china Stories September 2

US and Poland urge stronger checks for spyware in foreign-made 5G equipment

The United States and Poland have signed a joint declaration calling for stronger checks on foreign-made 5G equipment to ensure it doesn’t contain spyware…

As the tariff on many products imported from China kicked in yesterday, JPMorgan has estimated that Chinese tariffs could cost the average American $1,000 a year. Gadget lovers could be worst hit, with most tech products manufactured in China.

The tariff applies to a huge range of products from milk to sports equipment, with many Apple products hit…

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china Stories August 29

Foxconn has today shared its ambitious plans to make more iPhones in India — just as we get official confirmation that Chinese-made models will face 15% tariffs from December.

Foxconn currently has two assembly plants in India and says that it plans to expand those as well as open two more…

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iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks will now face a 15% tariff from December, up from the 10% previously announced. Additionally, the 25% tariff set to hit desktop Macs, AirPods, Watch, and more on September 1 will now be increased to 30%.

Trump made the threats in a recent tweet, after China responded in kind to earlier tariffs imposed by the US government, and this has now been made official…

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china Stories August 14

We learned yesterday that this year’s iPhones will escape the latest of US president Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports for the first two months or so of sales. The US government announced that the new tariff has been deferred until December for certain product categories, including cellphones.

However, while iPads and MacBooks also benefited from the delayed introduction, the 10% tariff will still kick in for a number of other Apple products on September 1…

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china Stories August 13

AAPL stock climbed more than 5% in just five minutes after the US government announced a delay to the latest range of tariffs on Chinese imports.

It reverses the 5% drop seen a week ago when China devalued its currency in response to Trump’s announcement that a 10% tariff would be applied to a further $300B of US imports…

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