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We’ve examined before the impracticality of Trump’s call for Apple to make iPhones in the US, and Tim Cook has spoken on numerous occasions about how it’s about skill-sets, not labor costs.

There’s also the fact that the move toward fully-automated production means that any US jobs that were created would soon vanish. And now a new analysis shows just how little the US would gain economically even if it could be done …

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china Stories September 18

We heard yesterday that Apple CEO Tim Cook would be appearing on Good Morning America, and guessed that the trade war with China would be one of the topics. The show did indeed kick off with Cook being asked why Apple products had been excluded from the tariffs.

The iPhone is assembled in China, but the parts come from everywhere, including the United States. The glass comes from Kentucky, there are chips that come from the US, and of course the research and development is all done in the United States.

I don’t want to speak for [the Trump administration], but I think they’ve looked at this and said that it’s not really great for the United States to put a tariff on those type of products …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

It was expected that most Apple products would be excluded from the final list of tariffs to be imposed on Chinese imports, and that has now been confirmed – for now …

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china Stories September 17

As the Trump administration announced plans to widen the net on its tariffs on Chinese imports, China has threatened retaliatory action which could prove ‘fairly devastating’ to Apple – hitting iPhones as well as other devices …

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china Stories September 11

Trump’s latest proposal in his continued push for a trade war with China hit Apple suppliers hard, and the Cupertino company itself wasn’t immune, as AAPL stock slid as much as 2% yesterday.

It rallied somewhat later in the day, but still ended up down almost three dollars, a significant drop in just one day …

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china Stories September 10

Trump’s latest proposal for the administration’s trade war with China would see a 25% tariff imposed on a number of Apple products, among them the Apple Pencil, AirPods, Apple Watch and Mac mini.

That’s already hit the share price of a number of Apple suppliers, but now an analyst has estimated the likely impact on the Cupertino company itself …

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