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T-Mobile is the 3rd largest U.S. wireless carrier behind Verizon and AT&T. Owned by German parent company, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile has been using its “Uncarrier” marketing campaign to grow its market share since 2013.

With what seems like a good amount of success over the past few years, T-Mobile continues to announce new initiatives like discounted plans for seniors, Netflix included with service, and pushing competitors to bring back unlimited data plans.

As of April 29, 2018, T-Mobile has joined forces with Sprint and will now be re-branded to simply T-Mobile, with the Sprint brand completely going away.

T-Mobile Stories February 7

[Update: Over 200 bounty hunters bought data ‘tens of thousands of times’] User location data sold by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint is making its way to bounty hunters, says report

A new report from Motherboard today takes a look into the practices of US wireless carriers selling user location data to third-parties. While it’s often credit card and other financial companies buying the location data for fraud detection and more, Motherboard says some rogue third-parties have access to user location data and it’s landing the hands of bounty hunters and the black market.

T-Mobile focusing on à la carte video subscriptions, says streaming TV market already saturated

Streaming live TV has become really popular within the last few years with competitors such as Sling, PlayStation Vue, Hulu TV, and YouTube TV saturating the market. T-Mobile is expected to launch its own service sometime this year, but says they don’t want to offer a “skinny bundle”, and will instead focus on an à la carte video subscription service.

T-Mobile Stories February 4

John Legere says ‘New T-Mobile’ prices will be ‘the same or better’ for 3 years after Sprint merger

As government officials continue review of T-Mobile’s proposed merger with Sprint, T-Mobile CEO John Legere today penned a letter to the FCC to address consumer concerns. In the letter, Legere pledges that “New T-Mobile” will not raise prices following its merger with Sprint.

T-Mobile Stories January 28

US House committees to hold joint hearing on T-Mobile & Sprint merger, both CEOs agree to testify

As part of the ongoing review process of T-Mobile’s proposed merger with Sprint, a pair of U.S. House panels will hold a joint hearing next month. The hearing will focus on addressing how the merger will affect consumers, with CEOs of both T-Mobile and Sprint set to testify.

T-Mobile Stories January 17

A new US wireless carrier customer study has been released today and T-Mobile has continued its streak of winning top honors over Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint with solid year-over-year customer satisfaction growth. More notably however, is that T-Mobile has beat out Verizon in the survey’s “quality brand” ranking.

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T-Mobile Stories January 10

T-Mobile and Sprint promise to stop selling user location data to third-parties, for real this time

Update: AT&T now says it will also stop selling user location to aggregation services, according to CNET.

After Motherboard published details about a concerning investigation into how US wireless carriers are selling user location data to third-parties, T-Mobile and Sprint have made some fresh promises. They say they will end the practice of selling users’ data to third-party aggregators that often have little to no oversight.

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