iOS 12 Overview Updated July 18, 2018

iOS 12

The Snow Leopard release for iOS

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January 2018 - July 2018

Dubbed the Snow Leopard release, iOS 12 focuses on performance and squashing bugs among other features.

What’s new in iOS 12:

Apple has reportedly shelved may major features that was originally slated for iOS 12, such as a redesigned Home screen for the iPhone X, and major updates to Mail. Instead, iOS 12 will feature augmented reality improvements, health features and improved parental controls.

The focus on stability instead of packing tons of new features is mainly due to the bugginess and endless issues Apple has been trying to deal with on its platforms as of late. Despite this, Apple is reportedly still on schedule to unify iOS and macOS apps.

The release is similar to OS X’s Snow Leopard on the Mac, as the main focus of that release was also stability and performance enhancements. To this day, many customers still consider Snow Leopard as Apple’s best operating system for having rock solid performance without much bugs.

iOS 12 Stories July 18

Apple has released the third iOS 12 public beta for iPhone and iPad. The new version follows iOS 12 developer beta 4 which was released yesterday. The new version includes more Activity app stickers in Messages, more Memoji customization, and more. macOS Mojave public beta 3 was released yesterday, and tvOS 12 public beta 3 is also available today.

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iOS 12 Stories July 17

The fourth iOS 12 developer beta was released earlier today for iPhones and iPads, and we’ve compared it with the previous beta to help identify new changes and features. Watch our hands-on video comparison for the lowdown. expand full story

Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Time to update your iPhones and iPads — iOS 12 developer beta 4 is out now. This beta is one of the last versions to possibly include interface tweaks, so we’ll dig in and see if anything has changed.

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iOS 12 Stories July 7

With iOS 12, Apple is expanding its “Live Listen” feature to AirPods. This means users can have their iPhone act as a directional microphone, with audio being played back live to a pair of AirPods.

The feature could have incredible benefits for those with hearing problems, and one of the early testimonials proves just that…

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iOS 12 Stories July 5

iOS 12: How to access Photos in the Messages app

One of the more controversial changes in iOS 12 is how the photo library is managed in the Messages app. Previously, the photo picker was available when tapping the camera icon. However, with iOS 12, Apple has turned Photos into a full on Messages app and now sits in the App Store tab versus the camera tab.

iOS 12: How to share photos and videos with expiring links on iPhone and iPad

iOS 12 offers the option to temporarily share photos and videos with an iCloud link. Follow along for how to make use of this handy new feature.

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