Tech Industry Stories July 14

Major news organizations use digital watermarking to fight fake election news

Major news organizations believe digital watermarking could be the answer to fighting fake news stories which pretend to be from respected sources like the BBC and Wall Street Journal

Tech Industry Stories June 25

Michael Hawley, co-author of famous Steve Jobs Stanford commencement speech, dies

Michael Hawley – whose many achievements included helping Steve Jobs write his famous ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’ commencement speech – has died from cancer, aged 58 …

See the 10 fastest Internet speeds, and 10 slowest, across states and cities

Internet speed-test company HighSpeedInternet just hit three million tests across the US, and have reported back on the ten fastest Internet speeds – and the ten slowest – across both states and cities.

It also revealed the average speeds across the whole of the US by different providers …

Tech Industry Stories May 22

It’s looking increasingly likely that one of the long-term impacts of the coronavirus crisis will be a record number of people permanently working from home.

Lockdowns mean huge numbers of people have already been working from home for weeks or months, and we’ve seen a number of tech giants offer employees the opportunity to do so on a permanent basis…

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Tech Industry Stories May 19

White House advisory panel including Tim Cook calls for investment in retraining

A White House advisory panel whose members include Apple CEO Tim Cook has called for ‘unprecedented’ investment in online training and education programs to help Americans cope with the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis …

Tech Industry Stories April 29

Students say remote proctoring of exams via their webcams is creepy

Students taking examinations during the coronavirus lockdown say they are being subjected to remote proctoring via their webcams, and it’s creeping them out …

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