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iPhone 13

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June 2020 - January 2021

What is iPhone 13?

iPhone 13 is the presumed name for Apple’s 2021 flagship iPhone. This device is expected to build on what Apple built with the iPhone 12, adding new features like improved cameras, high refresh rate displays, and more. Like the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 13 is expected to ship with 5G.

iPhone 13 leaks and rumors

It’s still early for iPhone 13 leaks and rumors, so we don’t know much yet.

Design: Notchless and USB-C?

One alleged 2021 iPhone prototype in summer 2020 showed a device that was notchless and sported a USB-C port. That mock-up was made based on information from the Chinese-equivalent of eBay, Alibaba.

2021 iPhone notchless screen USB-C port

An improved ultra-wide camera?

We do know according to reputable analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo that the 2021 iPhone is expected to have improved ultra-wide cameras. This could mean an aperture widened from f/2.4 to f/1.8, the number of lens elements increased from five to six, and the ultra-wide lens could get auto-focus for the first time.

5nm A15 chip?

A market intelligence firm by the name of TrendForce came out with a report in November 2020 stating that Apple’s A15 system-on-a-chip (set to launch inside the iPhone 13) will remain a 5nm process like the A14 that shipped in the iPhone 12.

Display: more power efficient, always-on possible

As for the iPhone 13’s display, the latest rumors about the 2021 iPhone lineup suggest that it could be more power efficient and support always-on functionality.

iPhone 13 release date

Apple has released an iPhone annually for over ten years, and we’re expecting the company to launch the latest 2021 iPhone in the fall just as it has done with every other flagship model.

A report from analyst Ming Chi Kuo said that Apple is planning to manufacture and launch the iPhone 13 on a regular timeline — unlike the iPhone 12 series, which was delayed due to COVID-19.

iPhone 13 specs

iPhone 13 specs won’t be completely clear until after it launches in the fall of 2021, but there are a few things we can assume based on existing iPhone models and leaked information about the new iPhone.

iPhone 13 price and where to buy

We don’t know what the iPhone 13 price will be yet, but we do know it’s likely to be in the same general ballpark as the iPhone 12. That will mean the standard iPhone 13 coming in around $800, the Pro model nearing $1,000, and perhaps a mini model will stick around at $700. You’ll be able to purchase it at all major carriers and in brick and mortar retail stores nationwide.

iPhone 13 Stories January 21

A new report today echoes earlier ones that this year’s iPhones – possibly named the iPhone 12S – will have a smaller notch.

We’re expecting the design of this year’s models to be very similar to the iPhone 12, but a MacOtakara report earlier in the month suggested that Apple would manage to shrink the screen notch …

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iPhone 13 Stories January 20

Rumors about what to expect from the 2021 iPhone have started to gather steam, and it’s looking increasingly like that it will be an “S” year. This comes after the iPhone 12 brought a major redesign among other changes, but we want to know what you think: What will this year’s iPhone update be called?

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iPhone 13 Stories January 15

A new report from Bloomberg today sheds more light on what to expect this year’s update to the iPhone. The report says that Apple “isn’t planning major changes” for the 2021 iPhone, but one key upgrade is in testing: an in-screen fingerprint reader.

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Apple A-series and M1 chipmaker TSMC is planning to carry out what is known as risk production of 3nm chips later this year. A 3nm process will be used for future iPhones, although likely not until 2023.

Risk production is the stage at which a foundry has carried out purely internal testing, and believes that it is now ready to try the process on customer designs to see whether those can be successfully produced …

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iPhone 13 Stories January 11

A new report today says that Apple will be responsible for more than half of all 5nm chips made this year, and that Samsung will be in a distant third place at around 5% of the latest smaller-process chips. The A14 chip was Apple’s first use of a 5nm process.

Apple will also be in large part responsible for Qualcomm coming in second, at around a quarter of the likely production …

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iPhone 13 Stories January 8

While MacOtakara reported yesterday some new details about the upcoming 2021 iPads, the Japanese blog shared today exclusive information about the iPhone 13. Based on today’s report, Apple will keep the same design as the current generation with a thicker body. Besides that, both Pro models are expected to feature the same camera module.

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