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Augmented Reality (AR)

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December 2010 - February 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) is mixing real-world images with artificial ones in real time – sometimes also known as Mixed Reality. This contrasts with Virtual Reality (VR) where the entire image is artificial.

AR has been around for literally decades, but hasn’t yet become a mainstream technology. Google tried to change this with Project Tango, but this required special hardware and didn’t catch on. All this looks set to change, however, with Apple’s promotion of the technology.

Apple has released ARKit, a platform that allows developers to easily create augmented reality apps, and is expected to make this a major focus of the iPhone 8 launch. Google later switched to the same approach, with ARCore.

Although Tim Cook says that Apple is much more excited about AR than VR, Apple is not entirely ignoring the latter. High Sierra is the first version of macOS with support for VR, and Apple has said that it will integrate with Valve, so should be compatible with existing VR headsets like the HTC Vive.


Augmented Reality (AR) Stories February 12

[Update: EMagin’s CFO has said today that Apple has not invested in the company, but that EMagin included the Cupertino company in its January filing “because it had discussions with them at industry events.” and added that the document was “misinterpreted.”]

Apple is making further investments into bringing augmented reality devices to market. The latest news is the company backing a small AR display component maker along side LG and others.

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Augmented Reality (AR) Stories January 12

Apple reportedly met with augmented reality component makers at CES as Apple AR headset rumors continue

Bloomberg reports that representatives from Apple held meetings with suppliers of parts for augmented reality devices at CES 2018. The company is believed to be working on an AR headset of its own, with an approximate 2019 release timeframe.

Augmented Reality (AR) Stories January 2

Even when moving home is for all the right reasons, it still has to count as one of life’s most mixed experiences. While the end result is hopefully a better home in a better location, the process also involves a great deal of stress, work and expense. In the case of our own recent move, we can tick all five boxes …

But one of the fun parts is the chance to start again with a blank sheet in terms of designing your home the way you’d like it to be. For most of us, that’s a DIY process. We look for inspiration online and in stores, then sit down at the computer – or pencil and paper – to play with ideas.

The posher approach is to hire an interior designer to do it all for you. You tell them your tastes, and what you’re looking to achieve, and let them come up with designs. You then say yes or no to the various elements, and they rework the designs until you end up with a final one you approve …

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Augmented Reality (AR) Stories December 27, 2017

Want to make yourself invisible? There will soon be an iPhone X app for that … [Video]

Animoji allow you to turn your face into a monkey, robot, cat, dog, alien, fox, pig, panda, rabbit, cockerel, unicorn or even a heap of poop – but an app from a Japanese developer will soon let you turn it into nothing at all …

Augmented Reality (AR) Stories December 4, 2017

A new report from Bloomberg today shares that Apple manufacturer Quanta has closed a deal to start producing lenses for augmented reality smart glasses. While this deal isn’t specifically with Apple, it could pave the way for Apple to bring its next wearable to market.

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Augmented Reality (AR) Stories November 14, 2017

Nikkei is out today with a new report that one of Apple’s assemblers expects a “significant AR device” to launch by 2019. Similar to the news last week from another Apple supplier, today’s report doesn’t specifically name Apple, but expectations are starting to build for the company and a future AR device release even though Tim Cook has recently said “but today I can tell you the technology itself doesn’t exist to do that in a quality way.”

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