Hulu Stories October 17

Hulu now has a dark mode for finding and watching videos on the web

Hulu is announcing this morning that it will be rolling out a new Night Mode for the web. As a long-awaited feature, the new Night Mode allows users to darken the UI of Hulu.

Hulu Stories October 16

As the streaming TV race continues to intensify, Hulu is planning to offer a “skinnier” bundle of channels. Through this offering, the company would offer fewer live channels, but more on-demand content, Hulu CEO Randy Freer said to The Information.

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Hulu Stories September 18

IPTV proves popular as Hulu TV now crosses one million subscribers

Internet based TV (IPTV) seems to be gaining a ton of traction as of late. With YouTube TV, Hulu TV, Sling, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, and a few others, it seems to be a relatively popular way to watch TV.

Hulu Stories May 16

After launching for Apple TV, Hulu is now rolling out its new Live TV guide to its iOS app, as well as on the web, among other updates.

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Hulu Stories May 9

Hulu’s interface has been criticized in the past and issues were especially apparent with the company’s Live TV service, where browsing through channels was a bunch of tiles, with no way of knowing what’s coming next. As promised, however, the company is changing that…

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Hulu Stories May 2

Hulu is holding a media event in New York City today where it is announcing lots of new show renewals and content deals, new advertising features, a subscriber milestone, and the ability to download shows for offline viewing soon.

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