 for $14.99 per month.

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HBO Max Stories October 26, 2019

While Apple TV+ and Disney+ are both slated to launch in less than a month, the debut of HBO Max is also on the horizon. In a new interview with Retuers, AT&T COO John Stankey said that the company will give HBO Max to current subscribers for free.

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