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Discussions about the role of social networks in the wake of the deadly mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, look set to rekindle arguments about end-to-end encryption of private messages.

Politicians weighed in after it was discovered that both Buffalo and Uvalde alleged killers used social media apps to discuss their plans with online groups …

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Tech Industry Stories Yesterday

Some state privacy laws use wording written by tech companies and their lobbyists, says a new report today. A formerly Apple-backed lobbying group has previously been cited as pushing for weaker privacy protection based on this wording.

Tech giants are aiming to push through weak privacy legislation in order to fend off more meaningful requirements, with one state senator admitting that the text of a privacy bill he put forward was supplied by a tech lobbyist …

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Tech Industry Stories May 24

The Touch Bar refuses to die, as Corsair Voyager a1600 borrows the concept

Apple may have abandoned the Touch Bar, but that isn’t stopping other laptop companies from borrowing the concept. Last month saw Dell put touch-sensitive keys into the trackpad, and the Corsair Voyager a1600 gaming laptop is next in line …

The impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine saw European smartphone shipments fall 10% year-on-year in the first quarter of the year, according to a new report today.

The global chip shortage played a role, but the latest market intelligence data said that the war was a bigger factor in the scale of the decline …

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Tech Industry Stories May 23

Back in 2018, I talked about a process you might call digital calming: decluttering my devices by removing redundant apps, and switching off most notifications and badges. Four years later, that remains the single best change I’ve ever made to my use of technology.

Thanks to the focus modes in iOS 15, that process has never been easier …

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Tech Industry Stories May 17

If you thought using Apple Pay was easy, a Mastercard Biometric Checkout Program will let you pay simply by smiling at the payment terminal.

The company says that the initiative will be rolled out globally, starting with trials in Brazil …

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Ad tech companies share your online behavior and location with advertisers an average of 747 times a day in the US, and 376 times a day in Europe, according to a report by a civil liberties group. It describes the practice as the biggest privacy breach in the world.

The report says Google is the biggest offender, using a process called real-time bidding (RTB) to let advertisers target internet users by browsing behavior and locations …

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Tech Industry Stories May 16

HP monitor includes pop-up webcam with Center Stage-style tracking

An upcoming USB-C monitor from HP includes a pop-up webcam with Center Stage-style tracking. The monitor is aimed at professionals who want reasonably high pixel density, but who don’t need the colorspace required by audiovisual pros …

Tech Industry Stories May 9

The White House has announced deals struck with 20 internet service providers to offer cheaper broadband for tens of millions of Americans – with millions qualifying for a $30/month cap for unlimited data. The initiative was made possible by bipartisan support …

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Tech Industry Stories May 5

David Walden, a computer scientist key to the development of the internet, dies, age 79

David Walden, one of a small team of computer scientists who developed a system fundamental to the development of the internet, has died …

Tech Industry Stories April 28

In addition to sharing its estimates of the global PC market, with Mac shipments the standout, Counterpoint Research has also pulled together its best prediction of the component shortage outlook for this year.

It shows that we can expect a significant improvement in the course of 2022, but shortages will remain in four component categories …

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Tech Industry Stories April 26

As Apple drops Touch Bar, Dell puts one in the trackpad

Apple last year dropped the polarizing Touch Bar from the MacBook Pro models, but Dell has just launched a new laptop with a touch bar in the trackpad …

Tech Industry Stories March 30

Smart contact lens tech is ‘feature complete’ but needs FDA clearance

The concept of a smart contact lens has been around for many years, but one company working on the tech says that its device is now feature-complete, but will require FDA clearance. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said last year that Apple is also working on augmented reality contact lenses

Tech Industry Stories March 21

The global chip shortage doesn’t appear likely to end any time soon. The manufacturer of crucial chipmaking machines has warned that its kit will be in short supply for another two years.

That’s particularly bad news for Intel as it seeks to play catch-up with the capabilities of Apple’s M1 chips …

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Tech Industry Stories March 18

A password-less future could be even more convenient, thanks to the latest addition to the FIDO standard – which Apple brands as Passkeys in iCloud Keychain.

The proposal means that you could automatically log in to a secure website, for example, simply by having a second Apple device with you …

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Digital sanctions against Russia could create a ‘splinternet,’ suggests MIT

Many tech giants – including Apple – have implemented digital sanctions against Russia, cutting the country off from the supply of hardware, software, and services alike. It’s even been suggested that the country is just two months away from running out of cloud storage.

But while the pressure on Russian president Vladimir Putin is to be welcomed, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) warns that if the situation continues, it could result in a “splinternet” …

Tech Industry Stories March 16

Ukraine mobile carriers work together to keep smartphones online; finding rogue operators

Ukraine mobile carriers are working together to keep smartphones online as Russia begins targeting telecoms equipment with both rockets and cyber attacks …

Tech Industry Stories March 1

New Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chair Jessica Rosenworcel has today told delegates at the Mobile World Congress that 6G launch planning should begin now, even though switch-on is not expected until 2030.

Her remarks follow the embarrassing clash between the FCC and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) over the safety of the expanded 5G rollout …

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A growing number of tech giants are applying Russian sanctions of the digital kind in response to the unprovoked attack on Ukraine. Update: Apple subsequently announced its own responses.

Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok are all limiting access to two Russian media brands, Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik

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Tech Industry Stories February 23

It seems scarcely a week goes by without a fresh batch of AirTag scare stories – whether it’s misuse by an abusive partner, stalker, or thief.

We’ve previously explained why Apple’s protections make them a really dumb choice of tracker for anyone with malevolent intent – but the scare stories may, ironically, have done more good than harm …

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Tech Industry Stories February 11

Last year wasn’t an easy one for many, but Apple and other tech giants not only weathered all of 2021’s storms, but achieved some of their biggest ever revenue growth.

Wall Street was waiting for the holiday quarter earnings announcements from the major players before reaching their conclusions on the year from an investment perspective, and the results were spectacular…

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Apple flash storage supplier warns of NAND contamination; prices could rise by 10%

One of Apple’s main flash storage suppliers has revealed a large-scale contamination incident at its production facilities, with TrendForce warning that this could see NAND chip prices rise by up to 10%.

It’s currently unknown whether any Apple products will need to be recalled …

Tech Industry Stories January 14

A survey by a software engineer recruitment company has found that three-quarters of developers want permanent remote-working arrangements, for at least part of the week.

Two-thirds of them say they are more productive when working from home, and it appears that Apple’s policy somewhat misses the mark for most …

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Tech Industry Stories January 10

Virgin Media O2 does U-turn on European roaming charges for UK customers

Virgin Media O2 – which owns both the O2 and Virgin Mobile networks – has announced a U-turn on European roaming charges for UK customers following Brexit…

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