Huawei Stories March 1

Global iPhone production reportedly set a new all-time record in the holiday quarter, Apple managing to balance huge demand for the iPhone 13 line-up with a well-managed supply chain operation to minimize the impact of component shortages.

Two additional factors were at play for Apple, according to market intelligence company TrendForce …

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Huawei Stories May 15, 2020

China is said to be ready to label Apple an ‘unreliable entity’ as revenge for a US ban on exporting US technology to the Chinese manufacturer of telecoms equipment, Huawei. This could see the Cupertino company face a range of obstacles to doing business in China.

The dispute between the two countries originally dates back to 2018, but was escalated by the White House earlier this week …

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Huawei Stories February 24, 2020

Huawei MatePad Pro 5G iPad Pro clone is now available [Video]

We saw leaked images of the Huawei MatePad Pro 5G last year, looking almost exactly like Apple’s iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. The device has now been launched, and yep, the leaked images were right …

Huawei Stories November 25, 2019

Bizarre Huawei Devialet speaker looks like cross between Mac Pro and HomePod

A bizarre Huawei Devialet partnership has resulted in the Sound X, a smart speaker that looks like the love child of a trashcan Mac Pro and a HomePod

Huawei Stories November 1, 2019

Leaker Evan Blass has posted images of what he says is Huawei’s upcoming tablet, which will reportedly be known as the MatePad Pro.

The device bears a remarkable resemblance to the iPad Pro, with thinnish bezels and rounded display corners, while the keyboard appears to look almost identical to Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio bar minor differences in key markings…

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Huawei Stories July 24, 2019

Pre-empting Apple’s upcoming 16-inch laptop, Huawei launches 16.1-inch MagicBook Pro

Heard the recent rumors about Apple’s upcoming high-end MacBook Pro with a 16-inch display? So has Huawei. The company is getting in first with today’s announcement of the Honor 16.1-inch MagicBook Pro.

Huawei Stories July 7, 2019

Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei has touched on how he is inspired by Apple before, and now he’s saying Apple’s stance on user privacy also inspires Huawei. In an interview cited by CNBC, Zhengfei said that Huawei would never provider users’ data to the Chinese government.

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Huawei Stories May 27, 2019

The CEO of Huawei, a Chinese company subject to a US trade ban, says he would be the first to protest at any Chinese retaliation against Apple.

Ren Zhengfei says that neither company should be held responsible for the actions of their country’s governments, that politics and business are separate, and that he would personally refuse to even talk to President Trump …

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Huawei Stories May 21, 2019

Both Apple and Huawei are entangled in the US and China trade war as tensions have grown over the last few weeks. A ‘Boycott Apple’ movement has gained steam in China, and many in the country are singing the praises of local tech giant Huawei while Trump has banned the company’s products. The latest example is a Chinese diplomat who has attacked Apple on Twitter saying Huawei has “cut Apple into pieces” but hilariously, he did it from an iPhone.

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Huawei Stories March 23, 2019

Huawei Technologies, the Chinese behemoth with a growing portfolio of technologies and products, apparently doesn’t have any that appeal to the founder’s daughter — who also happens to be Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer.

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Huawei Stories February 26, 2019

Apple has long been the undisputed profit king of the smartphone industry, taking by far the largest slice of the total profit pie. Indeed, at one point Apple was – by one admittedly eccentric measure – taking more than 100% of the profits, when factoring in loss-making brands.

iPhones have also consistently been the most expensive smartphones, discounting tacky bejewelled specials like Vertu. Even when Samsung theoretically matched or exceeded Apple’s pricing for its flagships, its offerings were usually steeply discounted 2-3 months after launch.

But all that is changing …

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Huawei Stories February 18, 2019

In a new report from The Information, the site details a few purported anecdotes of Huawei trying to steal Apple trade secrets. The tactics involved Huawei engineers appealing to Apple’s manufacturers and suppliers with promises of big orders, but instead using the opportunity to pry on processes specific to Apple’s component production.

In one example, Huawei engineers working on a smartwatch met with a supplier last fall. According to the report, the engineers tried to eke out specs about the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor by making promises of big orders.

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Huawei Stories January 7, 2019

Analysts from Bank of America Merrill Lynch have suggested that Apple is facing a potentially worrisome “informal boycott” from consumers in China and India. A survey conducted by the bank’s equity research team, cited by Bloomberg, shows user interest in upgrading to iPhone dwindling, with most of the excitement coming from Samsung or Huawei products.

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Huawei Stories January 3, 2019

Apple CEO Tim Cook has dismissed fears that China might target him in retaliation for the arrest of Huawei’s CFO. He says that he has no concerns travelling to the country.

Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested last month in Canada following a US extradition request to face charges of breaching US sanctions on Iran, and it has been feared that the Chinese government may respond by targeting Apple …

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Huawei Stories January 1, 2019

Huawei wished us into the New Year from an iPhone

Huawei is among the many companies wishing us best endeavors upon the New Year, however, most probably weren’t posting to social media via their main competitor. Like Samsung numerous times before, Huawei has been spotted using Twitter for iPhone.

Huawei Stories December 24, 2018

Chinese firms are rallying around Huawei after the tech giant has seen immense pressure over recent weeks, climaxing with the arrest of the company’s CFO. Chinese companies are now threatening employees by demanding they not purchase any Apple products whatsoever, going so far to withhold bonuses, garnish wages or even terminate an uncooperative employee.

A report from Nikkei Asian Review details how companies have even offered workers tremendous subsidies on Huawei purchases, with discounts ranging anywhere from 10% up to free devices.

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Huawei Stories December 14, 2018

T-Mobile and Sprint have shared the news today with CNBC that their merger deal is expected to be cleared by a US national security panel. The approval is said to stem from both parent companies of the carriers agreeing to reduce their use of Huawei devices.

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Huawei Stories December 11, 2018

The arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou on suspicion of breaching US sanctions on Iran could have implications for Apple, suggests a report.

Meng was arrested in Canada on December 1st in response to a US request for her extradition, as CNN reports …

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Huawei Stories December 10, 2018

iPhone XS Max beats Mate 20 Pro in speed test after Huawei was ‘confident’ it would outpace Apple’s flagship

The iPhone XS Max has beat all of Android smartphones that YouTuber PhoneBuff has put it up against so far. But we haven’t seen the Mate 20 Pro square off against the XS Max. After Huawei previously claimed its Kirin 980 chipset would be faster than Apple’s A12 Bionic, the Mate 20 has suffered a defeat in the latest smartphone speed test.

Huawei Stories October 2, 2018

Ming-Chi Kuo is out with an analyst note today looking at Huawei’s upcoming Mate 20 smartphones. While the report focuses on the Android smartphone manufacturer, Kuo believes Huawei is “narrowing the gap” in the user experience between itself and Apple with its new custom Kirin 980 chipset.

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Huawei Stories September 21, 2018

Finally an Apple competitor comes up with a useful marketing stunt for line waiters

Those waiting in line for new iPhones are one of Apple’s most visible forms of free marketing – so it’s perhaps not surprising that competitors sometimes try to hijack the event. Samsung picked a particularly dumb way to do it back in 2015, but Huawei has been a little smarter …

Huawei Stories July 19, 2018

Chinese smartphone brand Huawei claims to be on track to sell more smartphones than Apple by some point next year – a big claim given that it sold 153M handsets last year against Apple’s 215M …

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Huawei Stories June 27, 2018

Compared is a series focused on showcasing products that operate in the same space as Apple hardware. These may include laptops, phones, tablets, smart watches, etc. 

I recently got my hands on Huawei’s just-launched MateBook X Pro laptop. It’s a Windows-powered machine in an ultrabook form factor with a stunning 13.9-inch 3:2 minimal-bezel display. At first glance, it looks very much inspired by the MacBook, almost like a mix between the 12-inch MacBook and the MacBook Pro.

How does Huawei’s flagship compare to the MacBook Pro? Watch our hands-on video for the details.

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Huawei Stories April 25, 2018

Wonder Woman actor Gal Gadot tweets praise for her new Huawei Mate 10 … from an iPhone

Gal Gadot, best known for the lead role in the Wonder Woman movie, became a ‘brand ambassador’ for Huawei earlier this year. In that role, she yesterday tweeted a glowing video about her new Huawei Mate 10 – with just one small problem …

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