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iOS 12

The Snow Leopard release for iOS

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January 2018 - November 2018

Dubbed the Snow Leopard release, iOS 12 focuses on performance and squashing bugs among other features.

What’s new in iOS 12:

Apple has reportedly shelved may major features that was originally slated for iOS 12, such as a redesigned Home screen for the iPhone X, and major updates to Mail. Instead, iOS 12 will feature augmented reality improvements, health features and improved parental controls.

The focus on stability instead of packing tons of new features is mainly due to the bugginess and endless issues Apple has been trying to deal with on its platforms as of late. Despite this, Apple is reportedly still on schedule to unify iOS and macOS apps.

The release is similar to OS X’s Snow Leopard on the Mac, as the main focus of that release was also stability and performance enhancements. To this day, many customers still consider Snow Leopard as Apple’s best operating system for having rock solid performance without much bugs.

iOS 12 Stories November 14

Apple Support has responded to a report of an exploding iPhone X – occurring immediately after being upgraded to iOS 12.1 – by stating that this is ‘definitely not expected behavior’ …

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iOS 12 Stories November 1

iOS 12.1.1 sounds like a small point release for bug fixes and performance improvements, but the upcoming software update is shaping up to be a bit more interesting than just behind-the-scenes maintenance. FaceTime has two notable improvements to changes made in iOS 12 and iOS 12.1 as we discovered yesterday, and now the Watch app for managing paired Apple Watches is getting a generational upgrade.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

iOS 12 Stories October 31

In iOS 12.1.1, currently in beta, Apple has restored the FaceTime Live Photo capture feature that was removed in iOS 12.0. They have also dramatically improved the FaceTime UI, bringing mute and flip camera actions to the main view — no longer hidden in the submenu.

The Live Photos feature returns, but both devices must be updated to use it. The expanded card view in FaceTime has also been improved. More screenshots below …

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iOS 12 Stories October 29

iOS 12.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch will be available tomorrow as a free software update. The first significant update to iOS 12 brings a variety of features including Group FaceTime, dual SIM support, real time Depth Control for Portrait mode, new emoji, and more. iOS 12.1 is also expected to address the “beauty-gate” issue that affected the front-facing camera on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

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How to enable favicons in Safari on iOS 12 and macOS Mojave

In iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, Apple added support for Safari favicons. Having these little visual indicators on your tabs is a super handy feature for when you have a ton of tabs open at once, giving you a quick way to distinguish tabs. Follow along to learn how to enable Safari favicons in Apple’s new operating systems….

iOS 12 Stories October 24

In 2017, a duo of security specialists: Braden Thomas, former Apple security engineer, and Justin Fisher, senior research scientist at Endgame, formed a highly secretive company known as Grayshift. They began selling a box which promised to unlock any password-protected iPhone.

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