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June 2017 - October 2018

Apple introduced its platform for developing augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad at WWDC 2017 in June. One of the most impressive aspects of the new platform is that new or specific hardware isn’t required, any of Apple’s iPhones or iPads with an A9, A10 chip or newer will be compatible with the platform.

ARKit apps will arrive to the public with the release of iOS 11 and Apple has claimed it will be the largest AR platform in the world. We’ve already seen a wide-range of uses for augmented reality as developers create and prepare new apps. And augmented reality may become much bigger than virtual reality (at least for now) thanks to ARKit.

Tim Cook has said “I regard it [AR] as a big idea like the smartphone.” He’s also shared “I’m excited about Augmented Reality because unlike Virtual Reality which closes the world out, AR allows individuals to be present in the world but hopefully allows an improvement on what’s happening presently.

ARKit Stories October 31

A new report from Business Insider today reveals that after making its first stab at acquiring Leap Motion back in 2013, Apple may have made another offer between $30m-$50m for the augmented reality start up this year.

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ARKit Stories July 10

Apple has made it clear that augmented reality is a big area of focus as it moves forward, and analysts are beginning to agree. As noted by CNBC, Bank of America Merrill Lynch believes that AR could turn into an $8 billion revenue stream for Apple…

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

ARKit Stories June 5

As has become the norm over recent years, John Gruber was joined by a pair of Apple executives for his live episode of The Talk Show at WWDC. This year, Mike Rockwell, Apple’s head of augmented reality, and marketing executive Greg Joswiak, joined Gruber to talk iOS 12, augmented reality, and much more.

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ARKit Stories June 4

Alongside the introduction of ARKit 2.0 this morning, Adobe has introduced what they call Project Aero, a new augmented reality authoring tool for designers and developers.

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As part of iOS 12, Apple has introduced ARKit 2.0 with a host of improvements. The latest version brings performance improvements, multiplayer support, and more.

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Apple kicked off its WWDC keynote starting with iOS 12 and Augmented Reality. Along with further ARKit developments, like USDZ file format, and upcoming native USDZ support in Adobe Creative Cloud, and ARKit 2, it unveiled Measure. Measure is a first-party ARKit-enabled Measuring app shipping with iOS 12 that can auto-detect dimensions of objects in 3D space and provide automatic measurements. expand full story

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