Tech Industry Stories September 9

All four main UK mobile carriers have now broken their Brexit roaming promises

All four of the main UK mobile carriers have now announced plans to reintroduce roaming charges for customers traveling within Europe, following Brexit …

Tech Industry Stories August 25

Continued work from home is worth a pay cut, say many US employees

As Apple’s plan for staff to return to the office are again delayed, a new survey shows that two-thirds of US employees seek continued work-from-home arrangements; most of them would be willing to take a pay cut in return; and many would quit their jobs if ordered to return to the office full-time.

Apple announced a hybrid working model, with employees able to work from home on two fixed days a week, subject to line-management approval. Some, however, say they want greater flexibility, and would leave the company if they don’t get it …

Tech Industry Stories August 18

One of the many worrying developments in the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan is that US face recognition and fingerprint devices and databases have been seized by the Taliban. They were apparently left behind during the hurried withdrawal of US forces, leaving coalition collaborators at risk from reprisals.

However, a human rights organization says there are measures Afghans can take to try to protect themselves, and that Face ID can play a role in this.

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Tech Industry Stories August 17

The latest product to switch from purchase to subscription is… earbuds

If you are one of those who dislike the switch in business model of apps from outright purchase to monthly or annual subscriptions, you’re going to hate the latest development…

Tech Industry Stories August 10

The Twitter photo-cropping feature, which uses machine learning to decide which part of a photo to show in user feeds, was accused of being racist and sexist last year, when it was found more likely to crop out Black people and women.

The company announced a bug bounty for anyone able to prove biases in its algorithms, and has now named the winners, who variously proved a number of biases …

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Tech Industry Stories August 9

Vodafone second UK carrier to reintroduce European roaming charges after Brexit

All the main UK mobile carriers promised they had no plans to reintroduce European roaming charges after Brexit. EE was the first to do a U-turn, and now Vodafone has followed suit…

Tech Industry Stories August 5

Amazon has now launched IMDb TV iPhone and iPad apps, letting US Apple users easily stream a mix of popular TV shows and Amazon originals at no cost. An Android app is also available.

The app will also provide early access to Universal movies under a recently signed deal …

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Tech Industry Stories August 4

An iPhone camera embedded into the display is likely Apple’s long-term plan as it works toward its ambition of an iPhone being effectively “a single slab of glass.” That possibility got a step closer today as two early players both claim to have improved on the fledgling technology.

We saw some first attempts more than a year ago, but the results weren’t very impressive …

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Tech Industry Stories July 28

How TikTok’s algorithm works is probably the company’s most closely guarded secret. But the WSJ thinks it was able to work it out using a bunch of bot accounts – and the results were both fascinating and disturbing.

A former Google engineer who worked on YouTube’s algorithm says that it takes essentially the same approach, but in a less extreme form …

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Tech Industry Stories July 26

Apple’s plans to require most workers to return to the office for three days a week may not reflect the new reality, suggest academics.

They say that the trend of people wanting to continue with full-time remote working arrangements may now be irreversible …

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Tech Industry Stories July 1

EU digital vaccine passport goes live; no data is stored after checks

The EU digital vaccine passport goes live today, allowing travelers from all 27 European Union countries to use their smartphone to prove that they have been vaccinated, have tested negative, or have recovered from COVID-19. It’s available for both iPhone and Android smartphones …

Tech Industry Stories June 29

Celebrities call for UK gadget tax, which would include Apple products

A number of high-profile British actors, artists, and authors are calling for a UK gadget tax of anywhere from 1% to 3% to “fairly reward creators and performers in making a living from their content.” They have dubbed the proposal “the Smart Fund.”

The tax would be applied to any device that can be used to download and store “creative content,” so would apply to iPhones, iPads, and Macs

Tech Industry Stories June 25

PSA: Western Digital My Book Live drives being maliciously erased; disconnect them from internet

A significant number of Western Digital My Book Live NAS owners are reporting that their drives have been totally erased. This has been done remotely by unknown attackers …

Tech Industry Stories June 24

EU roaming charges begin for Brits as first carrier breaks its Brexit promise

Act surprised: Some Brits will face EU roaming charges for the first time since 2017, as EE is the first carrier to break its promise that nothing would change after Brexit…

Tech Industry Stories June 22

London Underground mobile coverage is being extended to all stations and tunnels by the end of 2024. However, at present only 4G (LTE) coverage is guaranteed, and it will be up to individual carriers to decide whether or not to offer 5G support too.

Transport for London says five of the busiest tube stations will get full coverage by the end of next year …

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Tech Industry Stories June 18

Smartphone and smartwatch data led husband to confess to murdering his wife

Smartphone and smartwatch data provided crucial evidence that led yesterday to a man confessing to murdering his wife. The data showed that his story about what happened could not have been true…

Tech Industry Stories June 16

Average mobile data usage now exceeds 10GB per month, says a new report. The increase in data usage is partly driven by growth in 5G devices, with 5G users set to double this year.

But two further factors explain the surprisingly high figure, says mobile network company Ericsson…

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Tech Industry Stories June 14

Smartphone shipments will grow 12% this year, despite chip shortages – Canalys

Market intelligence company Canalys is forecasting that global smartphone shipments will grow 12% this year, despite challenges posed by the chip shortage. However, it says that phone makers will need to choose their priority countries and regions…

Tech Industry Stories June 9

The US Senate has approved $52B in funding to boost US chip production, as part of an effort to address the global chip shortage, and to reduce dependence on China. Apple was one of the companies lobbying for the move.

In total, the US Innovation and Competition Act provides almost $250B in funding for US manufacturing, with $52B of it specifically allocated to chip fabrication. However, it is as yet unclear whether it will also pass in the House …

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Tech Industry Stories June 7

Chip shortages could last into 2023, warns electronics giant Flex

Global chip shortages could last significantly longer than expected, continuing until at least the middle of next year, and possibly into 2023. The warning was given by contract manufacturing giant Flex …

Tech Industry Stories June 4

A new Pew Research study shows that some 15% of US adults are now mobile-only internet users, which is to say they do not have a home broadband connection, but instead rely solely on their smartphone.

Coincidentally, the same study reveals that a further 15% of American adults still don’t own a smartphone …

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Tech Industry Stories May 17

Former HomePod designer has created $1,800 Cell Alpha speakers, and recommends three

A former Apple designer who worked on both the iPhone and HomePod has created a startup company for speakers known as Cell Alpha, which aim to take spatial audio to the next level …

Tech Industry Stories May 10

PSA: 15-fold growth in scam messages a reminder to treat all links as suspicious

The pandemic has seen a dramatic increase in the number of scam messages sent via text, email, WhatsApp, and other messaging platforms …

Tech Industry Stories May 4

$50/month broadband subsidy for low-income Americans starts on May 12

American families below or close to the poverty line will soon be able to apply for a broadband subsidy worth $50 per month, as part of the COVID relief package. Applications open on May 12, with a number of additional ways to qualify…

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