china Stories November 21

Just today we heard the latest episode in Apple’s troubled relationship with the Chinese government: it has been required to remove Skype from the local App Store following a request from the Ministry of Public Security.

The stated reason was that the app ‘doesn’t comply with local law’ – which appears to be code for offering end-to-end encryption plus allowing users to open accounts without using their real name.

This is just the latest clampdown by the Chinese government on its own citizens, and is far from the first time that Apple has been placed in the position of doing something which directly contravenes the company’s own values …

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Apple removes Skype from Chinese app store after request from Ministry of Public Security

Apple has removed Skype from the App Store in China following a request from the Ministry of Public Security …

china Stories October 30

With iPhone X preorders open, iPhone 8 already being heavily discounted in China

Canalys numbers suggest that the iPhone 8 sold well at launch in China, but with iPhone X preorders now open, it appears that demand for the cheaper model has now dropped off substantially …

The iPhone 8 launch has seen Apple return to growth in China after six consecutive quarters of declining sales in the world’s most populous country. The report comes from Canalys, which says that iPhone sales grew by a dramatic 40% year-on-year.

The company says that Q3 sales, which include the iPhone 8, hits 11 million, up from 8M in the same quarter last year. However, warns the firm, that growth could be short-lived despite excitement about the iPhone X

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china Stories October 19

China has abruptly terminated LTE access for the Apple Watch Series 3 without explanation. With all three major carriers in China state-owned, analysts say that the move was likely to have been prompted by government security concerns over the device …

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china Stories October 17

The long, drawn-out legal fight between Apple and Qualcomm took a sharp turn last week when the chipmaker tried to get an injunction on iPhones being manufactured in China.

But while that might sound like big news, given that it would effectively halt most worldwide production of the device, lawyers in China say there are three reasons why there is little chance of Qualcomm succeeding …

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