china Stories May 26

Limited iPad availability in China during the first quarter of the year saw Apple overtaken by Huawei as the top-selling tablet brand.

Almost all tablet makers saw their sales hit during the coronavirus lockdown, thanks to a combination of supply constraints caused by factory closures and reduced opportunity to buy as stores were closed …

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china Stories May 15

China is said to be ready to label Apple an ‘unreliable entity’ as revenge for a US ban on exporting US technology to the Chinese manufacturer of telecoms equipment, Huawei. This could see the Cupertino company face a range of obstacles to doing business in China.

The dispute between the two countries originally dates back to 2018, but was escalated by the White House earlier this week …

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china Stories May 12

Chinese smartphone sales appear to have strongly rebounded from the coronavirus crisis, as government figures show April sales up 17% year-on-year.

In part, of course, this will be pent-up demand from March, when the local economic outlook in the country was much less certain…

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china Stories May 11

Apple has reportedly been in talks geared to shifting up to a fifth of iPhone production from China to India over the next five years. Most of the production would be for export.

This would represent a massive ramping up of the Cupertino company’s efforts to reduce its dependence on China, following a report that the company is to make AirPods outside the country for the first time …

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china Stories May 8

A new report today says that AirPods will be made in Vietnam for the first time this quarter, as Apple accelerates plans to diversify production outside China.

It also suggests the company is preparing for a fall in demand for AirPods in the current quarter due to the impact of the coronavirus crisis …

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china Stories April 16

The new iPhone SE will appeal to many iPhone 6 owners, predict analysts – except in China, where a huge survey on the social network Weibo showed limited interest.

For most iPhone 6 owners, suggested Gartner, the timing is perfect …

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