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The cool ARKit demo apps keep coming. The latest one, from a developer specializing in augmented reality apps for the beauty industry, shows how trying on lipstick could become a whole lot easier.

ModiFace has put together two videos showing how the tech works. In the first, the woman simply shoots some front-facing video of herself while the app virtually applies different shades of make-up …

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ARKit Stories August 9

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During its FQ4 conference call this morning, Apple supplier Lumentum reported a huge increase in orders for 3D sensing laser components thought to be included in the upcoming iPhone 8 to enable advanced augmented reality features, as noted by analyst Gene Munster at LoupVentures. To be specific, the company has $200M in orders during the quarter up from just $5 million in revenue for the 3D sensing tech during the June quarter.

Based on the new info from Lumentum, Munster is predicting around 55m units of the next-gen iPhone models with the 3D sensing camera tech this year and capacity for around 160m next year:

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We’ve already seen dozens of examples of Apple’s new ARKit framework in use from navigation enhancements to the Falcon 9 landing, and now developer Osama Abdel-Karim has shown off augmented reality finger printing with a 3D twist.

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ARKit Stories August 4

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A new report from the Financial Times offers an update on the progress of Apple’s AR glasses product rumored to be in development. According to the new details, the vision for Apple’s glasses product isn’t totally clear as of yet…

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Worldwide AR/VR market will grow from $11B today to $215B by 2021, predicts IDC

As ARKit demo apps continue to generate excitement for the launch of the iPhone 8, whose 3D cameras are expected to be optimized for augmented reality, IDC is predicting a profitable future for the technology …

ARKit Stories August 1

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We’ve already seen how ARKit is helping developers create some impressive augmented reality apps, from virtual tape measures and navigation to fun things like games. But it’s looking increasingly like we might see film-makers employing the technology to blend virtual characters with real ones.

We got a taste of this recently with a demo app replicating an 80s music video, and now indie game developer Duncan Walker has put somewhat frighteningly realistic robot soldiers onto the streets of London …

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