china Stories Yesterday

It looks like Apple will be sharing a new short ‘shot on iPhone XS’ film for the Chinese New Year, created by award-winning film director and screenwriter Jia Zhangke.

A post on Chinese social network shares what appears to be teaser materials for the film. Text invites you to click on text to reveal the protagonist of the film, and doing so reveals a man with a taped-up bucket …

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china Stories January 17

China has accused Apple, Amazon, Nike, Siemens and other global companies of using ‘incorrect’ descriptions of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The companies refer to them as distinct regions or countries, instead of part of China …

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china Stories January 15

The chief economist of a bank has pointed to a strong correlation between AAPL’s share price and China’s export trade – and says that this suggests that a trade recession in China is ‘likely.’

AAPL’s share price fell 9% in one day following its Q4 guidance warning, with most analysts significantly cutting their target prices for the stock. The stock has lost around a third of its value since the October peak …

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china Stories January 11

New reports from The New York Times detail some of the mind-boggling statistics and gravity that the sensationally popular WeChat messaging app yields across China.

In a separate report, the paper details a government led initiative to silence Chinese Twitter users via family related threats to even go so far as physically detaining violators.

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As rumored earlier in the week, prominent Chinese retailers have cut the price of iPhone XR, and other models, as Apple faces demand weakness in the region.

Leading resellers and Suning have cut the sales price of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and XR this week by about 20%. Apple has not changed pricing on its website.

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china Stories January 9

A report from China’s National Business Daily says Chinese iPhone vendors received word yesterday regarding price cuts to iPhone 8, 8 Plus, XR, XS and XS Max.

The biggest price cut comes to the iPhone XR, which allegedly is seeing a 450 yuan (~$66) discount, bringing the total XR price to 5250 yuan (about $770). Generally though, most iPhones are seeing a 400 yuan (~$59) reduction.

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