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Augmented Reality (AR)

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December 2010 - September 2019

Augmented Reality (AR) is mixing real-world images with artificial ones in real time – sometimes also known as Mixed Reality. This contrasts with Virtual Reality (VR) where the entire image is artificial.

AR has been around for literally decades, but hasn’t yet become a mainstream technology. Google tried to change this with Project Tango, but this required special hardware and didn’t catch on. All this looks set to change, however, with Apple’s promotion of the technology.

Apple has released ARKit, a platform that allows developers to easily create augmented reality apps, and is expected to make this a major focus of the iPhone 8 launch. Google later switched to the same approach, with ARCore.

Although Tim Cook says that Apple is much more excited about AR than VR, Apple is not entirely ignoring the latter. High Sierra is the first version of macOS with support for VR, and Apple has said that it will integrate with Valve, so should be compatible with existing VR headsets like the HTC Vive.


Augmented Reality (AR) Stories September 10

iOS 13 GM and latest iOS 13.1 beta continue to reference Apple’s Stereo AR headset efforts

As 9to5Mac‘s Gui Rambo first shared in April and detailed more specifics just last week, Apple is working on bringing Stereo AR to iOS and has been testing it with two Apple headsets and one third-party device. Now, Gui and developer Steve Troughton-Smith have found Apple’s StarBoard framework for its upcoming stereo AR in the iOS 13 golden master as well as iOS 13.1 beta 3.

Augmented Reality (AR) Stories July 31

Apple has reportedly shifted one of its key, high-profile software executives to its augmented reality team. As detailed by the Information, Kim Vorrath has led program management for Apple’s software team for over 15 years, but is now moving to focus on the AR team.

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Augmented Reality (AR) Stories July 22

Apple has recently filed a patent for a mixed-reality headset device that would “provide 3D virtual views of a user’s environment augmented with virtual content.” The patent was first detailed by Variety.

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Augmented Reality (AR) Stories June 27

Breville AR app lets you see kitchen appliances on your countertops [Video]

A new Breville AR app uses augmented reality to let you see how well its upscale kitchen appliances fit with your decor …

Augmented Reality (AR) Stories June 25

Apple loves augmented reality. Tim Cook says we won’t be able to imagine our lives without it. New products are designed with hardware specifically tuned for AR experiences. A suite of tools unveiled this year at WWDC was built to make creating ARKit apps easier than ever.

Considering the enthusiasm, it’s surprising that Apple’s online and physical retail store environments have largely stood clear of AR to date. How might Apple augment its shopping experience? Is the current technology appropriate for a retail setting?

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Augmented Reality (AR) Stories June 20

If you’ve ever wished you could have experienced the Apollo 11 Moon landing, two upcoming augmented reality apps will give you the next best thing.

USA Today, Florida Today, and The Smithsonian Institution are partnering on a real-time AR experience that will allow you to view each aspect of the mission, from lift-off to Moon landing. The experience has been created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic achievement …

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