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Environment Stories November 27, 2020

Apple has been accused of not playing its part in electronic waste reduction in a new report in the UK, despite initiatives like the iPhone recycling robot seen above.

The Cupertino company prides itself on its environmental stance, including specific programs designed to reduce the amount of electronic waste, but was called out for two practices …

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Environment Stories September 3, 2020

Apple has announced that it is investing in the world’s largest onshore wind turbines as part of its commitment to becoming 100% carbon neutral by 2030. The company’s own operations achieved this back in 2018, but the expanded target incorporates Apple’s entire supply chain and product lifecycle.

The wind turbines will power one of the company’s data centers, with the excess power feeding into the national grid …

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Environment Stories August 13, 2020

Apple declared its own operations 100% carbon neutral back in 2018, and last month said that it would achieve the same thing for its entire supply chain by 2030.

That’s actually a far bigger promise, because Apple’s suppliers use more energy than the company itself. But steps toward this target have highlighted the workaround Apple uses to make its claims…

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Environment Stories July 21, 2020

Apple’s own operations have been 100% carbon neutral for more than two years, and received a UN award for this, but the company has today made a bold commitment for the same to be true of its entire supply-chain by 2030. The company is promoting this on its homepage, calling it ‘a planet-size plan.’

Apple started working on greening its supply-chain back in 2015, and VP Lisa Jackson provided an update last year.

The company said its commitment includes boosting its use of recycled materials and recycling of discarded products so that carbon neutrality applies to the complete life-cycle of all Apple products …

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Environment Stories April 21, 2020

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the annual focus on environmental initiatives, this year adopting a digital format as Earth Day Live. One of the slogans represents the determination that the day should be no less impactful for the lack of in-person events: Distance not silence.

The digital event will include personal video messages from actors, musicians, politicians and other public figures – including Apple’s environment head Lisa Jackson and the Pope …

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Environment Stories October 26, 2019

Earlier this week, Tim Cook gave the keynote address at a Ceres sustainability gala. At that same event, the Apple CEO sat down with GQ to talk more about Apple’s sustainability goals as they relate to the iPhone, retail, and more.

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