Tech Industry Stories March 12

It’s 30 years today since Tim Berners-Lee submitted a proposal for what would become the World Wide Web. The inventor has said that while he feels the web was a force for good for its first 15 years, he now thinks action is required to prevent a ‘downward plunge to a dysfunctional future.’

Berners-Lee said that the 30th anniversary was a time to reflect on both the positives and negatives …

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Tech Industry Stories March 6

If you’ve ever worried about your iPhone, iPad or Mac being stolen, you may be worrying about the wrong thing. Data from device-protection company Prey shows that you are far more likely to misplace a device than to have it stolen.

The company also revealed some of the stranger stories behind the loss of devices …

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Tech Industry Stories February 28

Facebook, Google, and Twitter falling further behind on addressing fake news – European Commission

With just three months before both national and European Parliament elections, three large tech companies are falling further behind in their promises to tackle the threat posed by fake news …

Tech Industry Stories February 27

US Government imposing new restrictions on shipping charged batteries in the name of safety

New regulations proposed to Congress by the U.S Transportation Department’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) are set to take effect soon, which will limit the maximum charge of lithium-ion batteries to 30% or less when shipped as cargo on passenger flights or on cargo only planes.

USB 3.2, the next-generation USB standard expected to start appearing in devices later this year, will double the maximum speed supported to 20Gbps. This is achieved by allowing for two lanes of 10Gbps each, which can be achieved without reducing cable length.

The bad news is that the naming confusion around USB speeds is going to get even worse …

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Tech Industry Stories February 25

Global smartphone revenue continued to grow last year despite falling sales. That’s according to the latest GfK data, which showed revenue growing 5% in 2018 to hit $522B.

This is despite smartphone unit sales declining by 3% the same year …

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