Tech Industry Stories May 22

It’s looking increasingly likely that one of the long-term impacts of the coronavirus crisis will be a record number of people permanently working from home.

Lockdowns mean huge numbers of people have already been working from home for weeks or months, and we’ve seen a number of tech giants offer employees the opportunity to do so on a permanent basis…

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Tech Industry Stories May 19

White House advisory panel including Tim Cook calls for investment in retraining

A White House advisory panel whose members include Apple CEO Tim Cook has called for ‘unprecedented’ investment in online training and education programs to help Americans cope with the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis …

Tech Industry Stories April 29

Students say remote proctoring of exams via their webcams is creepy

Students taking examinations during the coronavirus lockdown say they are being subjected to remote proctoring via their webcams, and it’s creeping them out …

Tech Industry Stories April 6

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, Quibi’s pitch would have been simple: short-form videos from big names to watch on your phone during your commute. Every show is no more than ten minutes in length, and the format is specifically designed to be viewed on a smartphone.

At a time when most people no longer have a commute, however, the company is going for a more generic message

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Tech Industry Stories March 19

The tech world is having to respond to the coronavirus outbreak in a bunch of ways, with a mix of good and bad news out there.

There’s some good news for hospitals …

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Tech Industry Stories February 28

Everyone thinks Apple’s ultimate vision for the iPhone is that famed ‘single slab of glass,’ and that the notch is just an interim step along the way to a truly bezel-free display. One requirement for that, of course, is an under-display camera.

We’ve already seen one proof of concept for this – a working Oppo prototype – and Vivo has just announced another: the Apex 2020 …

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