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December 2010 - August 2017

Augmented Reality (AR) makes use of computer input to enhance real-world experiences. While AR hasn’t gained mass popularity yet, it’s looking like the tech will see huge growth with Apple’s newly released ARKit platform along with the upcoming iPhone 8 debuting later this year.


Augmented Reality (AR) Stories August 7

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The augmented reality apps keep coming. Car-maker Genesis has ditched a conventional owners’ manual in favor of an AR app for its 2017 G80 and G90 models.

The app provides 135 how-to videos for common user maintenance procedures, with augmented reality features to identify car parts and launch the guides …

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Augmented Reality (AR) Stories August 4

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Worldwide AR/VR market will grow from $11B today to $215B by 2021, predicts IDC

As ARKit demo apps continue to generate excitement for the launch of the iPhone 8, whose 3D cameras are expected to be optimized for augmented reality, IDC is predicting a profitable future for the technology …

Augmented Reality (AR) Stories August 1

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We’ve already seen how ARKit is helping developers create some impressive augmented reality apps, from virtual tape measures and navigation to fun things like games. But it’s looking increasingly like we might see film-makers employing the technology to blend virtual characters with real ones.

We got a taste of this recently with a demo app replicating an 80s music video, and now indie game developer Duncan Walker has put somewhat frighteningly realistic robot soldiers onto the streets of London …

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Augmented Reality (AR) Stories July 27

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Apple Glasses will look more like sunglasses than Google Glass ...
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The headline isn’t quite fair: Google has actually reinvented Glass as an enterprise product, and I’m sure it will be successful in that field. The application shown in the video – a technician carrying out a wiring task by referring to head-up video displays rather than paper manuals – makes obvious sense. I’m confident there will be many more engineering and business applications that will prove equally successful.

But it also seems clear that Google has abandoned all hope of selling Glass as a consumer product. It wasn’t just that normal people reacted badly to the device (of which more in a moment), it was also that the geeks who so enthusiastically lined-up to buy the Explorer Edition mostly found that the novelty wore off. It wasn’t too long before most devices were gathering dust.

If the rumors are correct, and Apple is indeed planning to launch its own smartglasses, can it succeed in turning the technology into an appealing consumer gadget … ?

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Rumors that Apple is working on augmented reality glasses have been growing for some time, and a patent application published today shows how the same approach might be adapted to both a smartphone screen and smart glasses. It also describes how the two devices might be used in tandem.

This embodiment is particularly useful when using a head-mounted display comprising the camera and the screen. For example, the head-mounted display is a video-see-through head-mounted display (HMD). It is typically not possible for the user to touch the head-mounted screen in a manner like a touchscreen. However, the camera that captures an image of the real environment may also be used to detect image positions of the user’s finger in the image. The image positions of the user’s finger could be equivalent to touching points touched by the user’s finger on the touchscreen …

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When Michael Patterson and his partner Candice created the animated pencil sketch animations for A-ha’s music video Take on Me back in the 80s, they did all the drawings by hand and it took them 16 weeks, working flat out.

Video game company Trixi Studios has now used Apple’s ARKit to create an app that achieves the same thing in real-time …

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