china Stories January 15

Apple and Tencent have reportedly reached an agreement that will allow customers in China to once again “tip” content creators using WeChat, according to The Wall Street Journal. Apple effectively blocked the feature last year when it demanded 30% of the revenue from donations.

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china Stories January 11

Leading Chinese smartphone brands are said to be looking at alternatives to Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED) screens, concerned that Apple may be monopolising available supplies for this year’s iPhones.

Three big Chinese brands are all said to be considering the use of screens backlit by mini LED panels …

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While Apple yesterday warned Chinese customers that their data would be migrated to local servers managed by a government-owned company from the end of February, TechCrunch reports that some U.S. customers are also being caught up in the migration.

After talking to a number of users, we found that Apple has included iCloud accounts that were opened in the U.S., are paid for using U.S. dollars and/or are connected to U.S.-based App Store accounts in the data that will be handled by local partner Guizhou-Cloud Big Data (GCBD) from February 28.

Apple’s terms & conditions for the transition provide an explanation for the apparent anomaly, while a support document offers a solution …

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china Stories December 22, 2017

Morgan Stanley says that the iPhone X is proving such a hit in China that it is accelerating the rate at which existing iPhone owners upgrade, and the rate at which Android users switch to iPhone.

Analyst Katy Huberty also echoed an earlier report that the iPhone X rapidly overtook the iPhone 8, despite the head-start of the lower-cost phone …

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china Stories December 13, 2017

Apple and Tim Cook are again under fire for their relationship with the Chinese government. Following criticism from Senators Ted Cruz and Patrick Leahy, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida today slammed Tim Cook for his appearance at the state-run World Internet Conference…

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An app which scrapes pollution data from government websites in China has resulted in 196 Apple suppliers facing action from the iPhone maker over breaches of its environmental rules. Some of those suppliers have been axed altogether.

The environmental activist behind the Blue Map app says that giving access to the data to companies like Apple and Wal-Mart has proved more effective than trying to get the government to take action …

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