china Stories April 16

The latest Kantar data has two pieces of good news for Apple: the iPhone XR was the best-selling smartphone in the UK during the first quarter of the year, and iOS significantly grew its market share in the US …

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china Stories April 10

A song referencing the Tiananmen Square massacre has been removed from Apple Music. The song by hit Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung disappeared from the streaming music service over the weekend.

At his peak, Cheung outsold Madonna and was second only to Michael Jackson in record sales.

Titled The Path of Man, the missing song was the theme music to a 1990 film A Chinese Ghost Story II

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

china Stories April 1

In China, Apple has lowered prices across its lineup in response to a lowering of VAT (sales tax) in the region from 16 to 13%, which went into effect today, reducing the entry price of iPhone and its other product lines. The changes were first reported by CNBC and 9to5Mac has seen documentation that confirms the new pricing.

The Chinese Apple Online Store went down for maintenance yesterday as the company rolled out the price changes across its product lines.

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china Stories March 22

Retailers and analysts say that it’s not just price that has driven disappointing iPhone sales in China: consumers are also switching to Chinese smartphone brands because they feel some features are better.

Apple last year saw its market share of the $500-800 segment in China plunge from 81.2% to 54.6% …

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china Stories March 13

Poor sales in China were almost entirely responsible for Apple badly missing its original holiday quarter guidance, and news from the country doesn’t appear to be getting any better. Smartphone shipments in China during February are today reported to be down 19.9% year-on-year to hit a six-year low.

The official data comes from the government-run China Academy of Information and Communications Technology …

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china Stories March 6

Weakness in Chinese smartphone sales in the holiday quarter led Apple to report its first guidance miss in 16 years. Both Tim Cook and external analysts have tentatively said that market conditions are slowly improving.

In January, major Apple Chinese resellers cut the price of iPhone XR models. This week, the same resellers are pushing iPhone XS with price promotions, as first reported by the Taipei Central News Agency.

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