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Tim Cook was appointed CEO in 2011 when Steve Jobs stepped away from the company as his health worsened. Cook was handpicked by Jobs to be his replacement, having served as a close friend of Jobs during their entire career together.

A graduate of Auburn University with a degree in industrial engineering, Cook earned his Masters from Duke University’s School of business. Prior to joining Apple, Cook spent 12 years at IBM, then served as the Chief Operating Officer of Intelligent Electronics. He then had a short stint at Compaq.

Cook first joined Apple in 1998 after being recruited by Jobs. Cook remarked in a commencement address at Auburn University that, five minutes into his interview with Jobs, he knew he wanted to join Apple. “My intuition already knew that joining Apple was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for the creative genius,” he remarked.

At Apple, Cook started out as senior vice president of worldwide operating. He served as interim CEO in 2009 while Steve Jobs was on medical leave. In 2011, Cook again stepped in to lead day-to-day operations while Jobs was ill, before ultimately being named CEO permanently just before the death of Jobs.

Cook has been very outspoken on a variety of social issues, including the need to protect user data and privacy, as evident by his vocal refusal to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino gunmen. Cook has also voiced his displeasure with controversial legislation that enables LGBT discrimination in a handful of states in the United States. Likewise, Cook has frequently called on the United States Congress to pass LGBT protection legislation. He became the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 company in 2014, as well. Cook has led Apple in the San Francisco Pride Parade in recent years.

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Tim Cook Stories October 10

As we noted yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook is in China this week amid the fallout from the spy chip story and international trade disputes. The Washington Post today offers some additional details on Cook’s visit to China, where early iPhone XS sales have been “disappointing.”

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Tim Cook Stories October 9

All the signs point to Bloomberg having gotten things badly wrong with its story claiming that Apple discovered Chinese spy chips in its servers.

But despite everyone backing Apple’s denials, the story does have the potential to do a lot of PR damage – including to Apple’s relationship with China. Which may explain why CEO Tim Cook is currently visiting Shanghai …

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Tim Cook Stories October 5

Apple CEO Tim Cook has marked the seventh anniversary of the passing of Steve Jobs with a tweet, saying that he misses the company’s co-founder every day …

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Tim Cook Stories October 3

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to be the keynote speaker at a European data protection conference taking place in Brussels later this month. The EU recently introduced a new data protection framework, GDPR, and some U.S lawmakers are now questioning whether or not we’ll see a similar stance in the United States.

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Tim Cook Stories October 2

In an interview that aired this evening on Vice News Tonight, Tim Cook sat down with Elle Reeve to talk about a wide-range of topics. The Apple CEO addressed the company’s evolving commitment to privacy, its relationship with China, the decision to pull Alex Jones content from the Podcasts app and App Store, AAPL’s $1T valuation and more.

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Tim Cook Stories September 19

Marco Rubio pressures Apple over privacy breach, says company ignored reports of app sending user data to China

Senator Marco Rubio sent out a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook this morning, asking him why Apple didn’t immediately respond to reports about an app that was sending customer browsing data to servers in China.

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