TikTok Stories Yesterday

The Trump administration’s crackdown on Chinese apps was further escalated yesterday with an executive order banning transactions with Tencent and TikTok owner ByteDance. That hasn’t gone down well, as TikTok threatens a legal challenge to the order, saying that it is unlawful.

The company said it was ‘shocked’ by the order, which shows ‘no adherence to the law’ …

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TikTok Stories August 6

Following this week’s announcement that TikTok and other Chinese apps like WeChat would be banned from the United States, Donald Trump today signed an executive order to officially ban transactions with Chinese companies ByteDance and Tencent.

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With Apple out of the picture, Microsoft may buyout TikTok, not just U.S. business

Microsoft recently shared its efforts to acquire TikTok’s U.S. business in a public blog post. Then, President Trump officially confirmed the TikTok ban in the U.S. by September 15 if an acquisition isn’t approved. Apple was reportedly in the mix too but that was refuted. Now Microsoft is said to be considering buying all of TikTok’s global operations.

After Trump announced that TikTok would be banned from the US unless it was bought by an American company, the White House has now said it wants to ‘clean’ Chinese apps from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Apps like WeChat had previously been referenced but not directly threatened by the White House, but the administration is now seeking to block this and other Chinese apps from the US as part of a 5-point plan …

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TikTok Stories August 5

Instagram is out today with a major new release that should crank up the competition between social media apps to another level. “Reels” is rolling out for Instagram users in 50 countries and is focused on entertaining short-form video just like TikTok.

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TikTok Stories August 4

While Microsoft has made its attempt to acquire TikTok publicly known, Apple is also reportedly interested in the deal. According to a new report Axios, Apple has expressed “serious interest” in acquiring the short-form video sharing service.

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