Apple Glasses Stories January 12

An Apple patent granted today shows how Apple Glasses could automatically unlock all your Apple devices, in much the same way that you can use an Apple Watch to unlock your Mac.

The patent acknowledges that having to unlock each of your devices individually can be slightly annoying when you are using several of them …

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Apple Glasses Stories January 5

Yesterday saw a new Kuo report which said that Apple plans to release its first AR device at some point this year. While it didn’t go into any detail, the analyst has previously suggested we can expect to see iPhone-powered Apple Glasses, at least for the first-generation of the company’s move into augmented reality.

Although there are pros and cons to having the iPhone do the heavy lifting, overall I think it’s an approach that makes sense …

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Apple Glasses Stories September 4, 2020

We’re not expecting to see Apple Glasses before 2022 at the earliest, but we’ve now seen a prototype of one rival effort: Facebook AR glasses.

Interestingly, this prototype has no display and is entirely focused on an auditory experience. It’s part super-sophisticated hearing aid, part virtual reality device …

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Apple Glasses Stories July 16, 2020

There have been signs that Apple is making notable progress on its long-rumored Apple Glasses product, and a new patent application describes how you could control Apple Glasses with your eyes.

It’s not the first time Apple has described using eyes as an input mechanism. An earlier patent application described how tracking the direction in which you are looking could be used to video augmented reality experiences. This one is broader, however, with eye control playing a much bigger role …

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Apple Glasses Stories July 10, 2020

Apple has allegedly seen some notable progress recently with its AR headset and Apple Glasses efforts. A new report from The Information says that the company’s semitransparent lenses, one of the most important components of the upcoming wearable devices have passed the prototyping stage and moved into trial production. Additionally, the report includes new details on the thickness of the lenses, integrated technology, and more.

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Apple Glasses Stories June 18, 2020

Patent describes Apple Glasses using eye tracking to video AR experiences

A new Apple patent application describes a way to use gaze tracking to video AR experiences using a ‘head-mounted display’…

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