china Stories October 25

Update: Trump – who has posted 39,400 tweets – has tweeted that he only uses government phones, and that he ‘seldom’ uses a cellphone.

New York Times report yesterday suggested that both China and Russia are eavesdropping on Trump’s iPhone. The allegation is that Trump has two official iPhones, which are locked-down, and one personal one, which isn’t.

China has now denied tapping Trump’s iPhone, describing it as fake news. Amusingly, a government spokeswoman suggested that if Trump is concerned about the security of his iPhone, he could always switch to Huawei …

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china Stories October 19

A Chinese consumer group has demanded that Apple provide financial compensation to those people who lost money through a recent phishing attack.

It has accused the Cupertino company of shirking its responsibility over the incident …

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china Stories October 16

Apple has apologized following a recent spate of account hacks in China. The company said ‘we are deeply apologetic about the inconvenience caused to our customers by these phishing scams’, which it said affected a ‘small number’ of user accounts.

Although details on exactly what happened have not been disclosed, Apple said that the affected accounts were not secured with two-factor authentication. This allowed criminals to phish for account credentials and then extract money using apps like Alipay, as reported last week.

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china Stories October 15

Declining Chinese iPhone sales may see Apple report disappointing earnings for its fiscal Q4 (calendar Q3), suggests Goldman Sachs …

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china Stories October 11

AAPL saw its stock price slide by 4.6% in one day as tech stocks were hit by one of the steepest declines since the financial crisis …

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The weight of evidence that Bloomberg’s spy chip claims were based on a misunderstanding continues to grow.

An NSA spokesperson has said that the story had people ‘chasing shadows’ and even with the ‘great access’ the organization has to secret information, it can still find no evidence to support Bloomberg’s claims …

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