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iOS 12

The Snow Leopard release for iOS

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January 2018 - May 2018

iOS 12 will reportedly be a rather small release in comparison to previous iOS releases. Dubbed the Snow Leopard release, Apple is slated to focus on bug fixes and stability improvements in this release.

Check out the latest news and concepts for iOS 12:

Apple has reportedly shelved may major features that was originally slated for iOS 12, such as a redesigned Home screen for the iPhone X, CarPlay updates, and major updates to Mail, Camera, and Photos. Instead, iOS 12 will feature augmented reality improvements, health features and improved parental controls.

The focus on stability instead of packing tons of new features is mainly due to the bugginess and endless issues Apple has been trying to deal with on its platforms as of late. Despite this, Apple is reportedly still on schedule to unify iOS and macOS apps.

The release is similar to OS X’s Snow Leopard on the Mac, as the main focus of that release was also stability and performance enhancements. To this day, many customers still consider Snow Leopard as Apple’s best operating system for having rock solid performance without much bugs.

iOS 12 Stories Yesterday

We’re not expecting radical changes in iOS 12. However, many users are wanting a revamped, smarter notifications system with the update. As is currently implemented, iOS notifications sort by time, with no grouped notifications, whether smart or not.

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iOS 12 Stories April 20

MacGeneration has spotted discussions in the open source WebKit mailing list that include references to iOS 12. Specifically, a contributor included testing logs of a WebKit nightly build running on an iPhone 5s simulator.

This is strong evidence that the iPhone 5s will receive iOS 12, which is a year of updates more than what the iPhone 5 got (iOS 11 is not available for iPhone 5). It’s also just fun to see iOS 12 popping up in places already …

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iOS 12 Stories April 19

Whilst there may not be as many new features this year in the flagship Apple operating systems as some years past, there is no mistaking that iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 are very much under active development and distribution amongst internal Apple employees is growing.

Our website analytics have recorded a noticeable uptick in Safari browser visits from iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 machines, particularly with bigger spikes just this week.

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iOS 12 Stories April 6

A new iOS 12 concept today gives us a new take on how Apple could advance its mobile operating system. A slick new video shows off design ideas for an always on display, Lock screen complications, group FaceTime calls, a system-wide dark mode and more.

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iOS 12 Stories March 6

We’re still a few months a way from the official debut of iOS 12, but that hasn’t stopped designers from using their imaginations to depict how the update could change iOS. Today, a new concept imagines an all-new Music app in iOS 12, including the return of Cover Flow…

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iOS 12 Stories March 2

After seeing a beautiful macOS 11 concept yesterday, today we’ve got a brand new iOS 12 concept from designer iOS News And More. Leading off with a nod to improved stability and bug fixes, the concept goes on to visualize some slick enhancements for a potential iOS 12 release.

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