Sprint Stories January 10

T-Mobile and Sprint promise to stop selling user location data to third-parties, for real this time

Update: AT&T now says it will also stop selling user location to aggregation services, according to CNET.

After Motherboard published details about a concerning investigation into how US wireless carriers are selling user location data to third-parties, T-Mobile and Sprint have made some fresh promises. They say they will end the practice of selling users’ data to third-party aggregators that often have little to no oversight.

Sprint Stories January 8

User location data sold by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint is making its way to bounty hunters, says report

A new report from Motherboard today takes a look into the practices of US wireless carriers selling user location data to third-parties. While it’s often credit card and other financial companies buying the location data for fraud detection and more, Motherboard says some rogue third-parties have access to user location data and it’s landing the hands of bounty hunters and the black market.

Sprint Stories December 21, 2018

Sprint to pay $330 million settlement to end whistleblower tax fraud lawsuit

After a long-running whistleblower lawsuit that alleged Sprint had been committing tax fraud since 2005, the 4th most popular US carrier has agreed to settle the case with a $330 million fine.

Sprint Stories December 14, 2018

T-Mobile and Sprint have shared the news today with CNBC that their merger deal is expected to be cleared by a US national security panel. The approval is said to stem from both parent companies of the carriers agreeing to reduce their use of Huawei devices.

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Sprint Stories November 28, 2018

14 major organizations tell Congress why T-Mobile and Sprint merger should be blocked, call for hearings [U]

[Update: CWA has released notes on its presentation that it gave to the FCC last week outlining why it thinks the T-Mobile Sprint merger should be blocked. Arguments include the potential competitive impact, employment impact, rural coverage claims, 5G claims, and more.]

T-Mobile and Sprint’s proposed merger has seen pushback from various groups. One in particular, the Communications Workers of America (CWA), is concerned the deal could mean up to 30,000 lost jobs. Now, 14 organizations including Consumer Reports, CWA, and the American Antitrust Institute have shared with the House of Representatives why they believe the deal shouldn’t be allowed and also called for hearings on the merger proposal.

Sprint Stories November 14, 2018

FCC asks for comments on most recent T-Mobile/Sprint merger filing before unfreezing official review

Back in September, the FCC paused the clock on the 180-day review period for T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger plans and asked for more documentation. Now, after the carriers filed the requested details, the FCC is asking the public to weigh in on the matter.

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