Tech Industry Stories December 4

The US House of Representatives today nearly-unanimously passed a new bill that would punish robocallers and require that carriers make better tools available to consumers. The bill can now make its way to the Senate, where it also has bipartisan support.

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Tech Industry Stories November 29

Problematic Smartphone Usage — or smartphone addiction — is now being viewed as a psychiatric disorder, with an average of 23% of kids and young adults found to suffer from it.

Researchers at King’s College London carried out a meta-analysis of more than 40 studies, which variously found that anything from 10% to 30% of children, teenagers and young adults aged up to 25 were afflicted…

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Tech Industry Stories November 25

Tim Berners-Lee’s plan to ‘save the web’ has been formally launched today and is backed by more than 150 organizations, including Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

The inventor of the World Wide Web explained back in March his reasons for wanting a ‘contract for the web’…

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Tech Industry Stories November 5

The Federal Trade Commission has revealed the details of its settlement with AT&T. The FTC says that AT&T will pay out $60 million to current and former subscribers who were affected by the carrier’s misleading “unlimited data” promises.

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Tech Industry Stories October 23

AT&T suffering from widespread voicemail outage, and there’s no timetable for a fix

AT&T is suffering from what appears to be a widespread voicemail outage. Despite the fact that the outage has been ongoing for several weeks, details on what exactly is wrong and when it might be fixed remain unclear.

Tech Industry Stories August 22

The fight among carriers and regulators over the robocalling problem continues this week. The Washington Post reports that 12 of the largest telephone companies, as well as 51 state attorneys general, have all pledged to implement new anti-robocalling technology.

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