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T-Mobile is the 3rd largest U.S. wireless carrier behind Verizon and AT&T. Owned by German parent company, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile has been using its “Uncarrier” marketing campaign to grow its market share since 2013.

With what seems like a good amount of success over the past few years, T-Mobile continues to announce new initiatives like discounted plans for seniors, Netflix included with service, and pushing competitors to bring back unlimited data plans.

As of April 29, 2018, T-Mobile has joined forces with Sprint and will now be re-branded to simply T-Mobile, with the Sprint brand completely going away.

T-Mobile Stories Today

T-Mobile and Sprint have faced delays, setbacks, and uncertainty as the two US carriers have sought merger approval over the last year. Today the two companies have scored a big win in their merger efforts, receiving the approval of FCC chairman Ajit Pai, but DOJ approval is still uncertain.

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T-Mobile Stories April 29

T-Mobile’s planned merger with Sprint has been in limbo over the last several weeks, with a report suggesting that DOJ officials are unlikely to approve the deal in its current form. Now, Sprint and T-Mobile have agreed to extend the deadline for their merger.

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T-Mobile Stories April 17

[Update: T-Mobile has clarified that it is working with device makers across the board to add support for its robocall feature. It has no specific comment regarding iPhone support at this time.]

T-Mobile today launched a new anti-robocalling feature for select Android phones. The carrier also says, however, that it is working with Apple to bring the technology to the iPhone.

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T-Mobile Stories April 16

The merger between Sprint and T-Mobile is unlikely to be approved by anti-trust regulators, at least in its current form. The Wall Street Journal reports that Justice Department officials have informed T-Mobile and Sprint of the merger’s fate.

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T-Mobile Stories April 10

T-Mobile has today announced its TV plans with the arrival of TVision Home. The new service is the carrier’s attempt to take on traditional cable providers and will be launching in eight cities next week. T-Mobile is touting TVision Home as “BS-free” with “no hidden fees, no bill creep or exploding offers, no annual service contracts and no crappy customer service.” However, the service comes with a high price that may not be too different from average cable bills.

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T-Mobile Stories March 7

T-Mobile to start testing LTE Home Internet service ahead of 5G launch

T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, wrote a detailed blog post today about creating a “true alternative to fixed broadband.” As part of the pending Sprint/T-Mobile merger, the New T-Mobile plans to offer 5G Home Internet with lower prices and faster speeds than cable. It’s also going to start testing an LTE Home Internet service soon.

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