environment Stories October 10, 2017

Apple details environmental efforts in its ‘Paper and Packaging Strategy’ report

Last month, Apple shared an environmental report specific to the iPhone X. One detail in the report is that “100 percent of packaging fibers are sourced from responsibly managed forests, bamboo, waste sugarcane, or recycled paper.” Now, Apple has released a white paper thoroughly detailing its “Paper and Packaging Strategy”.

environment Stories September 29, 2017

Apple is proud of its environmental credentials, and publishes an annual Environmental Responsibility Report to describe its goals and the actions taken to achieve them. But the company has now gone further, and published a specific environmental report on the upcoming iPhone X.

The four-page report details everything from the breakdown of materials used to produce both the phone and its packaging, through to the greenhouse gas emissions involved in every stage from production to eventual recycling …

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environment Stories July 27, 2017

Apple highlights its sustainably managed forest project in new video

Apple shared a series of lighthearted animated videos for Earth Day back in April and today the company has released another new video in the same style. This one highlights the company’s efforts with sustainable packaging…

environment Stories June 27, 2017

A Greenpeace campaign to highlight the environmental impact of planned obsolescence has slated iPads and MacBooks for their poor repairability scores, but praises the iPhone 7.

It follows a separate report earlier this year in which Greenpeace labelled Apple the most environmentally friendly tech company in the world …

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environment Stories April 22, 2017

In celebration of Earth Day, Apple executive Lisa Jackson this week sat down with John Gruber for an in-depth interview. Airing as part of Gruber’s “The Talk Show” podcast, the interview discussed a variety of environmental topics, especially relating to Apple’s own efforts…

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environment Stories April 21, 2017

Apple’s commitment to environmental sustainability is well established, but the company is going one step further in its new Danish data center. In addition to powering the center entirely from renewable energy, the company is capturing the waste heat generated and feeding it into a district heating system, to warm local homes …

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