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Guilherme Rambo is a Mac and iOS developer based in Brazil. Known for discovering Apple’s secrets and analyzing leaks, he writes about his discoveries on 9to5mac.

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April 20

Earlier today, we reported on WebKit’s mailing list suggesting that iOS 12 will support iPhone 5s. Following that, I decided to look into WebKit’s source code to see what else could be found about future Apple releases. For those who don’t know, WebKit is the engine behind Safari on both macOS and iOS, it’s developed in the open so it’s natural that it will eventually hint at future iOS and macOS features.

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April 19

Apple has just released a new open source project on Github. FoundationDB is described as “a distributed database designed to handle large volumes of structured data across clusters of commodity servers”. The database system is focused on performance, scalability and fault-tolerance. Meaning projects that use the database for their backend are faster and less expensive to maintain.

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April 14

Update (4/16): Steve Troughton-Smith warns that this might not be what it looks like:

Ever since the Apple Watch was introduced, developers have been asking for the ability to create their own watch faces. Currently, only Apple can provide watch faces, while some of them have content from Pixar and Disney. The reasons for the lack of third party faces can be many, including Apple’s desire to control the experience and branding as much as possible.

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April 11

After releasing its 1.0 almost two years ago and going through security issues in 2017, Handbrake, a video transcoding app, is finally getting a new update. Handbrake is a Mac utility that can convert video files to several different codecs, it can even rip DVDs and Blu-ray discs. From my experience, it’s always been the most performant video converter for Mac, using all CPU cores to get the job done as quickly as possible while exercising your Mac’s fans.

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March 29

UPDATE: The software update is now available, AirPlay 2 is not available with this release and we haven’t noticed any changes yet

Apple is releasing the first-ever software update for HomePod since its debut. The new software update comes alongside iOS 11.3 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. HomePod can be updated automatically or prompted through the Home app after updating to iOS 11.3.

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March 28

Apple just released a new build of iOS 11.3 for the new 9.7-inch iPad announced yesterday. This build looks like it’ll be the final or golden master version of iOS 11.3. As is usual with GM or final builds, Apple tends to keep some new features secret until then, redacting them from developer and public betas.

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March 27

Some users having issues connecting to the iTunes and App Store [U]

UPDATE: Apple has now officially confirmed iTunes and App Store issues via its system status page.

It looks like today’s software releases are taking a toll on the App Store servers. We’re seeing several reports of users having trouble making purchases, downloading apps or just browsing the App Store or iTunes Store. I myself have been seeing “Cannot connect to the iTunes Store” errors and failures to download apps and updates.

On-demand video of Apple’s educational event now available [U]

UPDATE: The video is now officially available on Apple’s website.

Today’s event held at Lane Tech College in Chicago was a little different in that there was no live stream available, unlike most recent Apple events. Apple announced the video would be available after it concluded.

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on the cool space gray accessories sold with iMac Pro, the latest Apple Store update has good news for you.

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March 13

I’ve been using Paste on my Mac for quite a while, it’s one of the apps from my Setapp subscription I learned to rely on. My work often involves copying and pasting stuff, be it text, code snippets, URLs and even images, so having a centralized place to store all of my clipboard history is a nice thing to have.

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March 6

Aside from using Apple Pay in stores, apps, and for online purchases, another method of using the service is with Transit cards. Currently, Apple Pay Transit works in selected cities in Japan, the UK, US, Russia and China, the latter of which might be seeing some welcome additions very soon.

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March 5

We’ve just discovered that iOS 11.3 beta 4 has reverted the iBooks to Apple Books. But that’s not the only thing change in this release.

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March 1

The second beta of iOS 11.3 brought with it a brand new framework. ClassKit is a framework designed for educational apps and will allow developers to create activities that teachers assign to their students.

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February 9

People in Australia, the UK and USA are starting to receive their pre-ordered HomePods and getting to experience its sound quality in person for the first time. We wrote before about how HomePod updates will be controlled by the Home app on iOS, but we didn’t know which version of iOS they would be running from the factory.

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February 8

HomePod has started arriving to customers around the world and Apple’s Tips app for iOS is ready for it. When you have the speaker paired with your device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch), you’ll be able to access a new Tips collection. After pairing HomePod, you should get a notification from the Tips app within 30 minutes.

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February 6

The second beta of iOS 11.3, released earlier today, includes the new battery health screen where users will be able to see whether their devices are being affected by poor battery health, but that’s not the only new thing in this release.

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February 3

We’ve been discovering quite a bit by digging into the first iOS 11.3 beta, released last week. We learned that parents will be able to approve purchases using Face ID and that the Apple Books overhaul is in fact happening, and now evidence has emerged showing Apple has a new single sign-on like service for the web in development…

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January 30

As HomePod pre-orders began last week and some first impressions came out, we’re able to gain more knowledge about Apple’s upcoming smart speaker. One aspect of HomePod that’s gone under the radar is how the device handles software updates.

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iPhone X owners with children have been complaining for a while about the impossibility of approving purchases using Face ID. While on devices with Touch ID it has always been possible to approve purchases using the biometric authentication, the feature had not been implemented for Face ID …

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January 25

Earlier today, a report by Bloomberg mentioned that Apple is working on big changes for the Books app (previously called iBooks) and the Apple Books Store.

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