china Stories July 17

Apple is reportedly planning to begin making some of its AirPods in Vietnam, as part of the company’s wider-scale moves to reduce dependence on China.

The report says the initial plan is for a small-scale trial, but the company is already discussing volume production with suppliers…

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china Stories July 16

A bipartisan bill is calling for greater US investment in 5G technology in order to combat China’s current dominance of the technology.

Specifically, it calls for US companies to have a greater say in setting standards for the 5G network, though would not allocate additional funding to facilitate this…

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

china Stories July 10

Chinese state-run media have published a story looking at Apple’s App Store that criticizes the company for allowing fake reviews that trick people into downloading apps. The story was originally run by China National Radio and was picked up by other outlets around the country, an indication the government could be ramping up pressure on Apple amid a protracted trade war.

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Apple launches developer accelerator program in Shanghai, China

Apple has opened another center for app development and design, this time in Shanghai — and its first in China.

Apple runs these offices in specific areas to stimulate the ‘app economy’. Participants can take classes in various parts of the app development process, including one-on-one tutorials, for free.

china Stories July 3

Apple not alone in aiming to move some production out of China; HP, Dell, more

Apple is not the only tech giant aiming to move some production out of China, according to a new report today. HP, Dell, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Sony, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and Nintendo are among the companies making or considering similar plans …

Foreigners visiting certain areas of China are having their smartphones searched at the border. With Android phones, authorities install a piece of spyware that has access to the user’s calendar, phone contacts, call logs, and text messages — as well as the apps they use and their usernames in some of those apps.

iOS protections mean that an iPhone app wouldn’t give them the same access, so they instead take a different approach …

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