WeChat Stories September 18, 2020

Update: This has now been confirmed by the US Department of Commerce. See additional update at the bottom.

Two reports say that Trump will block downloads of TikTok and WeChat as of Sunday. The order is reportedly being signed this morning.

The move comes despite the planned partnership between TikTok owner ByteDance and US tech firm Oracle …

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WeChat Stories August 27, 2020

After Apple warned the White House about the ‘severe’ implications of an overly broad WeChat ban, it now seems the iPhone maker may be safe from the worst-case scenario. But a business group has said that US firms doing business with China could still face ‘enormous negative impact’ …

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WeChat Stories August 24, 2020

Multiple reports suggest that what could have been a massive threat to iPhone sales has now been resolved.

One interpretation of an executive order by President Trump would have banned Apple from doing any business with WeChat owner Tencent, even in China. It was calculated that this could have cost Apple as much as 30% of its global iPhone revenue …

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TikTok owner ByteDance, and an alliance representing WeChat users, are both taking legal action to challenge the Trump app bans. Trump signed executive orders banning both TikTik and WeChat from the US.

Both are arguing that the executive orders are illegal, each claiming the bans violate constitutional rights …

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WeChat Stories August 14, 2020

Apple was among more than a dozen US companies to warn the Trump administration about the severe implications of banning WeChat from their platforms. President Trump is seeking to ban the app due to national security concerns, and during a press conference today, he offered a “rebuttal” to Apple’s argument.

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WeChat Stories August 13, 2020

A huge Chinese survey with more than 1.2 million responses shows that 95% of Chinese iPhone owners would switch from Apple to another smartphone brand, rather than give up WeChat. The survey follows an executive order by Donald Trump banning US companies from transactions with WeChat owner Tencent.

iPhones without WeChat in China would be turned into “expensive electronic trash”…

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