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October 10

Apple is widely expected to hold an event this month to introduce new 2018 iPad Pro models, new Macs, and more. Much of this has been confirmed by evidence within the iOS 12.1 beta, which includes references to an iPad2018Fall device.

Today, sources familiar with the development of the new 2018 iPad Pro have offered additional details about the device, its features, and more.

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October 1

The App Store Connect, previously called iTunes Connect, is a system developers use to publish their apps to the App Store and the Mac App Store. It can be accessed through a web browser or via Apple’s official iOS app, which offers very limited functionality. Developers usually don’t like App Store Connect’s web UI and many unofficial clients have been created for it, the most famous of which is Fastlane, a set of command line tools to interface with the system from terminal.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

September 27

[Update: watchOS 5.0.1 is now available.]

A little over a week after releasing watchOS 5 to the public, today Apple is going to be releasing its first minor update: watchOS 5.0.1. This is a small update that aims at fixing some issues with the original release, including a bug that caused an incorrect increase in exercise minutes for some users.

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September 26

Update 10/01: this bug has been fixed by Apple.

App size has been a controversial topic for a while now, since we’ve been noticing a trend of apps getting larger and larger as time goes by. Larger apps are bad not only because they take a lot of space on your device once installed, but they also consume a lot of bandwidth for downloads and updates, and there is a limit of 150MB which can be downloaded over cellular.

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September 20

Noticeably missing from last week’s Apple event was AirPower, which was originally announced during the September 2017 event. AirPower is a charging mat capable of charging up to three devices simultaneously, but recent reports have suggested Apple has hit a series of engineering issues with the accessory.

Now, the iPhone XS packaging, as well as iOS 12.1, suggest that AirPower isn’t dead just yet.

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Timing app for macOS updated with improved design, dark mode, Chinese localization, more

Popular time tracking app for macOS, Timing has just received its update for macOS Mojave. The new version includes support for dark mode, which combined with a design overhaul makes the app look great on the new macOS in both light and dark mode.

September 18

Apple’s release of iOS 12.1 earlier today has already given us a peek at a new feature: Memoji syncing. In that article, I suggested that this feature would make sense with the release of a new 2018 iPad with a TrueDepth camera system later this year. Currently, Memoji is only supported on the iPhone X and 2018 models. But adding support to the iPad would mean users would want to sync their characters between each device.

Now, iOS 12.1 offers another hint at new iPad models coming this year.

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Today, Apple released the first beta of iOS 12.1. While it may seem too soon to start yet another beta cycle, software is never really completed, so it makes sense for Apple to offer betas to allow developers and users to start filing bug reports and testing new features, including the much-awaited group FaceTime.

As usual, Apple’s software release also offers some hints as to future features…

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September 12

UPDATE: iOS 12 GM is now available for developers and public beta testers.

Apple is holding their special event at the Steve Jobs Theater today. Besides announcing a new Apple Watch and new iPhones, beta testers of iOS 12 are going to be getting the golden master build later today. This build is probably the final build of iOS 12 that’s going to ship to customers probably right before the new iPhones start shipping, unless there’s some serious issue with it.

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September 9

[Update 9/10 4:50 am PT: The certificate issued for the domain drcleaner.com is registered as Trend Micro, Inc. Also, the domain where the data is uploaded to is a subdomain of trendmicro.com, this means the apps are in fact distributed by Trend Micro, Inc.]

[Update 9/9 7:46 pm PT: The apps discussed in this article have been removed from the Mac App Store.]

When you give an app access to your home directory on macOS, even if it’s an app from the Mac App Store, you should think twice about doing it. It looks like we’re seeing a trend of Mac App Store apps that convince users to give them access to their home directory with some promise such as virus scanning or cleaning up caches, when the true reason behind it is to gather user data – especially browsing history – and upload it to their analytics servers.

Today, we’re talking specifically about the apps distributed by a developer who claims to be “Trend Micro, Inc.”, which include Dr. Unarchiver, Dr. Cleaner and others. This issue was reported before by a user on the Malwarebytes forum, and in another report. Other researchers followed up and found that apps distributed by this “Trend Micro, Inc.” account on the Mac App Store collect and upload the user’s browser history from Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox to their servers. The app will also collect information about other apps installed on the system. All of this information is collected upon launching the app, which then creates a zip file and uploads it to the developer’s servers.

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September 5

Last week, after Apple announced its September event for next Wednesday, we got our hands on some marketing images of the new iPhone Xs and the new Apple Watch Series 4. The most interesting aspect of the marketing image for Apple Watch Series 4 is probably a new watch face they used for the picture, which has at least 9 different complications (depending on what you count as a complication).

Today, we’ve been able to figure out the probable screen resolution for the 42mm version of this new device. We believe, from looking at some information found on the latest watchOS 5 beta, that the resolution will be 384×480. For comparison, the resolution on the current 42mm Apple Watch Series 3 is 312×390. Apple is going to achieve this significantly higher resolution by reducing the size of the bezels and making the screen a little bit larger. This new device will also probably feature a higher PPI, which also contributes to the higher resolution.

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Apple Events app updated on Apple TV ahead of September 12 event

Late last week Apple announced its iPhone event for next Wednesday, September 12 at 10 AM PT. We are expecting three new iPhones, an updated Apple Watch with all-new design, and more. The event will be held at Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino.

August 30

Earlier today, Apple announced its September 12th event at Steve Jobs Theater, where we expect three new iPhones and a new Apple Watch to be unveiled. Shortly after, we got an exclusive look at an image of the iPhone XS in two different sizes: 5.8″ (same as with the current iPhone X) and 6.5″ (a “plus” version), as well as the Apple Watch Series 4.

Head below to download the wallpaper from the iPhone X shot.

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Earlier today Apple officially announced when and where it will hold its next big event. Apple’s September 12th event is expected to include the introduction of three new iPhones, and 9to5Mac can exclusively share the first look at both new 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones: the iPhone XS.

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August 8

Facebook announced its new dating service at F8 earlier this year. Codenamed “Gemstone”, the project is supposed to be a competitor to other dating services such as Tinder and Match, with one major advantage: it’s going to be a feature inside the main Facebook app.

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August 3

We’ve been learning a lot about this year’s unreleased products from information found within the latest iOS 12 developer beta. We’ve discovered HomePod’s phone call capabilitiesAirPods wireless charging case (and hopefully AirPower), and a new iPad Pro model with smaller bezels, no home button and Face ID.

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August 1

We’ve been expecting an update to the iPad Pro line for later this year. Rumors suggest that the new version will have no home button, Face ID and thinner bezels, following the design trend introduced by Apple with iPhone X.

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July 30

We’ve heard rumors about a possible dual-SIM iPhone model to be released this year, with the feature coming to the Plus model and including dual-SIM support for specific regions.

With iOS 12 developer beta 5, we’ve found evidence that dual-SIM support is indeed coming to iPhone, at least at the software level…

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Currently, if you want to use HomePod to make a phone call you have to either dial or answer a call on your iPhone, then select your HomePod as the audio output device for the call, you can’t initiate or answer a call using HomePod.

Apple didn’t announce any new features for HomePod during its WWDC keynote this year, but the audio accessory is likely to gain some new features when iOS 12 is released to everyone in September.

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iOS 12 beta 5 includes new shots of AirPods wireless charging case for AirPower ahead of release

We first saw Apple’s revised wireless charging AirPods case last year, when the GM build of iOS 11 leaked, revealing details about new and upcoming devices. The new charging case has a status LED on the exterior, letting users know the charging status without opening the case, a feature that’s essential when charging your AirPods using the currently unreleased AirPower wireless charging mat.

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