Apple Glasses Stories June 22

The formation of a Metaverse Standards Forum has been announced, with members comprising many of the companies expected to become major players in the space. Apple, however, was not one of them, despite its work on a mixed-reality headset.

The company didn’t offer any immediate comment on this, but it’s not a complete surprise …

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Apple Glasses Stories June 13

The Apple Headset is coming. The Mixed Reality project is expected to launch next year, and suppliers are readying to take a big stake in Apple’s new bet. While the company will use Sony’s MicroOLED display for the first units, LG Display is aiming to also be a supplier of the inner panel for this product.

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Apple Glasses Stories June 12

There’s a lot going on when it comes to Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset, which is expected to combine both AR and VR technologies into a single device. However, at the same time, the company has also been working on new AR glasses. According to Haitong Intl Tech Research analyst Jeff Pu, Apple’s AR glasses will be announced in late 2024.

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Apple Glasses Stories June 4

With WWDC 2022 just a couple of days away from kicking out, rumors about Apple’s upcoming headset are back. This time, The New York Times gives a few tidbits about the project, the people involved, and what to expect from it.

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Apple Glasses Stories June 2

There’s been a lot of speculation about the timing of Apple’s mixed-reality headset launch – and in particular whether the company will announce it at WWDC 2022.

The smart money seems to be saying that it won’t go on sale until next year, with some suggesting that this means no mention at WWDC. Personally, though, I don’t buy this argument …

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Apple Glasses Stories May 30

The discovery that a RealityOS trademark is scheduled to be filed around the world on June 8 has led to widespread speculation that the Apple’s AR/VR headset is set to be announced at WWDC.

Parker Ortolani, who made the discovery, said that this would perfectly match Apple’s historical behavior …

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Apple Glasses Stories May 21

Apple is likely to enter a new product category with headsets in the near future. So far, there are two rumored products: the AR headset and the Mixed Reality headset, usually called AR/VR headset or “Apple Glasses.” With rumors gaining traction about these products, here’s what we know so far about each of them.

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Apple Glasses Stories May 10

Apple has today been granted a patent for a graphical display concept it calls virtual paper, and two things struck me about it – one about its origins, the other about what it may tell us about future Apple design language.

The patent is for a visual representation of paper in three-dimensional form, which is, of course, the type of user interface most applicable to the upcoming Apple mixed-reality headset

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Apple Glasses Stories May 5

A joint research paper by Nvidia and Stanford University describes a technology that could be key to the difference between the bulky Apple VR headset we’re expecting to see in late 2022/early 2023 and the type of thin Apple Glasses likely to launch several years later.

One of the key challenges facing any true glasses-like AR device is the physics of display optics …

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Apple Glasses Stories April 27

While Apple Glasses rumors continue to brew, it seems we may be getting closer to seeing an augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) headset from the tech giant. According to Patently Apple, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple two mixed reality (MR) headset patents.

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Apple Glasses Stories March 30

Smart contact lens tech is ‘feature complete’ but needs FDA clearance

The concept of a smart contact lens has been around for many years, but one company working on the tech says that its device is now feature-complete, but will require FDA clearance. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said last year that Apple is also working on augmented reality contact lenses

Apple Glasses Stories March 23

Snapchat buys neurotech startup for Spectacles ambitions ahead of Apple Headset debut

Snapchat is working on its next step toward advancing its line of augmented reality glasses. Today it announced it has bought neurotech startup NextMind. NextMind, based in Paris, is the creator of a headset that lets the user control the device with their thoughts. 

Apple Glasses Stories February 24

While we wait for Apple’s rumored headset with mixed reality capabilities to be unveiled this year, it seems like Samsung is taking another approach for a future product betting on holograms instead.

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Apple Glasses Stories February 22

Supply chain sources say that Apple AR headset testing has now reached the next phase of engineering validation after moving beyond the prototype stage.

This means there are now likely 100+ units that combine the functionality of the final device with something that looks less like a prototype and more like a real product …

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Apple Glasses Stories February 14

Planning on getting an Apple headset? Check your home insurance coverage…

The long-awaited Apple headset is expected to be expensive, but one insurer has reported that VR headsets can also result in expenses of an unexpected kind …

Apple Glasses Stories February 1

Apple is set to launch its ‘widest array’ of new products ever. With that in mind, here are the top products I think users will love to see – and most likely buy – in 2022.

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Apple Glasses Stories January 25

A newly-granted Apple patent suggests that the company may be planning to use optical audio transmission from AR/VR headsets to AirPods.

The patent could align with recent comments made by Apple’s head of acoustics about the limitations of Bluetooth bandwidth…

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Apple Glasses Stories January 16

A Friday report indicated that Apple was having trouble with its rumored AR/VR headset due to overheating, camera, and software challenges, which could make the company delay its plans to unveil its Mixed Reality headset this year. Now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is back with some more tidbits regarding the product.

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Apple Glasses Stories January 6

It was yesterday reported that Facebook owner Meta had abandoned work on its own AR/VR OS, but the company responded, saying that it was still working on the project, and that it was growing the team, not cutting it.

However, the wording used by Meta strongly suggests that this is a face-saving statement …

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Apple Glasses Stories January 4

If all the rumors are correct, 2022 is the year when Apple will finally introduce its own mixed reality headset. As we learn more about the product, technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple’s headset will be released in late 2022 with limited supplies.

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While rumors about Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset are only heating up, DSCC published a paper with 10 predictions for the display industry in 2022, which includes this upcoming product.

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Apple Glasses Stories January 3

It’s been years since Apple entered a new product category with the Apple Watch. This year, we appear to be on the cusp of the next big product reveal again. If analyst reports and rumors pan out, we should see the first product from Apple’s virtual reality/augmented reality vision come to life in 2022.

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Apple Glasses Stories December 26, 2021

As rumors about Apple’s rumored AR headset only grow, the company is said to have hired Meta’s augmented reality communications lead. As reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter, he was told that Apple hired Andrea Schubert, Meta’s communications and public relations head for its augmented reality efforts.

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Apple Glasses Stories December 8, 2021

As rumors suggest that Apple’s long-rumored mixed reality headset will be announced sometime in 2022, we’ve been hearing several rumors about it recently. Now Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is back with more details about the product, this time claiming that the device will feature advanced hand gesture detection.

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