Tech Industry Stories February 14

IRS suggests game currencies are not taxable; tax experts say don’t believe it

A change to the IRS website suggests that game currencies are not taxable, despite an earlier statement that they are – but tax experts say people should probably still declare them…

Tech Industry Stories February 4

Iowa caucus app: no security vetting, no testing, no training – NYT [U]

Update: The Iowa Democratic Party has issued a statement, below, saying that data was correctly logged but not properly reported due to a bug in the app. It also claims that it did put the app through independent security testing, contradicting the claim made by the NYT.

Failures surrounding the use of a new Iowa caucus app have seen the Iowa Democratic Party unable to promptly report the results of the first party member vote for its 2020 presidential candidates. A report on the debacle describes it as a ‘systematic disaster’…

Tech Industry Stories February 3

Future Wi-Fi devices could get thousands of antennae thanks to MIT invention

Future Wi-Fi devices could literally get thousands of antennae to improve signal quality, thanks to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) invention…

Tech Industry Stories January 7

Survey: Most consumers only willing to pay $20 per month for streaming TV, would prefer ads instead

Following the launch of Apple TV+ in November, more streaming services are coming in 2020. A new survey from The Trade Desk, cited by CNBC, says that the majority of consumers in the United States aren’t willing to pay more than $20 per month total on streaming services.

Tech Industry Stories January 2

Back in 2015, I asked if you had any tech new year’s resolutions, and made a few suggestions:

  • Make the transition to a paperless life
  • Have a digital clear-out
  • Commit to Inbox Zero
  • Properly protect your digital life
  • Treat yourself to a new toy

All of those are still relevant today, but I thought I would make some fresh suggestions this year…

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Tech Industry Stories December 19, 2019

Flickr ‘can’t continue to operate at a loss,’ SmugMug CEO says in open letter

SmugMug acquired Flickr two years ago, and since then, Flickr has gone through a series of tumultuous changes. Now, The Verge reports that SmugMug is pleading with Flickr users to upgrade to the “Pro” subscription to help “keep the Flickr dream alive.”

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