TikTok Stories September 16

PSA: It’s not just you, TikTok is currently down for many users

The viral short-form video application TikTok is currently down for many users. According to data from DownDetector as well as reports on Twitter, users are having issues loading TikTok, posting videos, commenting, and more.

TikTok Stories August 30

As AR and VR become more popular, tech companies have been investing more and more in these technologies. Now, ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, has announced the acquisition of a VR-focused startup called Pico.

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TikTok Stories August 25

The popular social network TikTok is working to expand the limit of videos that users can upload. Following another expansion last year, the company is now testing a longer 5-minute video upload limit with a small group of users.

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TikTok Stories August 24

With Facebook and Snap offering tools that allow users to create AR experiences on their platforms, TikTok is now following the trend and it’s testing its Effect Studio platform.

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TikTok Stories August 12

New TikTok teen protections include no notifications after 9 p.m./10 p.m.

A range of new TikTok teen protections are designed to make the app safer to use, and less likely to eat into sleep time…

TikTok Stories August 10

Most popular social app in 2020 was TikTok, overtaking Facebook

TikTok became the most popular social app in the world in 2020, overtaking Facebook and WhatsApp, shows an App Annie analysis…

TikTok Stories August 4

TikTok tests Snapchat-like Stories feature

TikTok Stories are soon to become a reality. With social media apps copying each other all the time, it’s time for TikTok to introduce a feature known by every person on social media.

TikTok Stories August 2

TikTok resume feature could lead to video job applications becoming the norm

The TikTok resume feature could be the first step in video job applications replacing conventional resumes, suggests a company president who is a fan of the approach.

TikTok Stories July 28

How TikTok’s algorithm works is probably the company’s most closely guarded secret. But the WSJ thinks it was able to work it out using a bunch of bot accounts – and the results were both fascinating and disturbing.

A former Google engineer who worked on YouTube’s algorithm says that it takes essentially the same approach, but in a less extreme form …

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TikTok Stories July 14

ByteDance’s TikTok is a huge success. One of the most downloaded apps through the quarantine times, the video app has now surpassed 3 billion downloads globally, according to a Sensor Tower study.

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TikTok Stories July 7

TikTok claims it can now help you find ‘your dream job’ with new resumes feature

After rumors surfaced in May about TikTok jumping into the job recruitment market, the platform has officially launched a pilot program in the US. The new TikTok resumes arrive in partnership with over 30 companies like Target, Shopify, Nascar, Abercrombie, Vaynermedia, The Detriot Pistons, Alo, and more. And open jobs include everything from entry-level to executive positions.

TikTok Stories July 5

Apple has successfully defeated an attempt by TikTok and others to bypass App Tracking Transparency in China.

Chinese tech giants believed that Apple wouldn’t dare to block popular apps like TikTok and QQ, but Apple apparently called their bluff …

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TikTok Stories July 1

TikTok video length increasing to three minutes, up from one minute

The TikTok video length is being increased, following a successful test that began in December of last year. The company says the change is being driven by demand from creators …

TikTok Stories June 21

TikTok today announced a new feature called “Jumps,” which are basically third-party mini apps built into the TikTok app available to content creators and users. The idea is to let everyone access small apps within the videos without leaving TikTok, somewhat similar to what Apple’s App Clips do.

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TikTok Stories June 18

A Chinese app ban in the US is still very much on the cards, despite President Biden overturning the previous administration’s planned bans on WeChat and TikTok.

Biden replaced the specific executive orders with a more general one designed to protect the data of US citizens, and a report today says early indications point to some Chinese apps remaining at strong risk …

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TikTok Stories June 9

Biden abandons Trump’s plan to ban TikTok, calls for broader security review instead

Two days ahead of the deadline to finish reviewing Trump’s executive order that was aimed at regulating Chinese-owned TikTok and WeChat, President Biden has officially revoked and replaced it. The new order includes a more comprehensive approach to reviewing apps connected to foreign adversaries and protecting US national security.

TikTok Stories June 4

TikTok privacy policy now says app will collect ‘faceprints and voiceprints’

An update to the TikTok privacy policy says that the app will now collect more personal data from US users, including “faceprints and voiceprints” …

TikTok Stories May 20

TikTok for iOS gains new anti-bullying tools, lets users delete comments from their videos

TikTok is announcing today some new tools to combat bullying on its social network. For instance, it’s now possible to delete multiple comments at once or report them for potentially violating TikTok’s Community Guidelines.

TikTok Stories May 13

A research study into use of social media platforms by minors found that upwards of 40% of children under 13 were using them, despite accounts supposedly being limited to teenagers and adults. The research included TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

The study also found that a full third of minors had experienced an “online sexual interaction,” which included being asked for, or receiving, nude photos …

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TikTok Stories May 12

TikTok announced today that it’s combining two of its most popular features for a better immersive view experience with Green Screen Duet.

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TikTok Stories April 21

TikTok is illegally collecting data from children, according to a legal case made by the former children’s commissioner for England. She says the company is breaching privacy laws.

Anne Longfield has filed a claim on behalf of “millions of children,” and is seeking to force TikTok to delete personal data as well as pay “billions” in compensation …

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TikTok Stories April 12

TikTok’s fate in the US still up in the air as Biden admin extends review deadline to June 11

The Trump administration was adamant about banning TikTok or forcing a sale to a US company last year, but then multiple deadlines passed without anything happening before the end of 2020. Now after previously pressing pause on the matter, the Biden administration and TikTok say they will take more time to discuss the situation with a new June 11 deadline on further action.

TikTok Stories April 6

TikTok video captions on the way as app launches automatic tool for creators

We’ll soon start seeing a lot more TikTok video captions. The company has announced that it is now offering an accessibility tool to creators that will automatically add text captions after a video has been uploaded or recorded …

TikTok Stories March 23

Apple promotes TikTok dance challenge in Brazil using Apple Watch

Apple is promoting a new TikTok challenge in Brazil featuring the Apple Watch. With the hashtag #DançarTbConta – which translates to “Dancing also counts [as an exercise]” – Apple takes advantage of the popularity of the app in the country while promoting dance exercise on the Watch.

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