Apple Glasses Stories May 14

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has shared a new investor note today focused on new iPad hardware as well as Apple Glasses. According to Kuo, Apple will release Apple Glasses “in 2022 at the earliest.”

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Apple Glasses Stories April 24

Update: The WLAN Association has announced that the FCC has, as we predicted, voted in favor.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it will be voting on a plan to open up the 6GHz band for general use by device makers.

The FCC positions this as a fivefold increase in the spectrum available for Wi-Fi use, but in reality, it will be used for very short-range communications, with two specific uses likely by Apple…

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Apple Glasses Stories February 26

A report earlier this week suggested that the upcoming iPhone 12 may support a new WiFi spec, 802.11ay. This would pretty surprising, as the standard is so new the spec hasn’t even be finalized, and Apple normally waits a while before adopting new tech – as we’ve seen for everything from 3G onward.

A piece today speculates that Apple’s interest in this might be for connectivity with the long-rumored Apple Glasses

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Apple Glasses Stories December 10, 2019

North Focals have so far been the closest thing we’ve seen to the long-rumored Apple Glasses, and now its Focals 2.0 model promises to get even closer to the goal of an AR headset which looks indistinguishable from normal glasses – unlike the competition.

North, which has heavy-duty backing in the form of Intel and Amazon, says Focals 2.0 will launch sometime next year…

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Apple Glasses Stories November 12, 2019

A report yesterday suggested that anyone eager to get their hands on the long-rumored Apple Glasses might have to wait a while. An internal presentation reportedly said that we won’t see third-party devices until 2022, and Apple Glasses until 2023.

But what was perhaps most interesting was the claim that Apple believes its glasses product will replace the iPhone within a decade…

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Apple Glasses Stories November 11, 2019

Following a report from The Information earlier today, Bloomberg is now out with a report on Apple’s plans for augmented reality. Bloomberg says that Apple’s push into augmented reality will pick up next year with a new iPad Pro, with AR headsets and glasses to follow.

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