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Tim Cook was appointed CEO in 2011 when Steve Jobs stepped away from the company as his health worsened. Cook was handpicked by Jobs to be his replacement, having served as a close friend of Jobs during their entire career together.

A graduate of Auburn University with a degree in industrial engineering, Cook earned his Masters from Duke University’s School of business. Prior to joining Apple, Cook spent 12 years at IBM, then served as the Chief Operating Officer of Intelligent Electronics. He then had a short stint at Compaq.

Cook first joined Apple in 1998 after being recruited by Jobs. Cook remarked in a commencement address at Auburn University that, five minutes into his interview with Jobs, he knew he wanted to join Apple. “My intuition already knew that joining Apple was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for the creative genius,” he remarked.

At Apple, Cook started out as senior vice president of worldwide operating. He served as interim CEO in 2009 while Steve Jobs was on medical leave. In 2011, Cook again stepped in to lead day-to-day operations while Jobs was ill, before ultimately being named CEO permanently just before the death of Jobs.

Cook has been very outspoken on a variety of social issues, including the need to protect user data and privacy, as evident by his vocal refusal to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino gunmen. Cook has also voiced his displeasure with controversial legislation that enables LGBT discrimination in a handful of states in the United States. Likewise, Cook has frequently called on the United States Congress to pass LGBT protection legislation. He became the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 company in 2014, as well. Cook has led Apple in the San Francisco Pride Parade in recent years.

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Tim Cook Stories October 11

The controversy continues over the Hong Kong app which identifies protest hotspots. A lawmaker and tech entrepreneur has now accused Apple of being ‘an accomplice for Chinese censorship and oppression.’

Apple first banned, then allowed, then again banned the HKmap app, which shows map locations with a heavy police presence…

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Tim Cook Stories October 3

Tim Cook has been busy traveling Europe over the last week, and his latest stop is in Italy. The Apple CEO today made an appearance at Osservatorio Permanente, an organization focused on “training young people to be active members of their community through citizenship education.”

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Tim Cook Stories October 1

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has been visiting Apple Stores, Apple developers, and more on a trip to Germany and France. Now, in a new interview, Cook has shared more details about the iPhone 11 being more affordably priced, how he’s looking at Apple TV+ and its competition, concerns about Apple being a monopoly, and more.

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Tim Cook Stories September 13

Congress has asked Apple along with Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet for emails and other communications between executives as it continues its antitrust investigation into the major tech companies. In Apple’s case, Congress wants to look over Tim Cook and other leaders’ emails and more as evidence relating to the company removing third-party Screen Time apps, its App Store algorithm, and potential efforts to Sherlock apps.

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Tim Cook Stories August 23

Apple CEO Tim Cook has written a piece for Italy’s most popular newspaper, mourning the passing of Europe’s head of data protection, Giovanni Buttarelli.

Buttarelli took the lead on the introduction of the world’s toughest privacy regulations, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR requirements are so stringent that even Apple had to boost its privacy efforts in order to comply …

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Tim Cook Stories August 21

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump had dinner with Apple CEO Tim Cook to talk about the impact tariffs would have on Apple’s business. In an interview outside the White House today, Trump talked further about his relationship with Cook.

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