Sprint Stories August 4, 2021

Sprint LTE network will shut down in June 2022 as T-Mobile continues assimilation

The Sprint LTE network will shut down by June 30, 2022, as T-Mobile continues moving customers onto its own network following last year’s merger

Sprint Stories June 15, 2020

What looks like a major outage has hit T-Mobile while Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint this afternoon are also seeing issues. Hundreds of thousands of T-Mobile customers are saying they can’t make calls and texts with some having no Internet connection too. The problems for all four carriers appear to be nationwide.

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Sprint Stories May 14, 2020

T-Mobile erasing Sprint brand starting this summer after merger

Now that T-Mobile and Sprint have officially completed their merger, all the work begins for the two major carriers to fully marry. And one of the first items on the list will be getting rid of the Sprint brand.

Sprint Stories April 1, 2020

After almost two years, T-Mobile and Sprint’s $26 billion merger is now officially a done deal. The result is the “New T-Mobile” that has big aspirations for moving the US wireless market forward.

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Sprint Stories February 28, 2020

[Update: $200M fine proposed] FCC investigation finds wireless carriers broke federal law by selling user location data

Just about a year ago, it came to light just how easy it was to buy the real-time location data of US wireless customers via lax carrier standards, shady third-parties, and bounty hunters. Now after an “extensive investigation” the FCC has declared that “one or more wireless carriers apparently violated federal law.”

Sprint Stories February 20, 2020

Following the last major regulatory hurdle being cleared earlier this month, Sprint and T-Mobile have announced today that they’ve finalized the new terms for their merger. The two carrier say the deal could close as early as April 1, creating the “New T-Mobile.”

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T-Mobile tops Verizon to earn best ‘wireless purchase experience’ in J.D. Power study

J.D. Power is out with its latest study looking at the best wireless purchase experience in the US. T-Mobile came in first place, beating out Verizon and AT&T when it came to overall satisfaction.

Sprint Stories February 11, 2020

After T-Mobile and Sprint got approval for their $26 billion merger from the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission, the last major hurdle was a lawsuit looking to block the deal from  Attorneys general from 13 states plus the District of Columbia.

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Sprint Stories February 10, 2020

It’s been a long time coming, but the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint is finally expected to receive approval as soon as Tuesday. Citing three people familiar with the matter, The New York Times reports that the judge presiding over the case against the merger is expected to rule in favor of the deal.

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Sprint Stories January 23, 2020

Opensignal is out today with its Mobile Network Experience Report for the US covering the second half of 2019. While Verizon did take home the most awards overall, T-Mobile almost had as good of a rating for 4G availability ahead of 5G rolling out more widely. And AT&T took the prize for the fastest download speeds.

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Sprint Stories December 18, 2019

Sprint Call Screener shows caller names even if they’re not in your contacts

A new Sprint Call Screener app shows you the names of your callers even if they’re not in your contact list. It also specifically identifies fraudsters, spam calls, and robo callers…

Sprint Stories October 16, 2019

T-Mobile and Sprint merger officially gets green light from FCC, only one obstacle remains

The long-running saga of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger deal could be close to an end. After receiving the approval of the DOJ back in July, the two carriers have gotten the official go-ahead from the FCC today. Signs are pointing to the deal being sealed but there is one more roadblock to overcome.

Sprint Stories August 27, 2019

Sprint’s 5G coverage rolls out to NYC, LA, Washington, DC, and Phoenix, hotspot device an option for Apple users

Sprint is bringing its 5G cellular coverage to more users today as the network expands to NYC, LA, Washington, DC, and Phoenix. For now, Sprint’s 5G network works with a few Android smartphones but there’s also a hotspot device that could be an option for Apple users who want to give the next gen network a shot.

Sprint Stories August 19, 2019

More than 650,000 tests reveal that US carriers throttle online video on their mobile networks, and do this whether or not those networks are congested.

All four of the main carriers were found to be engaged in this, though the video services they throttled varied…

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Sprint Stories July 26, 2019

T-Mobile and Sprint have been working for over a year to gain approval for their $26 billion merger, and today the US Justice Department has given the green light for the deal. The news comes as the two carriers have made an agreement for Dish to buy both Boost and Virgin Mobile and lease wireless spectrum to become a fourth major US cellular provider.

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Sprint Stories July 22, 2019

T-Mobile and Sprint merger could receive DOJ approval this week, report says

The merger between Sprint and T-Mobile could be finalized at long last this week. According to a report from CNBC, approval for a deal between the two carriers could be announced as soon as Wednesday.

Sprint Stories July 16, 2019

Verizon cruises to best overall US carrier title in new study, AT&T comes in second

After a large-scale study yesterday gave Verizon top honors for best LTE availability and best video experience, RootMetrics is out today with its own large-scale study of US mobile carriers. While Verizon performed best in both studies, this latest report has AT&T in a solid second place instead of T-Mobile.

Sprint Stories July 15, 2019

A new cellular network study from OpenSignal published today takes a look at how the four major US carriers stack up across five key attributes. Verizon took the top spot for best LTE network availability, T-Mobile had both the fastest download and upload speeds, while AT&T tied for lowest network latency. Read on for all the details about how the carriers performed.

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Sprint Stories July 2, 2019

Report: T-Mobile looks to gain DOJ approval for Sprint merger through deal with Dish Network

Although T-Mobile and Sprint got the green light from the FCC for their merger, the carriers haven’t received the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) blessing. Now, T-Mobile is reportedly in talks with Dish Network that could make it a new wireless provider and alleviate the DOJ’s concerns about the T-Mobile/Sprint merger being anti-competitive for the market.

Sprint Stories May 29, 2019

Last week, a report explained that while the FCC verbally approved T-Mobile’s proposed merger with Sprint, the Department of Justice is ready to block the deal. Now, Bloomberg reports that top Justice Department officials want T-Mobile and Sprint to “lay the groundwork” for a fourth carrier as part of the deal.

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Sprint Stories May 22, 2019

Report: DOJ ready to block T-Mobile and Sprint merger despite FCC green light

On Monday, T-Mobile and Sprint scored a win in the efforts to make their merger a reality by getting the verbal approval of FCC chairman, Ajit Pai. However, getting DOJ approval was still uncertain. Today, Justice Department staff have recommended the deal be blocked.

Sprint Stories May 20, 2019

T-Mobile and Sprint have faced delays, setbacks, and uncertainty as the two US carriers have sought merger approval over the last year. Today the two companies have scored a big win in their merger efforts, receiving the approval of FCC chairman Ajit Pai, but DOJ approval is still uncertain.

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Sprint Stories April 29, 2019

T-Mobile’s planned merger with Sprint has been in limbo over the last several weeks, with a report suggesting that DOJ officials are unlikely to approve the deal in its current form. Now, Sprint and T-Mobile have agreed to extend the deadline for their merger.

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Sprint Stories April 22, 2019

Earlier this year, Sprint sued AT&T over its “blatantly misleading” 5G E network. Now, the two carriers have settled the lawsuit, but AT&T will continue advertising and displaying its controversial 5G E branding.

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