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iOS 12

The Snow Leopard release for iOS

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January 2018 - January 2019

Dubbed the Snow Leopard release, iOS 12 focuses on performance and squashing bugs among other features.

What’s new in iOS 12:

Apple has reportedly shelved may major features that was originally slated for iOS 12, such as a redesigned Home screen for the iPhone X, and major updates to Mail. Instead, iOS 12 will feature augmented reality improvements, health features and improved parental controls.

The focus on stability instead of packing tons of new features is mainly due to the bugginess and endless issues Apple has been trying to deal with on its platforms as of late. Despite this, Apple is reportedly still on schedule to unify iOS and macOS apps.

The release is similar to OS X’s Snow Leopard on the Mac, as the main focus of that release was also stability and performance enhancements. To this day, many customers still consider Snow Leopard as Apple’s best operating system for having rock solid performance without much bugs.

iOS 12 Stories January 4

PSA: iPad owners cannot restore iCloud backups from iPhones running iOS 12.1.2

Here’s an interesting little wriggle: Apple rushed out iOS 12.1.2 for iPhone users at the end of last year. However, it did not release a corresponding update for the iPad. This means that the rush of new iPad owners over the Christmas season hit a problem: they simply cannot restore iOS 12.1.2 iPhone backups to the iPad.

iOS 12 Stories January 2

75% of all iOS devices now running iOS 12, outpaces iOS 11 adoption by 10%

Apple has shared updated metrics on the install base for iOS 12. Moving forward from last month’s update, three-quarters of all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices are now running iOS 12.

iOS 12 Stories December 24, 2018

Some iOS 12.1.2 users reporting bug that kills cellular data — here’s how to fix it

After quickly releasing iOS 12.1.2 to the public just days after developers had a brief period to beta test the software update, user reports have trickled in about a bug which kills cellular data. While the issue is by no means widespread — no one from the 9to5 team has experienced it — it’s serious enough to merit a range of Twitter complaints and a Forbes article detailing the bug.

iOS 12 Stories December 19, 2018

LastPass sees 50% increase in usage thanks to iOS 12 password autofill feature

It’s becoming increasingly more important that users use strong passwords on their online accounts. Using something like a password management app can help not only generate more secure passwords, but keep track of them. News from one developer today shares some data on how iOS 12 has boosted usage of its password manager.

[Update: Now available (and labeled beta 2 after the initial iOS 12.1.2 beta cycle). The second macOS 10.14.3 and tvOS 12.1.2 betas are also out today. watchOS 5.1.3 beta 2 and public betas for iOS and tvOS are also available.]

Apple is releasing the first iOS 12.1.3 developer beta later today, after releasing iOS 12.1.2 earlier this week following patent claims by Qualcomm which threatened iPhone sales in China. This new beta is actually considered beta 2 because it follows the same train of the previous iOS 12.1.2 beta, but since that version number was taken by the unexpected release, Apple had to increase the patch number. The release notes only mention bug fixes, but we’ll update if anything notable is discovered on the new beta.

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iOS 12 Stories December 14, 2018

PSA: If you have an iPhone 5S, and haven’t yet upgraded to iOS 12, you probably should

People with older iPhones often wonder whether they should upgrade when a new version of iOS is available. The concern is that asking older hardware to keep up with the demands of the latest whizzy features (or whatever subset of them is supported) might slow it down …

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